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issy and amorphous  


The flowing mist sent a silent breath across her body, deception or a favour offered, giving? A death, or was this delight, respond, or run in flight. A lover demon to take her down, a shade to suck her life. Her need reached out to thrash or drown, no seconds after counted. The mist showed a hundred forms, which measure would bring more pleasure?
I am not alone, so there, the air thickened by some daemon, shade, or fancy, I am wanted more. Its amore of a dream, it seems just like surviving. A kiss I need is hidden, the lover’s face whips round then hides at every glance, what are you some poor pony? Give me a chance to see you as you are, reveal don’t conceal lets see this lover’s glow. If its him I will sweat running down my ribs my arse and more. Are you sure you are here got the right address sir? I never called for no loving service, if you’re expecting a tip arrange it with your master; if you have none then I might be more responsive. Arch my back let the fun start please, in, out, ease as silk. Coming quick, wait for me, you’re a cad and swine where is mine, you’re not leaving till I get it. Whatever you may be, there is a thing called fucking manners, and you are leaving me hanging without a finish to this story. I’ll whip you like a top, roaring tornado to go non stop and stir me. Get back in bed you crime, climb back in and service me, or I’ll suck you in and still you.