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wish fall 1  

‘I should have had a sister to join with me, to gaze upon this unfolding panoply.’ Honey is not sleeping she’s looking up to the stars. That light must be a plane, moving fast, getting nearer, its not a plane, Honey runs. Down it falls, with a roar like a yell in the stockyard. As the fires burn down to cinders Honey dares to see; a ruined garden but looking on the bright side, a fallen star brings the gift of a wish.

Honey plants the fallen star, there to gather strength. Then in the spring to come alive, a wishing tree for all.

Now to send the lucky stars to give their magic, a gift of sorts looking for a home. A mighty breath then Honey sends a gust of air, the wishes quiver then release. Flowing through the air to fall wherever chance decides, a lottery with no favourites or favours. A storm of wealth and wonder, what possibilities are given, a second chance, a clarity of understanding. Honey’s altruism has no strings, it is a gift given for its own sake.

Wishes have no mind, takes their task what ever asked, right or wrong sing no songs of their own. Magnifies the hopes but no bank behaves and the bad just get worse, wishes are not an angel maker. Fair luck floating down then coupled to a dream, a whisper comes alive, if they are wise would last a lifetime. Now the time of sewing but what will the reaper find?