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‘What did you mean that was hell and fingers too? If I am a mystery that’s because you’re not looking, what you see is what you get with me.’ Amy surveyed Krisp’s face seeking for a sign where this might be going. 

‘Bollux, you can whip round and be removed leaving me with one of your thousand strangers and then expect me to love each and every one. But what lies beneath you don’t have the trust for me to see.’ 

Amy decided the best defence was attack. ‘Tell me this, are you seeking refusion or is it just good will, If you’re wanting acts of kindness, please will you join the queue. It comes from my heart and I have little left to spare.’

Krisp surrendered to the touch of petulance. ‘Amy we are lost in an ocean, lets not start a war; playing who did what and when.’

She turned away with nearly a smile. ‘Seems that we are at sea alone now. By the way, hey, hey, hey. You seem to have something on your head. Is that your badge of office now? Shall I call you sir? Let me remember when we were equal, at least that’s what you swore.’

The hat was slightly large for Krisp but after several trials he had discovered an angle where it fitted. ‘It is appropriate that a captain should have a hat to sit upon their head. Shows who is in the driving seat but beware it is a heavy crown, responsibilities build and burden on my shoulders.’

‘Very nice I think I’ll try for you. Pass me the hat and I will take my turn now if it weighs so heavy on you see. So just give across to me and you can deserve your rest. Please, pretty please.' She was straining forward, he was leaning back.

‘Mind, you’ll tear it.’

‘Just give me the bloody hat.’

‘Before you jump to this load there are some things I ought to mention.’ Krisp tried one last attempt to keep authority. ‘In the event of us sinking you must cling to the ship as it goes gurgle, gurgle. You need journal the journey we are taking, discipline the unruly crew, beware of ugly fishes, steer this craft through a stormy sea and climb the mast and seek for land. But if you insist here it is.’

‘Maybe when we're dying we could share it two. Seems to me it is a funny thing more a party turban than a Captains bonnet.’ The hat sat upon Amy’s head with a milliner’s perfection.‘So what shall we do now? I’m in charge I get to pick the game. If its all the same to you I prefer it simple.So say with me ‘I spy with my little eye something beginning with S’

‘Oh that’s hard. Sea?’

‘Never ever.’


Amy pointed. ‘Let me give you a hint my dear they like to munch upon your knees with teeth that can rip this craft apart.’

Krisp followed the aim of her finger. ‘Sharks!’

‘Yes darling well done.’

‘They’re shifting fast, what’s the best to do?’

‘Its time that we take a chance and reach for pastures new. We’re more than one we’re two. So encircle them with falsehoods. Chicken sharks are not that smart. Press the gale for forward. I can do that, magic hat and all.’

So they blew the sail, with a deceit, a belief that they were Boreas. The sharks let them pass, impressed with a conceit so feeble it was daring.

They blew, they puffed, they fell to the deck exhausted. Huddled together, slept in the depth of dreams as the current moved from a there to a here, a present unasked and unknown.

They stirred, they peaked then reached back for dreams but the dreams had fled leaving them with the day to use for best.

The undulations of the waves were hypnotic. Krisp shut his eyes away and pushed at Amy.

‘What?’ Amy grumbled shivering, wishing her clothes that made the sail were back around her body.

‘The good news is we’re still here.’

‘Yes and were is that exactly?’ Amy sat up and clutched her legs.

‘Well somewhere on this ocean but what we’re needing now is a compass, can you sniff the North?’ Amy’s powers were a further mystery to Krisp, they were, they weren’t, they could arrive unwelcome, or they might brighten up the dullest day.

Amy rolled over to the edge of the raft cupped some water over her head. ‘Well if your asking me I should say its easy to see with my eyes shut. The sun is in its heaven and its half past ten by my tick tock. So that’s the South right there and the North is just behind.’

‘Thank you Amy good to know were so far away from where were going.’

Amy ducked and the irony fell into the ocean. Long ago she realised that Krisp had this limp of cleverness and she allowed him to say as long as she was allowed not to hear. ‘If we're heading somewhere that’s enough for me. Are you steering for disaster, or success; tell me please what’s the object of our pleasure?’

Krisp bent towards Amy and whispered. ‘The sand, the Treasure Land.’

‘Good to know, can we eat it then, will it fill our hunger.’

‘Don’t worry about the eating, its the drinking that will kill you.’

Amy scowled, Krisp searched back, was he being a clever arse again? He new she hated that. Was he forgetting how sensitive she could be? ‘How are you Amy?’

She looked up, he sounded genuine. ‘I prefer it if you can find me, truly me not some figure of fun that you are inventing. I might be funny but am I a honey for you too?’

‘Of course, I’m spreading you over my bread. Yes you can be honey, you can be jam, you can be molasses. Say am I being as good to you as you would like?’

‘Depends how hard you define it. Maybe, maybe not so. Please could we ask for two or three steps closer than this. If your saying the other then your welcome but I can’t forget how you burn me, its a nasty attack that I’ve landed with. Can you hope for more, I would prefer if you could see the more to me, realise that I’m open for business all hours; unbutton and let me in please. Its not the way we can be. Its the way we are that matters to me.’