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sugar lies 3  

{Once upon a time, when the sun was thinking holidays, we set too, to begin a great adventure. Seeing which, if any, could find the way to bottle loving. He says we should lie back down and feel the forces flowing through us; the attraction of ourselves would bring an ecstasy, a whirl, a cause that we could market to the target that is wanting.}

In the night Jadfo tours the avenues collecting butts and bottles. Lilly scrubs the vacuum machine pristine, ready for an operation. They shower away the dark sea taste, a present for the sewers. Stretch on the bed, both hiding from the other the want of any feelings they are wishing to sell.

Lilly reaches over and stubs her cigarette. ‘You are killing us of course, dragging out the slimes, purpose filled, our loving is as flat as rigor mortis. No flow, no go, nothing.’

Jadfo cuddles, Jadfo canoodles, he caresses, he nuzzles and pets. ‘My honest face can smile and we can lie together cute as belly buttons. You will come and be a sport, let our feelings flow we don’t need them after. So let the machine suck up all the remnants from our bed fill the bottles choking, glug, glug. The punters pay, have a day of feeling,’
{Curse, curse what is worse for a day and a lady. So we’re here and its clear that what is happening is wrong but my suggestion then I must continue. Its a doomed thing. Start again please.}

Lilly coming up for air. ‘Absurd, you’re unhearing, dreaming of the pennies you could drip, into your palms, there to burn right through us.’

‘Oh come on Lilly who’s to lose? Simple way earn my pay, magic me I’m brilliant. Fool proof plan all are winning but you seem unwilling is it something that I’ve said, lovely you, come here my dear its not halting us just the stuff were throwing anyway. Does not touch the core, just the periphery.’
{Although now I’m not so sure she’s looking strangely jaded.} 

Lilly hugs her knees and rocks, stares down at him. Thinks of telling about the others she is not supposed to see, scares her shitless.
{Spirit of adventure gets lost, feels double crossed. Loving don’t ache for want of money.}
‘You’re such a fool. Your rancid body stinks so and mine is worse. I’m pretending lies, can’t disguise this dragging down below thing. If I want a fuck that’s that, its not for the treasure to sell it.’
{Get off, get round, get lost. I am pickled furious he’s killing us and unaware that there is nothing left to care for here.}

She hates it when Jadfo’s smile splits his face, a shark, advent of some flimflam trick. He jumps up and passes the hose between his legs, waggles it around. ‘Come on doll lets do some real loving.’ Chases her around the room, until Lilly gets bored picks up the machine and yanks it. Jadfo jack-knives, whimpers, collapses upon the floor.

Lilly lays Jadfo down, tends him with ice, gets him sips of drink. Later when the nausea is fading. ‘I asked for that did I?’

‘You were pushing for something but maybe not quite that. Hurts does it?’

‘Is the Pope Chinese, no, what is it?’

Lilly is searching through Jadfo’s pockets. ‘Are these what you smoke? No wonder you smell. Wow, look at that I’ve rolled you a perfect snout, looks so good could be tailor made. May be, don’t see why not, there’s Christians in China. Okay sorry, sorry, sorry, but you were yanking my chain and I just reacted.’

Jadfo blows out a perfect ring. ‘Make a list so I know. “Things that piss Lilly off.” Toothpaste stuff whatever.’

‘You’ve been using my brush?’

‘Maybe not quite using, more sort of tasting.’

Lilly is getting the bottles ready to go. ‘Are you up to doing this, I can go?’
‘No I’ll do it, I’m better at selling.’

While Jadfo rests Lilly makes some labels and a sign. “Bottled Love Fresh and True.”
{Write on the bottle our fucking, show a picture too. We are exploited and we are the ones who do it.}

They carry the bottles to the Corner Store. Jadfo goes in and charms a space to sell them. ‘Roll up, roll up, it's the latest thing Love in a Bottle. Romance gone sour this will put you right. If your night time’s a lone time this Love will hold you tight. Can’t get the one you want? Well this will fill your need. Frozen alone, well this will bring you heat.

Started with a trickle, which draws a crowd, then becomes a mob. One guzzle makes an instant addiction, a bottle is never going to be enough, they need more than they can get. Vast sums offered, then violence proffered, a plague of mayhem spreading.

With every bottle lifting off the shelf, Lilly feels from herself a something going. She fights her way inside the shop with the hope of saving just some piece of their love but knocked to the floor and stamped on, kicked and broken. Jadfo rushes in and hauls her away.
{Suck away this day this night bottled fresh with loathing for making a purpose of it, love turns to hate so easily.}

Sell and store or which way which, once were customers now a rabble, gouging, biting. When love is tasted as a pleasure it will always lead to need. The mechanics are there but bereft of any care, any devotion, just sugar coated, a dance without a chance of reaching any deeper. What is lost in the glance, chance, of a taste of together.

Jadfo slumps to the ground holding a Lilly too broken to fix. He fumbles opens his jacket and feels far inside; this will be his greatest trick. He pulls then reveals his heart, seeks for the space then slides it inside her. Her eyes surprised. He says, ‘Its okay we can share it.’