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red and blue  

They are back where Dary feels most at home, the space where the dark sea overlaps the real.
She is shedding her politeness, getting ready for a dive, the wind swirls the mist as elegant as ever. ‘Whatever you say to me, whatever you know about me. I get the feeling that its wrong. That I’m not believing what you’re saying is me, I’m not the creature you say I am. Its some sort of game you are playing, its not me you’re saying about, you are talking to another not me.’
He is testing the water, pulling back before the foot becomes forgotten. ‘Okay if I’m saying it wrong how would you say?’
Dary is teasing him, jumping in and out the surf, sometimes here and then again she’s not. ‘I am not that, I am more like wasting, having ears but not the hearing. Knowing me but finding it hard for certain to say what that is. Having help and needing it so much. Longing for a way to be, a way that my feelings are okay. Needing you so much but knowing that you need me less than I need you. What you’re saying is not the woman that I am. I’m a cheat and awful, I am poorer than you know I am. I wish wealth to say to you. “You’re okay with me sir.” That I can bring you this as a way of saying let me in I can bring to you as well, that I am not a poor soul a burden but as you say a partner to be loved. I need this, I need you to know me as better than I am now. That I am not a drain on you. That I can be a help. So see that and say you care for me please.’
He takes her hand, pulls her back to be seen. They sit together watching the dark. ‘Once upon a time there were two colours, there was Blue and there was Red. Every morning Blue got up early to paint the sky, the sea and all the rivers. Red saw Blue working so hard that in herself she felt a lesser being. Then Blue came to Red and in his ardour said, “I love you.” Red looked down, “Are you playing a joke, its impossible for you to love me, you work so hard and I am doing nothing.” But even as she spoke she was painting their greeting hearts. They came to kiss and she supplied the joining of a passion. The meeting of their together, was an ecstasy of fevered feeling.
‘Enfolded with the together Blue felt a coming home, a warmth he’d never known. “You’re wrong I am the pauper coming to the wealth of you. There is no compare you to me, we’re different but we hold each other. Let us celebrate our difference and neither of us is worth more than the other.” And they lived.