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The carpet came to call,
ignored the sign upon the wall.
The ten most merry men poked their heads,
and saids. ‘Its not your business here,
bog off, go on, disappear.
We are oh so rum, tum, tum,
we could beat you hollow
if the morrow was a day for fighting.’
At this the carpet smiled.
‘Why of course you can
but that’s not in the plan,
which is nothing more or less
than an access to the Queen,
of whom I’ve hardly seen,
to present her with some fun
and by the way your flies are all undone.’
So while they all were looking
for ministration of their zip situation,
the carpet hesitates then through the gates
on the four legs it had been keeping hidden.
Didn’t want spy eyes to see.
The carpet rolled out some more,
be free, restore its natural style,
smile, now we see the blue horse of course.
It ran around the palace place,
hither, thither and up and with fervour further.
Until it came to the old, dusty and gloom,
the room where the Queen was ruling the realm.
She was most surprised by the horse
and fearing it might overwhelm she screamed.
‘Begone you fiend, I’ll lash you to the rack,
go crick, crack, break your back.’
The Queen declared, for she was mighty scared
and scaredy people do funny things sometimes.
The horse said. ‘Oh that’s no fun, I want none of that,
its better yet to say,
“Lets make this a day to play.”’
Grabbed her hands and escorted her to the floor.
The drummer set the beat the music began to soar.
The Queen and horse must kick up dust
and following tradition they did a smart rendition
of the dance from France
they call the descente dans l'amour,
a mist, an enamour for the love of living.
Altruistic, enjoying all the trust that they were giving.
The Queen’s dark days were done, fun had begun.
She ripped her skirt to free her knees.
felt a breeze and laughed.
So far as this was going
this easy going flowing,
she wished forever knowing.
There’s little doubt it was a carnival in the making.
But the horse was averse to being
the meat they would be baking,
so it took a jump to ameliorate the situation,
a defenestration,
an urgent need to flee, jumped back to the sea.
The Queen, poor lass, distressed,
her prancing lacked a guest,
so on this occasion she made a proclamation
no horse meat should provide replete
in case supplied by her dancing friend.
And there we say The End.