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dary and judges  

The Judges convened for business, they owned the right from wrong, or that was how it seemed to Dary. She came wanting Justice but Justice wasn’t seeing. So all she got were some friends of Job who could speak but would never listen.

The Judges puffed and preened. When Dary walked in they sighed. ‘Oh dear we’ve got that little whore again what a bore again.’ The judges sucked in some air and opened up the bidding. ‘Listen deary spread your legs another place, you’re a waste of space, you never were and never ever will be anything of worth. Be a good little girly and debase yourself somewhere else.’

Dary had been spending time seeing herself in truthful eyes and she was seeking vengeance. ‘You hate my face I hate you too, its a yellow kind of thing you do to me, sneak around the back and then fire arrows. You twist me up and hurt me for no good reason I can see. What’s believing if you’re achieving nothing please?’

The judges looked at the clock, oh good it would be time for pee soon. ‘Do not worry your little head my dear all done for the best for you. You come from the gutter and its for the best that you stay there. To rise above will only leave you weeping when you fall down again.’

The party line with no thought Dary had been hearing this since birth, she banged the table, it jumped and all three judges too. ‘Damn your eyes and mercy too. I don’t believe your care for me. Seems you’re just biting my arse to get the thrill that you are seeking. No I wont, I wont, I wont, believe in you anymore. You say you’re gents but you just like hauling me through fire.’

The judges harrumphed then made sure their dignity was fully loaded. This trial was spinning from their control they reached to pull the table back but Dary had it pinned down by her fist. ‘Oh Dary dear the truth does hurt and we are just your mirror. You know inside you are worthless, just a waste of space, accept your place and wallow in the gutter, just play making pies from all the shit inside you.’

‘I wont, I wont, I’m fire for you.’ Now Dary was leaning to the ire of her bitchy witchy side. ‘You think I’m made of candy but hell and back I’ve been there and I aint making jokes now. Let’s see your cards, spread your arse and show who’s got a better claim? My arse wins its prettier than yours. So we will see the rest of thee, come on spread ‘em wide. As I thought you’ve got nothing there just robes and hollow air. Take down your trousers pile ‘em with the rest I don’t see you at all now, just a paper mask making tiger roars. Poke out your non existent tongue and tell to me what silence you are speaking now?

‘Huh! I’ll wear these robes and do your part. “Dary darling you are the best take a turn and reach for high, reach for all the ladies dying from their evil critics lying, don’t believe the conceits of all the inside curses, paper men singing paper songs. Believe, believe away and wish yourself the wellness.'"