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sugar lies 4  

Jadfo was measuring his erection, she was writing out her will. Its difficult to part when you share a heart and they were doing their best not to hurt one or the other every day. One step at a time, accept the whine, endure the frustrations.
Jadfo’s heart was working twice as hard, the toiling blood began to suck up memories, feelings he thought best forgotten; the women of his past, some felt care but mostly they carried bad resentments, ill used, abused, abandoned. Jadfo forced to keep them down but they fought him toe to toe, winning every step; they burst out as a shadow, a sisterhood to harry, peck and wreck him.
Lilly and he struggled up the stairs, locked the bedroom door. Doors are good for stopping the real but not so good at halting foul intentions. The wraiths streamed in, Jadfo and Lilly retreated to the wardrobe. Jadfo was not worried, he bet by some means he would escape the fate he’d earned himself.
Lilly watched the shadows flight and tearing plunges, caught between a union with her gender and the feeling for the being that she had grown to love. ‘I suppose you could say I’m one of them, aint I darling? Yes there go I, and I am knowing what they protest. Or is there more to say for you? At first a wreck, a total piss pot swine, latterly you’ve come around. We’re bound by love and a little hate. Look at them they’re gunning for you. Force feeding every morsel they scratch from your weedy body; down it goes and then they crap and I’m so close to you it lands on me as well.’ 
Jadfo on his knees, swatting and swearing. ‘Ho, ho, ho, oh my darling I wouldn’t give them a leg to stand on, why would I? They enjoyed me while it lasted, that’s their passion for their time with me, satisfaction guaranteed. I have no feeling for their fate, go on berate me. Oy, you, what’s your business here? Peck me to death and you will die as well, haven’t thought it through. All right I relent, in hindsight I could have acted better but that was then and this now. What purpose is this serving?
Ersatz harpies swirl into a fury, force a voice of malice. ‘We relieve ourselves on you. Feel our piss drip from your face, know its acid stinging. You will feel the bitter tears we’ve cried for you. You shall regret your callous blows, the hurt you uncared on us. Knoweth the boy, knoweth the man, you are tried and found wanting for lack of a feeling heart. Now it lives with her, well that heart is not yours to give, we earned it long ago. Tear it from her flesh, share it with us.’
Jadfo regained his swagger, he cowered into a defeated ball, then exploded into his most disturbing grin. ‘And what my ladies do you take me for, a fool, perhaps a clown? Do your worst your gnat bite stings are worth the hurt for the happiness I’ve found.
The shadows portrayed a dance upon the wall. A graceful lady partnered by a slimy slug. ‘Ho, ho, clap, clap, you seem to be forgetting we know your tricks from old, this bravado is just a mask hiding the barren space where your rotten soul should be. So you found our telling feeble did you? Just wait until our appetite switches round and we attack her, your would be bride. Be so feeble then would we, when her eyes do smart, her skin is pecked, running with your lovey dovey blood. We’ll suck and bleed her dry.’
Lilly was thinking she must have been bad in a former life. In this game of hate and hate she was to be cast as the scapegoat, carry the sins of the other. Well if there was a side to choose she had made her decision some time before. ‘I bare my soul, bare yours too. Take care and have your wishes carefully, for drinking me you will find its a poison you are sucking. You are creatures of hate, sup on love and you will squirm in agony. Do your worst but I will stand by him.’
The deserted loves burst into laughter that became a cackle. Lilly shielded her ears. They formed a heart then cracked it. ‘So you think you’ve won, our attack is thwarted but remember this, you will find there comes a day when he grows bored of you. You see us now in our vengeance but once we were an opening flower just like you, believed in him. Our love, oh yes we had it, was bright and real but the higher you fly with him, the deeper you die, when he turns his back and there are no petals left to keep you on the high you had. So beware little pretty, trusting a devil is not a game you ever can win.’
Lilly stood and hugged Jadfo to her. ‘I stand by him, he shares his heart with me. I fling this truth at your lies.’ She relaxed her eyes and hummed her favoured romance, swaying softly to its rhythm.
