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wish fall 3  

Sand and snow falls like this, a bliss without a handhold. When it comes you must be quick, catch them while you can; wishes strewing nicely now.

Mary-Mary seems a greedy lady and sometimes those in need can exceed their personal allotment. From what reason she is starving is not clear only her grasping shows that she can only live with a wish to keep her going.

Mary-Mary stops the stars and speaks. 'So in this show I am cast to be the snout stuck in the trough. Well okay I shall play my part. “Guzzle, guzzle burp.” was that take okay or do you want it done again.'

The writer whispers back hoping the audience will not hear. 'Will you be quiet you are spoiling the pretence.'

The audience does not bother Mary-Mary, she speaks quite naturally. 'What pretence, they just said I needed to be large, they never said I had to act. Okay but it will cost you more and I need my motivation…please.'


Mary-Mary speaks slowly and clearly as she would to a child. 'Yes, why am I swallowing these wishes?' 

There are murmurs in the background and then the writer replies. 'Okay…You've been through fire, your house burnt down, you've seen the worst and are never going back there.'

Mary-Mary goes back to her proper position. 'Thank you… “Paint me as a piggy but piggys need some loving, piggys need some hope and I'm swallowing some bright, bright wishes to keep me warm at home. When they come back and drag me down I will be prepared, So don't make first impressions when you're not inside to feel the truth. I judge you not, don't you please judge me.”…was that okay?'

'Yes fine, on to the next scene.' 

'What about them?' Says a familiar voice.

The writer looks around. 'Who?'

Mary-Mary points. 'Who? Them there, my lover and my two sons.'

'Their not eating stars are they? This scene is about eating stars, they're window dressing.'

'You know you are a real shit don't you. They've got up real early, struggled through the cold, only to be told they're nothing but bloody window dressing.' Mary-Mary says with ice.

Furious scribbling on the script 'Okay…Your lover has had enough, he's running away from you. One son is doubting you're his mother and the other is fishing without a line…happy?'

'He wouldn't run away from me, I'm his one and only.' says Mary-Mary. 

'Really…well if that's your belief don't read this: By her side, or further her lover is running, rushing for another place. Galloping off with glee he seems to have an urge to put the space between them. But with the wishes falling he stops to reconsider. “Give me hope, give me wealth, give me, give me. I need another chance and if Mary-Mary's getting richer then I'll favour a further dance. I give service, I'm no parasite, just like to feed my hunger for the finer things of life. I want everyone to be happy but most especially me.”

'You made that up.'

'I'm sorry Mary but just look at the picture.'

'…I've just had a thought, with all these wishes I can get a better one.'

'Beware of…'

'Say that and you are toast.'