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sleeping king  

The King slept, the kingdom wept, losing his grip on the ways of the ship they were going nowhere but they were going fast. A hand on the tiller was lacking, the wind was backing,
So anyway, the ship evaded the rocks and it slipped into a quiet bay. Gradually all the water seeped away and left a place of mud. The ship listed to one side.
The King did not wake, at first everyone tip toed around careful not to wake him. Later they were loud in the hope they would. The people of the land thought that with the King asleep there was no authority so they were free. And there transpired general mayhem, raping, killing and robbery. But nature abhors a vacuum, so up steps Jed and he strides around with his sword, cutting and shoving the rabble back to order. As these things do, people needing the community of a group formed around Jed. They became a band, armed and dangerous, to return the land to a peaceful state.
This band looked to Jed for leadership, to give direction, and he liked it. He was a person of importance, he bestrode the land its saviour. In Jed's heart there was a niggle, a rancour, that there was another more revered than him, the sleeping King. The sleeping King, who through his lassitude had allowed the land to slide into anarchy. He was a bad King, Jed knew he would make a better King, for the good of the country the sleeping King would have to die; he was as good as dead anyway off in the land of useless dreams.
Jed stepped on to the muddy bay but his feet got stuck, he could go back but not forward. Pulling himself free he gathered his band and ordered them to shoot flaming arrows at the ship. It was a small distance but all the arrows fell short. Jed looked like a fool, his band were laughing, he killed a few and stomped up the hill to were the wise woman lived.
'Granny dear there's something weird going on here and I need your help to kill the King. If you help I will give you the greatest treasure you could want.' 'What treasure might that be, I have no need of treasure.' 'Oh Granny you need this prize, I'm talking about your life you hag.' He drew his sword lightly across her throat.
The witch looked across the muddy bay, she saw the ship, she saw further and saw the sleeping King. Looking with another eye she entered his dream. In the dream the King was higher than a mountain, his many legs were implanted in the earth holding the land together, his many arms reached up and held aloft the sky.
The witch turned to Jed. 'Can you kill a mountain?' 'Of course not.' 'Well you will never kill the King.' Jed slit her throat.
The King woke, he said. 'Get me my horse.' And he road him carefully over the muddy sea. Coming there he found a band of robbers. With one slice of his sword he cut them all in twain. Then onward went to find the man who would take his place. He said. 'Boy hold your arms up tall. No further, further as you have never stretched before. Now make your legs as strong as rocks and plant them in the earth.' And Jed grew mighty highty and pierced the earth as well. The old King laughed and lowered the sky on him. 'You wanted to be a King well now you are.' And he rode of laughing tossing the crown at Jed's feet. 'Wear that if you can, its a heavy load. I'm grateful to you boy, God speed.'