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wish fall 3  

The town was rained by good fortune. Can a gift for one become a gain for all?
Wishes flowed down and filled his head, he was looking for a brain but this was better. Toys and joys and dishes of food he was thinking when the chances came pouring in. Filled with the might have, the might do’s. How to chose, do I lose, are they playing when they are saying they are mine. Gimme game and gamble, I want fun for every one on earth please. Lets all have cakes, lets see we all enjoy the pleasure. A lot to put on my plate, I might have and hold them all. If I was a giver, I never have been but then I’ve never had so much. Its a tug of their gifts, their presents, the roads that could be. It should be easier, just have more toys than I can hold. Its all too much, never guessed I would feel so hard by joy and happiness. Its a short-sighted gain that counts for nothing in the long run, or its a trying to build a better future. The boy was considering but he began to hear somewhere deep inside him a voice was saying, ‘No, give them pills lets wish for a rocket.’
The dancer twirls, the wishes fall to pattern her dress. No question she’s choosing the talent to make her stepping dreams succeed. Is it construing the answer before the pose to ask is this best for her? Sees herself narrow and formed now, no fit rival to challenge her plans. The possibilities of the wishes confirm her thinking she was meant to be a dancer. Young prizes confine as well as they win and she’s judging the stars to help lift her.
She soars, ‘Fol di di its my time and I’m ready. Poise, position, pirouette, people will say, “There goes Judy the dancer prancer.” Did I pay my due, well here’s to you. Hope you’re happy, do you like me please. I want you too, I need that, its a simple calculation my body for rent to your eyes.’
Judy stares out of the picture. ‘You’re painting me selfish well that’s all right, paint me anything at all, I know my moves will fill the halls, provide pleasure. You can be a cynic, probably are, these wishes will help but they take me nowhere, I need dedication, I need to bear the pain, pledge myself to a possibility. Be the greatest ever seen and if that’s a selfish thing well you may call me names but when the applause roars I will prove you wrong.’