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- he forgot the day they met crippled by the wishes he wished had never happened suffered to his old ways and got a job taking all the blame the shame of some risen entertainer dragged around in the dirt sucking up the dark deeds that fed his owner without his ever knowing - amy suffered in a sea of self denigration feeling worse with every slash she lashed the nothing she felt herself in misery without the pleasure he had given being none she took on guises that any passing stranger felt that they required for some counterfeit completion a whore a wife a younger an older an angel or a scolder she played these all with ease her lies returned her talent for deceit she could be anyone but the truth to be herself - molly sat in bars unseen she supped on other’s drinks built a wall of alcohol to stand against the memories that stabbed her with the warmth of amy’s holding the surprise that juke possessed a bright side a time she felt not worthy better to forget and live alone with no expectations except another night of whisky haze that softened all the days she wasn’t counting they were three together living out a dream instead of being one they were a trio but untrue they were really two and two with Amy as the fulcrum molly and juke swung around together forever or never as amy pulled apart molly and he tried to heal her but a missing piece was never found and amy faded back to the wind and mist each one blamed the other it was easy to see that it was he it was she that amy loved the best molly returned to drinking and cursed juke be far away leaving molly alone except for her most faithful friend the bottle at her lips she drank the hurt away and accepted the bitchy witchy way draining the dregs of her existence she found the will to turn from the floor and face the light above years passed and she could kneel then cursed herself to stand she got a job behind the bar floating on a daily bottle battled the charms that fought inside her steadied for another life of learning one night the entertainer now on a falling path passed out on the bar revealing juke in dark behind him molly cut his collar dragged him to her room bathed away the stain led him to her bed fed him of herself till his eyelids flicked revealing life there juke stared then cared then stripped her every pore every sore every wrinkle he passed from eyes to heart one tender kiss and a molly my love and he collapsed in release in relief juke stole the cash and they bought a bar united molly charmed the punters in and juke soothed the sins around them - she was nothing she was less she believed every vileness they professed to name her but the zero had a dot inside that was filling to be bigger and her naught gave birth to hope a child that wanted more than nothing could ever give and with that need amy shifted to be a mother her talents led to take the role of actress and rising on the prayers of those she had deserted she got jobs with small time players then a bit part on the tv - then a glass a glance a certain twist of shoulder and molly and he could know that underneath the paint was the one that could fill the absence in themselves that they both were hiding they recognized the pain in her it ran down the walls and stuck to every step juke dragged molly though the darkened doors the sighs and whispers enticing them but losing hold against their sense of purpose and out into a filthy night of acid rain the heat from hades rising a huddled figure dripping hair - amy looked back sensing fate had turned a page amy had had it up to here with the backroom fights and tangles she was pleased to deceive but there came a price she was slipping away again only hope was her saviour now when molly and juke came calling she had not the strength to say bye bye as she wanted me and you know her fate its written in the answer but molly and juke could not conceive it they were wrenched off their feet and jumbled in the slime and running drains a mystery a sisterly drove something through amy’s heart and she turned back to see the weight of truth brought about a change in her and found the strength to lift them from the gutter each supported each the way it would always be and they took a flight for the marriage that binds them closer now than ever.