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sugar lies b2  

Okay Jadfo is a near transparent creep but that don’t make him a bad person, he’s got talents too. But she in all her hauteur will not believe in him, her pride crash down to admit a feel for him. He stabbed her with her loneliness then cashed it in the bed. Watch out that’s just his nature but she agreed and willing, it wasn’t meant to be but then again it was. The city waits for them to make a caring breeze, clocks stop no one can run around the time. He’s no knight in shining armour and she’s no princess in distress. Her pride is stifling life. His notion of his carefree self is writing words that don’t get washed away. Lies he tells himself running from the wealth of she to hold. Inertia stalling everything, let a hand touch the feeling of the other.
J: {Count to ten and spit me, am I here, see I is. She’s just playing, I can see the drips come down her brain. If I go then I’m nothing more than a dream, nothing to be worked up about. Just getting ready for her sorrows, never find the likes of me again. Yes I am a little, lets say lucent but that’s just because of the atmosphere. I come from somewhere a little bit more flowy, there I blend but here I grant a lack of substance compared to the rock solid ways you endure. All these open doors, nicer to just float through. I said before I’m not a fixture, change my face the all of me I can be another in a trice.}
L: {As you say sir all the way again. He is not my friend, dispatched and burnt he’s nothing more than a brute to me, one I see but faintly. You say I care but for what I see no future there. His smiling gaze masks his clever eyes, unable to utter truth just tells lies, what wish inside he’s hiding, if its for me I do not see a trace upon his wicked face. No you are jesting, let the city pour what it is missing, there is no movement and I am bound to say so, if he move a little well which way would it be? All indications lead to the doorway with his infernal case gone for good. You say I have too much pride, well yes sir I may do but I’m not crawling to his heart, let him crawl to me.}
The city gates are open but no ones coming in. Neither is there a leaving soul to see. The city rests amid the doldrums waiting quite absurdly for these two love birds to find a way to reach across the divide they hide behind.
Jadfo gives a poor performance of a yawn, all ham acting over stretch. ‘Piss poor aint I, adorable though. You’ve got to hand it to me, spent the night and now I’m right as rain, little stain but that’s just what’s left over in the cause of research.’
Lilly is all folded up away from him.
Jadfo is still walking backwards to the fragile edge of a mighty drop. 'Of course you don't want me, you keep on saying but like I thought you can't resist a tryst with a fella who's got magic in his fingers. Shame about the wedding though, too busy to attend, so sad. After all I've done my bit what more can you be after, hell of a game its maximum disaster. We shall see who gets fattened for the coffin, done my worst and now its up to you.'
Lilly grinds her weight on to Jadfo's penis. 'Pleased as punch aint you, little grubby around the edges, and as for that well I know where I've seen it before, hanging from the butcher's dog. Saying which I aint a curse you seem to think, not better read and stopped before the ending.' Lilly reaches in her bag and touches up her lipstick, rises, to Jadfo's relief, and moves towards the door.
‘You’re going? Off guard and slightly miffed, Jadfo starts looking for his clothes.

Lilly turns and looks at Jadfo as though surprised to find that he is still there. ‘I’m looking for adventure. Come along if you have any passion left, Sing a song if you want to I don’t mind.’
Jadfo catches Lilly at the stairs. ‘Okay let us praise a daytime, step my step alongside, keep you from the passions that you’re going through.’
{Happens like this sometime, too cruel to call it kindness but after a release that’s held her back its overflowing now. Men or wine much the same I think so.}
‘You are full of love, a bottle’s worth at least. Fill you up with more, get it from the candy store; well you could if this was a proper civilization but its wrecked by the eternal cheque of market forces. I’ll do my best, a little fondness here, don’t dry your eyes too quickly. I’ll let you down most cautiously, one night stands are all I’ve got to give, after that I’m seen too close for comfort. For the best, I’m a git and I know it but I’ve woken you up and that’s a start.’
Lilly is hopping around the kitchen missing all the lines. Her motor’s running hop on board expressway though the lights. ‘I’m going strong, could it be that you the rat faced fool are thinking about it the reverse way? Maybe I’ve lit your light for you, just the sort to praise your masculinity when under the bonnet there’s hardly a sip of fuel. Cause to bet it was me that did all the making if I’d left it to you we’d have frozen solid.’
{Men, can’t live with them can’t live without them, best to eat them I think; taste nasty, gristly, though a bit like burnt bacon, rind chewy and some gets in your teeth. You’d have to be a passion load to need them all the time. Now and again they’re quite pleasant for a laugh but I wouldn’t wanna eat a whole one. Ever so sexy ever so randy, if that’s your sort of thing, me I prefer a good book, gives me more satisfaction. Anyway that’s what I’m saying now, we’ll see later when the time comes for me to be consecrated into the church of blessed toys.}
Lilly is racing along, forward to the sun, a certainty that is pulling Jadfo in its wake. He is a mess struggling to dress as he moves. ‘Well if that’s the way you see it I’ll let you have your time, I was there and I don’t remember being any icicle. I was firm but pleasant, my charisma turned down low, didn’t want to startle you did I? Pigs and pokes anyway that’s ancient history now aint it.’
They are at the gates now. Lilly flings off her clothes and cartwheels along the balustrade. A sight to see but no one does as they’re all stuck in time waiting for the clock that the lovers are not releasing. Lilly bows to no one then calmly gathers her apparel, looks over to the mountains. ‘Open up my eyes see what’s written there, I don’t care and it ends with a period, bottom line like some wines I know. If you’re thinking that I’m sleeping with you again, villain, thief, no relief, comes and steals your safety. You’re a pillow fight, just fluffy with no punch inside. Look at you you’re exhausted, no staying power, these made up beasts never last the daytime.’
