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sunny sun  

They were all.
They were none
Who said that they were famous?
They were justifiably outrageous.
One in the middle one at the end.
She was lovely,
he was more a kind of fella 
you wouldn’t be without.
They came together while taking a vow.
but the body police would never allow.
So they eloped heading for Las Vegas
luck got sick, was contagious.
Got the itch, then got hitched.
The Sun to prove their witness
and a captive Moon to say you’ll do.
Sun and shine, silver ghosts a plenty.
The Moon in its tower
waiting for spring into place.
And she in the corner is doing a jig,
because of the jolly,
couldn’t give a fig.
Caught the last train from the land
the Heart warmed the Hand.
and The Hand held the Heart
as they departed
The Sun asked to came along for the ride.
They asked the Moon to decide
and the Moon said that would be fine 
as long as it didn’t shine when lovers entwine.
He got a job in an auction place.
She added grace to the rich.
The body and its henchmen
stocking still rather ill.
No heart and its apart
was proving the old saying.
‘Heartless men go round the bend,’
and round the bend she was waiting.
But with no heart to feel
he found no friend and walked away.