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3 in bed 1  

Amy paused the lift until Juke could find the shade to reach her. He started to cuddle but she shrugged him off. ‘Wait.’ The corridor on the fifth floor had lived many stories; Amy and Jake stole along with no intent of burdening it with more. The lifted card opened the door and they were in.
Amy shimmied back to shape, spread across the bed with a satisfied sigh.
Juke explored, ‘You were great, how long we got?’
‘I was, I was really awesome.’ She could not help but laugh and covered her mouth. ‘Maybe three hours.’
Juke pulled down the blinds, preferring the half-light. ‘You’ve got something written over you.’
‘My latest tattoo, it can go if you’d rather?’
‘Try, let’s see.’ He sprang on to the bed.
Amy raised a hand, ‘Now go slow, we’ve got the time and I’m fragile I need a warmth of loving before the pleasure.’ Then to add a carrot to her request, ‘You can be your normal self, its fine by me.’
Juke settled himself as a nest for Amy and began. ‘Once upon a time a messenger came running, “Your Majesty the enemy is at the gate.” The Princess tore off her dress grabbed her sword and rushed to the battlements, looking down she saw a horde…”’
“What was under her dress?’ 
‘The Princess, was she wearing anything under her dress?’ 
‘Whatever, what do you prefer?’
‘Naked, I think she was naked. Carry on.’
‘The naked Princess saw a horde of Fiends, she smiled. “Dear swine if I knew you were coming I would have baked a cake but alas the flour and the sugar stand apart.”
A one eyed giant raised his head. “Well that is a pity I’m so hungry I could eat a horse but maybe the taste of Princess will do. Open your gates and we will make it quick, resist and you will feel it long.”
“Don’t rush me I’m thinking.” The Princess placed a finger to her chin. “No I don’t think so, there is a certain lack of grace to your offer I prefer it better that you leave now, then I will only destroy your stragglers. Defy me and you will find that your fathers deep in hell will shun you for being bested by a girl.” The Princess chose a spear, wrote the runes and swooped…”
Amy I feel a hand upon my back.’
‘That would be me, I have two and they are both pulling you close. Go on with the story.’
‘But I still feel this hand, have you grown some other digits?’
Amy smacked her palm against her head. ‘Oh sorry, I forgot to say. Just a friend from a nether place, she drinks a lot but she’s harmless as long as you are careful.’
‘Amy what are you playing at?’ Juke cupped Amy’s face to look at him. ‘This is us together not a party for your drunken friends. Does this demon have a name?’
‘My friend is numbered yes. But for the life of me I’ve forgotten what she’s called here.’
A refined voice interrupted ‘Are you speaking about me? That is awfully rude makes me feel as if I never was.’
Amy lifted herself to see over Juke. ‘I’m sorry its just your name has clicked apart for me. I can remember bits there’s a ‘v’ and a ‘d’ I think.’
‘That’s right spells me, Molly, I’ve come to lend a hand.’
Juke rolled over to see the horror Amy had described. ‘Lend a hand for what?’
Molly ignored the question, she pushed at Juke to make some room. ‘Shove up please I feel the need to rest. Carry on don’t mind me I wont interfere with anything your doing.’
‘Amy is this your little surprise – a threesome, thank you much. Well get to work you two I’ll just lay back and enjoy.’
Amy buried her head under a pillow, Molly unsheathed her talons. ‘Who is this pig did you find him in the gutter his manners are atrocious. I said shove up not shove in. I’m not touching your grimy scars with anything but a knife.’
Stung, Juke leapt from the bed, in the gloom he could see Molly’s margins blending into mist; like the cat only the smile was certain. ‘Oh please I’m nicer than you think. Amy tell your friend how good I am.’
Amy had found a safe place and she was staying there, her muffled voice spoke a plaintive tone. ‘Juke I just prefer it more if Molly can see and you agree to this. For I am chalk and cheese here. I don’t believe in me being seen at all here. I need the refute of an eye to reinforce any belief I may have here. I need Molly’s regard to keep me feeling real.’
Juke was looking out the window, feeling but not hearing the pounding of the city gate, he half turned to the bed. ‘That’s bollocks and you know it. Just gives you a thrill that’s all.’
Without a move Molly was at Juke’s side. ‘Its not absurd I’m hearing you but can you fix me fine? The older I get the less I’m here. I did turn faces but its hard now. I am made of glass people say they see me but its never me, in point of fact I don’t appear at all. I walk the streets with an invisible stride. It amazes me I’m not trodden on - forgotten on. If my regard helps her then I’m for it please. I need the feeling of having a use beyond myself. Help us all to consider ourselves so kindly - and know the all of us.’
The Fiend in the corner blew a fart. ‘Very nice, if you’re finished with the Agony Aunt can we get back to the story please.’