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mister hate  

‘Oy you. You aint the same as me, which makes you other and others are not to be allowed.’

Issy felt the hatred as a force, like a garbage can emptied over her body ‘How nicely spoken, may I believe its me you are addressing, a direct manifestation of the pain in you.’

Mister Hate picked his nose, inspected the result, then flicked the gift to Issy. ‘I want the world rid of scum like you, purified and clean. You may think I’m obscene but deep in their secret places everyone knows I’m right’ He walked around her, moved to poke but never touched. ‘You are evil, a devil spawn. not a human being, you are something less of course and every curse in this world comes from you.' 

Issy was bored, seemed she had been listening to this trash her whole life ‘You’re running at me like a Christmas tree, all barbs held out in your welcome, spiteful and mislaid in your passion. Give a girl a chance.’ Issy shifted the weight on her feet, folded her arms to be firm, a wall to deflect the malice he was sending. ‘Pierced and broken, this spoken bile you say, is just the emotion of your hurt. Rise above, find some love, don’t be crippled by your hate of me.’

This man full of hatred had dirty pink skin, he was just another chore for Issy to deal with. ‘See me as a mirror, see me as a fear you’re steering from. Got it wrong, its not me that’s the disease, look to your face its distorting you into a monster.’ She reached and pulled at one of his thorns. ‘Now let us see if I pull on one of these what happens, it slips right out of you, a blade that’s been cutting you for far too long.’

He jumped back like he’d been stung. ‘Get your paws off me.’ He leaned over Issy with a bully’s threat, lit a cigarette. ‘That smile on your face you is just a mask to hide your hots for me. You’re a piece of cockroach shit, maggot puss, whispered hells that you are praying to. A witch a whore, a bitch a claw stained with crap from your arse, stand fast, I’m gonna give you a tongue whipping.

Issy wondered if her skin was green would she get the same. ‘Hurry hit me now, give a kicking, will that make your fate any better?’ Issy searched his face for any sign of a soul. ‘Its better for us if you can believe that the shade that’s in you can find a relief by turning the gun to your own, killing the evil that’s sickly. Here let me hug you, let me share the wounds. You’re missing by miles the joy of a child, that you are disgusting, not trusting you with his laughter. I see it quite clear, the sun disappears, and you are left with the moon but the dark side is the one that lights you. You’re burnt to a crisp just ashes, blow you away with a puff. Now come to me we will push all these lances through. Allow the sorrow, find a place to heal and lick yourself clean. Are you worth a shit, or are you beneath that too?’