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black beach  

Attach my bones and water them I am alone so very much here, please believe in me, I cannot know, can only see you from this place, of this place. Its night and I need rescuing. Shall I go back home, or stay alone here. Drear place not nice, vulgar is as she says to me, haven’t got a chance here, its a waste of time to believe you but I do, I do, I do. I wait for you, will you be late will you stay. Come to me, I’m waiting for you please; if that’s a breath, if that’s a breeze, come in mist surrounding me, take a form I know. Be seated, be greeted, I’m singing now, is there a place for us, my sisters sing of sunny, I don’t believe in them. We are meet and we will burn together or apart, there’s no relief for me its a need I have. Should I cry for you, would I die for you in me or without. I want you to stay here, better build a place here, a space for us, I from there you from here can find a common answer. I believe, is that not enough for you? Don’t torture me I give you freedom from me, I don’t own, I don’t beg, come if you wish me to be here now.

Would you wish me other than I am now. I can change, rearrange myself to your liking, follow me home, follow me where I still exist. A mess of waves, a flow of bubbles, no finished shape to grasp me. Do you want me now, a thing without a breath, flowing through I touch your every person. Quake in fear, here I rule the roost. I’m kidding I am sorry, couldn’t resist, no fear from me. Follow me then down and dark, I light a spark for you, into my realm, into my speech here. Presence flutter through, no naming please, they are not a disease for you. Here we are my space, no place at all, I think so and we answer. Have your rest passed the test I need you so much here now. 

Shall we dance here, put your shoulder there, that’s right, now I bite. I come in different parts here, some are slightly bitchy as you have seen, a rounded personality. I have to be my job calls for many parts, one day this, one day her. I’m spinning in deciding which is me but don’t worry whatever I am, I’m yours, if you will have me again and again please. I am not yours forever, its an arrangement of sorts, press my flesh while I wear it. Maybe it will whither, maybe I will discard and wear another suit for you. See me and in that seeing feel me well, for we both know there’s a boat arriving in the morning.