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She swished the grass with her stick. 'You’ve stopped.'
'Yes I’ve stopped,' he agreed.
'Yes I said that, but why have you stopped, is it the dinosaurs again?
He pointed down. 'There's a ravine.'
She moved closer. 'What?'
'A crevice, a canyon a gap.'
'Can I see?' She was searching in her pockets for some gum, she peered over the edge. 'Yes I see rocks and water. what do we do?'
'I think we should build a bridge.' As soon as he spoke he regretted it.
'Build a bridge with what?'
'Um, stuff - the plants, we’ll shred the plants with our teeth, then twist them into rope and make a rope bridge.'
She pointed behind. 'There’s a tree over there, that would fill the gap.'
'Your bright your right, come on lets chop it down.'
'Chop, with what?' She, wondered how far this childish madness had spread.
'Your teeth, hold your mouth wide and I’ll swing your legs and your teeth will chop it down.'
She narrowed her eyes and looked at him, he smiled back. She chewed her gum. 'I think there may be another way, come over to the edge, stretch up your arms.'
Then she gave him a little push in the small of his back.
He desperately sought the opposite cliff with his fingers.
'Bish, bosh, done. No need for chewing plants or whatever it was.' She slapped her hands together. 'Huh, you are at my mercy, tell me the secret or I shall pry your fingers from this cliff and you will plunge to your doom.'
Forced to look down, he was wishing he had made the ravine a less treacherous, more inviting sort of place. 'What secret?'
'The secret of the Universe, why we're here, what's it all for?'
‘You’re too young’
‘If you fall in that ravine you wont be getting any older.’ She was thinking she might get a job as a witch, idly wondering if there would be a course at her next school.
‘Point. Well its all to do with Father Christmas.’
‘I knew it would be him.’
‘Well you know he only gives presents to kids that have been good, well that’s only the half of it, he really wants everyone to be perfect.’ He would not tell her but this position was an awful strain, his back felt stretched like a rack.
‘Perfect, perfect?’ She scratched her elbows. ‘I think that could take me a long time.’
‘Its sort of like a computer game, you just keep on going up different levels until you get there. Don’t worry about it now, just try to be the best you can be.’
‘So are you perfect?’
‘Not quite, not yet.’
She sniffed under her arms to see if she was glowing. ‘Well shouldn’t you hurry up, you’re going to be ancient soon.’
‘Thanks for reminding me. So now you know the secret get me out of this rack please.’
She jumped off the table, then gently tilted it so his hands reached the floor.