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picture story issy and molly dig  


Issy was sitting on the lip of the hole. ‘This is a very nice hole, as holes go it has a certain presence.’
‘Its not a present for you, I wouldn’t want you to get the wrong idea,’ said Molly lifting some dirt to the pile.’
‘I never thought it was, my birthday’s gone and anyway I prefer the nearness of you to any thingy-thing.’
Issy could do that, from out of the blue she could flip Molly’s heart over. ‘That’s a nice thing to say, thank you.’
‘You’ve got another spade.’
‘Is that a spare or do you want me to join in.’
Molly smashed at a piece of rock.
Issy got the spade and started digging.
‘Just some advice,’ said Molly. ‘you dig up the dirt from here and you put it on that pile there, I don’t want to make a mess.’
‘I can see,’ said Issy.
They carried on digging down.
Issy found she could get a superior lift by bending her knees. ‘I am thinking there is most probably a reason for this digging.’
Molly smiled, lifted more earth to the pile.
‘Like maybe we are tunnelling down to rescue a friend from Hades.’
‘You’ve got soft hands,’ said Molly, ‘here take my gloves.’
‘Or, there’s a secret river under here, it flows from a land of gold and mystery. We’re gonna travel upstream to find its source.’
‘D’yu smell anything,’ Molly bent down and sniffed, ‘I don’t want to break through a pipe?’
Issy knelt. ‘I recognise the scent, its just one of my backside gifts, not to worry.’
Molly snapped on a peg. ‘If you can produce those we don’t need any gas.’
‘Or, we’re digging down to feel the warmth at the centre of the Earth.’ Molly looked over at Issy and threw a pat of mud.
‘I assume my deduction has no validity,’ said Issy as she threw some mud back. A mud fight ensued.
‘You’re as brown as me now.’
‘But not as lovely.’ Molly started singing:
‘There’s a man in the Moon fiddling with his bum.
There’s a man in the Moon flicking dingleberries at the Sun.’
‘What a pretty song,’ said Issy stretched on the floor. ‘Or, there’s a tunnel under here, along it the night time fiends do ride. So we’re gonna trap ‘em down, put them in a cage until they fade away.’ She climbed back down into the hole. ‘You know I think the dirt on your side is easier to dig than mine.’
Molly explored her back for a muscle attack. ‘Yeah, when I took up the floorboards there was a neon sign saying. “Hard dirt here.” So I took the other side and tricked you into digging over there.’
‘That’s good to know, I don’t want to be moaning for no reason.’
‘D’yu wanna swap?’
‘Then you could do the whining, no way. I’m much better at moaning. You would bottle it up until you fell down dead.’
Issy got into her rhythm. She decided that she wasn’t gonna stop until Molly did. Then she got the fear that Molly was never going to stop, not ever, not even if hell froze over.
They reached the past but kept on burrowing. Issy found some old bones. ‘What d’yu think.’ Molly took a look.
‘Well I’m not an expert but I’d say this animal is dead, gone to meet its maker a long time hence.’
‘We could get a dog.’
‘A big, big, dog. I may be wrong but I think its usual to get the dog and then to get a bone for it. If it bothers you we can bury them again later.’
Issy reached up and put the bones on the floor. ‘Maybe we can piece them together see what it looked like, it could be a Dragon or a Unicorn.’
‘Or a Cow or a Sheep.’
‘Molly you’ve got no romance in you.’
Molly returned to digging.
‘Oh shit, I didn’t mean it like that.’ Issy lay down in the hole. ‘Bury me, I don’t deserve to live.’ Molly shovelled earth over Issy with enthusiasm. ‘You cow, you bloody would wouldn’t you.’ Issy jumped up and grabbed her spade. ‘En Garde,’ said Issy pointing her spade.
Molly took position then did a double handed swing knocking Issy’s spade up into the air, and caught it. ‘You are at my mercy, on your knees.’
Never, Issy Moon bends the knee to no man.’
‘Issy I’m a woman.’ said Molly.
Issy leant over and kissed her. ‘Hmm, tastes like a woman, you’re covered in crap its not easy to tell. Okay I believe you but don’t do it again. Now give me my sword and be good.’
They tunnelled down and further. Day passed to night. Issy was thinking then sat down in the dirt. ‘Molly there has been a union meeting.’
‘The workers have decided to down tools until they know what they’re digging for.’
‘Can’t get the staff these days,’ muttered Molly. ‘It’s a surprise.’
‘How long till we reach this surprise?’
‘That’s a surprise too but I’ll know it when I see it.’
‘Okay Molly it’s a surprise but you’ll have to give me a hint I’m done.’
Molly stood expectant, eyes on the ceiling as if waiting for inspiration. ‘Free and away this day, transcend in peace, such a won release. Hoping and helping together, there is no where ever else. Its a journey to a place that we are looking for, a secret and a morrow, a new dawn, a new day. Where prejudice has no interest there, freedom calls us so. How low can we go before we’re in my place, not a house, not a hurt, just a zone where you don’t remember; packed away the contents and forgotten. So believe in us again, best you do ‘cos I am here and I am wishing you to know me please. I need you to, its not a game, its more important than you think.’
‘Does it have apple crumble and custard?’