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She saved me from the cage. I never knew her name but don’t despise me, I dropped some crap so I would know her from the herd. A favour done is best returned, so when I saw her open window I took my chance.

‘Please to meet you my names Jin. What ails and brings you here sir?’

I bowed in reply. ‘Please to know, enchanted.’ The day was hot and Jin seemed rather glowing. I saw a pail and with a flutter and a heave I sent the contents flowing.

She gave a scream, her face got mean. ‘I am wet. I am soaking. What foul fiend witch brought you to my door?’

I hastened to placate. ‘It was not my intention to be mischievous, I meant to cool you down. You were so perspiring very near expiring. I acted quick to see off your demise.’

‘What curse have I done thee that I should so be ill returned?’ Jin was livid she was fuming, soaked to the skin she gave me the evil eye. ‘By what pleasant thinking did you think I’d like a sinking; I’m bloody wet and I’m gonna cook you for a pie.’

I fluttered back. ‘You would need another three and twenty, or so my mother said; just returning a good turn I always like to pay my debts, but look you’re cooler now, you should thank me.’

‘Thank you kindly then, just stand still while I shake you by the neck.’

I was thinking my good deed aint giving her the pleasure that I hoped. which was sad because I do like giving.

‘Perhaps I can help with your squirly whirly writy stuff. I’ve borrowed many a shiny book and I know my p’s and q’s.;

To this Jin replied. ‘If you’re looking for fame, well that’s not in my itinerary. I’m searching my soul, I’m digging the dirt of my crimes. I’m looking in me for a space that is free where I can build a home. Its not the saying, its the praying I don’t know. Its a piece about freedom from losses. I believe that I’ve lost the place in me that should be showing my feelings. I can see them but I just cannot touch.’

Shutting my eyes I looked through my heart, a vision came to me, He’s a beau she’s a belle, rings through their noses. He was a cad said she was the worst he’s ever had. Slice and dice she’s had her chance and now she’s on the forgotten list; that’s sad. 

‘Pop goes the weasel carry on although all is gone, stand tall, believe in you I do. You’re a mystery, so what; be explained, its nothing new, the papers try it every day. I think the company of changes could bring a light, swallow your pride admit what’s inside’

Going limp, the pen rolled away on the tablet. ‘You want to know my heart, where I am and has been. I once was wild. I once was King. I was a player too, just like you, only better. If you’re asking me why I am not so well here, its not my place its different, I am from another land, better or not that’s my place to be. If your saying where’s the playing now, how come I don’t laugh as much anymore?’

Jin opened her eyes and gave me a stare right through. ‘Its not for me to say it but are you perhaps intruding where you have gone too far. Is my name a pain that you are revelling in, covers the shame of your own telling, Are you perhaps sir afraid to speak of what is lurking, the comment I see of you. Are you pulling at me because you are dead and buried, gone to ash. The shaping of you the only true thing about you. You’ve nothing and no one inside. And you’re looking in me hoping for a way to heal yourself?’

I looked at my feathers to make sure I was still existing but Jin hadn’t finished. ‘Gather your thoughts come sing with me. We are forlorn but what’s tragedy when you can see a friend. When you can be nobody but a known body now. Speaking of rubbish inside bring it up and spit it to the floor. Find in the other a mirror for you, the land that we’re hoping for, the days that we miss. Desire is a word but a longing shapes our empty aches, a word that gives our empty nights to bite on. Its better for us, its better for you, to join the dance and live again.’


Sunshine and Superman ran through the grass.

She said to Superman ‘I’m made out of glass.’

‘See the all of me please.

See the all of me.’


There was flesh, there was bones, there was more.

There was a need to stay and a need to soar.

‘See the all of me please.

See the all of me.’


Stairs that led down, stairs that led higher.

There was an anger burning within like fire.

‘See the all of me please.

See the all of me.’


A loving barbed with hate to defend her.

A loving caressing, gentle and tender.

‘See the all of me please.

See the all of me.’


The seeing of she stretched down to the deep.

Then up to the heavens and the highest steep.

‘See the all of me please.

See the all of me.’


Superman said, ‘This could take forever,

may be best to join our fates together.’

‘See the all of me please.

See the all of me.’


She looked at Superman, ‘Okay lets try

but please never ask me the reason why.’

‘See the all of me please.

See the all of me.’



Wiping off his make up the Bird said. ‘What happened there, it was supposed to be a frothy piece, it got heavy, like ten times gravity?’

‘Okay it was me.’ Jin stamped her shoes to fit. ‘I pulled away and strained to another place. If I’m gonna do froth I prefer it best if I’m allowed to throw the pies. They never said the reasons so sod ‘em. Anyway it was you that got so picky, poking and provoking in me. Don’t make me bread to butter, if you’ve not got the jam to cover.’

‘Who pulled your chain, geez. You shouldn’t be so pissed you danced like an angel.’

‘Really, thank you Bird.’ She blew a kiss.

‘Come on last one there gets them in.’