The shadows danced in tune to Lilly’s humming, then take it into parody with exaggerated bows and kisses. They fly close to her face examining every pore every wrinkle. ‘Trickle, trickle, dum, diddle dee. You are such an innocent we begin to like you better. Love, you taunt us with love; love is just a word can be said by anyone. Jadfo can scream it through the night but he will never feel it. The only love Jadfo has is for Jadfo; plays a thousand masks, whichever one can catch you. Look at your money its dripping away to him, even your clothes, your robes he will sell off your back. Oh dear idiot, he shares his heart just as long as it suits him, when he’s bled you dry, all your resources banked, then goodbye little missy hope you enjoyed the ride, but he has other fish to fry now.’
Lilly turns to look at Jadfo. 
Jadfo waves through the shadows vainly trying to move them away. ‘I remember this one but not that, wherever they are from I think they’ve been breeding without me. He hugs Lilly close. Busy bees aint they? Catch as catch can and they’re a can of worms, wriggling just throwing any shit they can think of. What do you expect me to say? Try this, I’m a piece of piss and your a dopey cow for loving me. I’d have though you’d have learnt by now that I’m not one for singing made up stories and as for that, well what if its true do you really believe I’m stealing from you? Moneys something I’m good with. Just rearranging it in a better way, we’ll both benefit in the long run.’
‘You didn’t ask, you just took?’ Lilly shrugs off Jadfo’s arm.
Jadfo senses a slight shift of loyalties, he grabs both his lover’s hands. ‘Lilly, I didn’t take anything. The money is still there, all there but it needs to be in my name to move it round the system.’
There is silence then a hiss that builds into a crescendo. ‘Boo, boo, the villain unmasked at last. Oh our dearest Jadfo she is sliding down a path away from you. Your avaricious clothes stink to high heaven; seen through the tricks that you are playing. Dear pretty come to us, he is a worm and we are your dear, dear sisters.
Lilly sits and rolls a cigarette for Jadfo, places it between his lips and lights a match, faces him eye to eye. ‘Its better for us if I go away, leaving you on the margins. As its your heart that is bringing me life, I ask that you give it to me, that I may leave you please?’
The sisters are all attention, this was not in the script they conceived in the dark of the shivering river.
Jadfo takes off his hat covers it with a scarf. ‘If your wanting to stay, if you wanting to go, what if I said the answer is no? I promise you this one thing, I’ve not been good, I’ve been a shit through and through. Here shall I wrap it, the only gift I have, here is my heart, you will use it better than me.’ The scarf rises up, and with a flourish Jadfo reveals his heart which he passes into Lilly.
‘So you’re dying? She softly holds his hands, looks down at them. 
Jadfo pulls his hands back. ‘It happens.’
‘If I leave this room.’ Lilly steps out of the wardrobe. ‘you’ll be dead?’
‘I think that is the deal.’ 
‘I think I’m going to cry.’ Says one sister. All the sisters sniffle then laugh.
Lilly ignores them. ‘And I can find a younger less scummy partner?’
Jadfo is thinking. ‘Better than me? He smiles, ‘easily done I think.’
The shadows gather in a corner. ‘She’s killing us? They flutter at the thought. ‘No she’s killing him, better our going knowing he’s dead.’ Their hatred is so pure its the reverse of benediction.
Lilly faces the shadows. ‘When he dies I want to be sure you die too. I don’t want to be haunted with every step. Swear me an oath you cannot break.’
The shadows huddle and damn, seeking a vow they agree. ‘Pretty, pretty, we give you our oath. “We swear on the anathema that binds us here.”’
Lilly opens the door, looks round then pulls it shut. ‘How long is too long, how long is enough?’ She forces herself to breathe slower. ‘One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.’ She opens the door, sees nothing moving. Jadfo is slumped on the floor. She slips the heart into him. Lifts both fists, pounds his chest. Jadfo’s eyes fly open.
‘They’re gone now, I killed them but I want my fucking money, you piece of shit.’