{So I want a little rough that’s just my business, turn my mind around and he will vanish. Why’s he such a creep, why no knight on charger? Well I’m humble in my seeings I don’t want to push my visions far too far. Clap my hands and business gone, clap again and he’ll come running, little doggy with his tail all waggy wag. So don’t try and forgive me, or treat me to some mindful no, no, no’s. Its my business, he’s just a hyperventilating blow up doll. No I’m not saying that, use your own imagination. If he’s talking making sense, well that’s just down to the power of my inspiration.}
Jadfo snaps his fingers, the ancient sea appears filling the land before the mountains, dark waters. He jumps up to the wall, turns to Lilly. ‘Fancy a swim?’
‘In that black soup?’
‘Why not you’ve already met the worst it has to offer.’ A perfect dive hardly a splash to disturb the silence of the sea. Appears and does a waterspout swimming on his back. She leans over the wall, thinks he looks more real in there, this black water a natural home for him. This black water, as her eyes adjust sees there’s colours and there’s lights in there, another world busy doing other things. He’s dived deep into the abyss, older days that feed from him as he feeds from them in turn. Ragged cloths clutch but his being is too quick. Down to the root, down to the primal ooze, sinks into the mud, not Jadfo now just another piece of shit alongside all the others. Cacophony of noise, all the shits are singing out their tales, the yes the no’s the maybes in all the tongues before, all the tongues from after. The piece of faecal matter that was Jadfo is straining to hear them all, tuning to find a certain note, a certain name amongst the boasts, the pains of shame. There a double tongue is hissing of her name, hypnotic in its saying of how it dragged her down then passed her around, cooing love then turned to laugh in her face, all its faecal acolytes force a grin or simper.
J: {Perpetual pest, am I at rest or what now? Being squeezed too finely. Am I more, do I meddle, do I settle down here? Might as well, hard to be something more when you’ve reached rock bottom, nowhere to fall. Why go through the strain, when I could just remain here a piece of defecation.}
J: {All wants and cares discarded settle into the long deep sleep. There’s an irritating nagging, some unfinished business, like a rock I’m lying on. It was a long way down, its even harder going up. I’ve woken her isn’t that enough. You know this place stinks its really rank.}
J: {Oh fuck her let her shred herself to pieces. Most of the time she’s a bloody pain. Okay that’s a lie, she’s a pain and pleasure both.}
J: {If I’m going should I seek a little vengeance? Always the night all fall down here. Holler and haul pull it apart send it to damnation. Gone and best forgotten, rotten.}
Lilly does not really care she’s just waiting because she likes the view. Although in some other place, that she’s not admitting to herself, there’s considerations building of a plunge into those dead waters. Dread rhymes with dead and that is what she’s feeling.
‘Oh sugaring shit I don’t fucking care.’
Its nothing like she thought, the water is almost warm and lacks the density she supposed. There are lights below, she flips her legs, descending. At the lights the water seems to thicken, there are flurries, movement below, the most charming child appears beckons with a smile. Lilly hesitates, the child smiles with teeth that bridge all her face. The child lunges through the lights, Lilly pulls back, the child’s teeth snap on her skin ripping away the flesh that covers her racing heart. Lilly grabs the child’s neck holding the snapping teeth away. There is movement from below, more open mouths are reaching up towards her. Lilly breaks the child’s neck and throws it to the hoard. Swims for life ascending, her legs are razor sliced, desperately she kicks. Reaches day scrambles for the shore. Jadfo pulls her on to land, carries her to the safety of the wall.
‘My legs, my heart?’
‘Not really harmed just a dream you thought you had.’
J: {If its me, if its me your wanting to do the grasping, its not easy, as you say; I’ve got homes enough what need have I of this one? Done my job here now hop, hop, hop, away. Better this than stay and hear the whining. Yes I can feel, yes I don’t care. You’re looking for a happy ending well she may find one somewhere but take my advice don’t tie her tight to me its not the way I’m made. Oh shit and crap and bollux, why should it be, no its not. Can’t decide, easy to go, staying is a game I’ve never thought of. Will she undress me will she God bless me, absurd. Its not as if I was made the same as her, as illusions go I really am quite fancy but come and go we describe ourselves in the movements that you know inside you. No never ever, okay I do, here’s a touch tender and sinful a briefest caress like the wind I’m flowing from.}
Jadfo wishes and the sea fades and blows away, sits down next to Lilly all panting breath. ‘Perhaps its a case of forgive and forget. Are you drifting? If I am the loser what’s in it yet for you? Its not as though I’m delightful, I’m a horror to myself as you now know. Cannot believe me, I always will be a scent you’re struggling hard to find; will o’ the wisp, no life for you. I’m cold and there’s nothing much to me. Oh yes I’ve got charm but its a fake sort of thing. So given all that I think you’ll agree I’m the perfect match for you’
J:{Betide, come alive if its working still; if he’s there for me. Can I prove that? Rocks in my head aint they; come alive after five. Maybe I say still go away, maybe I don’t. He’s a curious mix a fella who can steal your heart then turn around and hand it back. Not so bad as he fancies himself, not so there as I wish he was. But there’s something saying to me I’m an idiot to try, well then I always was. Is it a conceit to believe in us? Calm down and think about it plainly.}
‘I agree whatever you are asking. There’s something noble about your jests. I will take you, I will thank you too. Not everyone can get what they are wishing for, the most you can hope is someone at your side who believes in you. And so that’s that, I believe you are and that will keep you safe. And you will toss me and turn me but your love I will keep precious on my open hand.’