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korean story  

Woo-Jin was scared, really scared. He had never been so scared in the whole of his long life. He could hear them on the tracks below him, he could see the flashes of their torches. If he could just make it to the pass between the two Mountain tops, he might just have a chance. It was Summer and his heavy coat was weighing him down. Could he dare to get down to the stream? He was so thirsty he had to. Woo-Jin came out from the trees and cautiously ran for the water. He drank.
Seven rifle bolts snapped into place.
Wide eyed Woo-Jin looked up. To see he was surrounded. Seven grinning soldiers looked down.Woo-Jin started to speak, he could always talk his way out of any trouble. He told the soldiers that he was a friend of the Emperor and that he had been given a free passage in all these Mountains. Seven faces grinned back down at him. Seven heads had not understood a word that Woo-Jin had said.
Seven shots rang out. And the last Cunning Tiger in the whole of Korea was dead. Killed for his thick coat that would keep a Japanese soldier warm in the icy temperatures of Manchuria.