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sunny sun sings  

First of all 
the kettle called 
at my house, 
it had forgot its cord, 
skipped along the street.
I gave chase, not wishing for
accidental happenings.
Then the Sun I saw, 
blazing down, come to town,
a celebrity to out dream all the never was.
He smiled a cherry beam,
said he was on his way for Christmas.
(Which is something I forgot to say,
only you should have told me better.)
A crowd had grown en masse,
impressed with the singing of the Sun, 
a lovely baritone, his rhythm was amazing.
The Sun could cook,
well he nearly did,
until the crowd moved back.
Darling Sun so lonely
without a hand to hold you.
I stepped forward and dared my life 
to show I cared for him.
When he saw me the Sun turned off his light,
became quite cool
and in that night I could touch and need him.
Heavenly his lips touched mine
and then we really knew it,
true love, pure, fine and simple.
We got married that same day,
left for the Milky Way on our honeymoon.
So now the Sun lives with me,
catches the bus,
just like any happy other.
I doubt I will become a mother,
the Sun’s got nine kids from a previous encounter,
any more would upset the apple cart, make a tart,
create mayhem in the Solar System.