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Horace and Holly are having such a bash,
food is flying everywhere, splash, splash.
Their tickets for the show are hidden,
somewhere, nowhere, or some forbidden space.
They revive, then through the mess they find the place
where they can make the funny draw for sure.
They fashion things upon the floor
and like magic the rising of the faces
all with hidden graces,
then purpose to their places.
Merry makes a hello show,
knowing her modesty is blown,
needing to be known.
Jolly approves, believing,
is the nature of their being.
The white horse still standing
just timing for a turn to earn the glows;
not so much the twinkling toes
but a little hoof fandangos.
If its a meaning that's beginning here
be sorrow found or not?
Playing games as true,
one and all will do.
See the making wishes waking.
Merry said, 'I prefer it best
flying high to pass the test
inquest at rest, soaring by.'
Then again absent friends are waiting.
Jolly's pet is a monster of regret,
fed tomorrows to curb its sorrows.
All are smiles for the whiles
the playing sings and rings oh.
She can perceive him,
she believe in him,
self assured, the happy elf who holds her hand.
The army of woes are making a stand;
she and he flow through,
enjoying delight in everyway,
this sunny day,
faster, with the happy ever after.
Now the rain is coming, drumming;
they learn to make use, by drinking its juice,
to add to the glee that they swing.
Horace and Holly like juices, they like berries,
sweeping them down the slide.
Sadness has no name to be playing.
So they cover him with an agreeable grin.
Leave him all befuddled with conflicting emotions,
like tokens to change your account;
feels nor quite real, this feeling he feel.
Is he not meant to know the pain of the day,
the rain of tears flooding the misery way?
So Merry twirls him up
and sends him round and around,
covers him in sweets and the toys for the joys.
He comes out mesmerised,
opens up his eyes.
So they play the day away.
It was better like this,
too long to be feeling the weight of the world.
Need some froth to cut the pitch,
to leaven the joke
for existence.
The go slow of lessons to know
but once in a while allow a smile.
Merry and Jolly and of course the white horse,
swing round through the gladness,
they spill and they thrill,
deftly dance and are free.