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jin's mum  

Jin’s Mum don’t live in the most convenient place so we decided on the transgress way, short and sweet and over before you’re done. Jin is caring with occasional fiery moods but I’ve never seen her ratchet up the emotion bells like this before.

We stood before the grand gates and Jin spoke the word to open. Moved on through the rotting hall ‘So awful is there here, my Mum is done and my only gift an illusion but will save her. I owe it to myself now to bring her this, lovely for her, yes please answer we.’ She turned and glared. ‘Could you try a little more complexion please?’

‘Don’t you mean compassion?’

What’s one up from a glare because that’s what Jin gave me now. ‘If I meant compassion I’d of said it.’

Jin’s Mum greeted us without her crown and you could see she was really ailing. ‘Was your remark a spark to find me just about still flowing. Yes you are bowing now but not for long. It is true that I grow weak but not from you. I am a little pallid pale and perhaps am wanting too. Is that a gift for me?’

Jin was kissing and a hugging ‘Its help and I’m a helpful kind of person, there’s nothing much to say, you’re my Mum you see. Yes it will help you recover and bring sparkle to your twinkle step as well.’

‘If its better for you then I am laughing. If its better for me well what’s true. If you’re thinking that I’m a bitch that’s my other. Listen to your heart your wondering if I’m a spell that’s gone quite crazy. Well darling its best to make the most of me right now.’ She took the flames. ‘Do I put them in my heart will it revive me?’

‘Its much better than that, you start at your feet and it will consume you; become like ashes in the wind.’ Jin was enthusiastic as a convert. ‘Mother its best for you, I read it in a story you get all burned up and from that pyre will rise a younger brighter you. They said it with real words upon a page’

As Jin spoke the Grand Lady grew paler. ‘What a dutiful daughter to be so thoughtful, coming all this way with a flame in your heart. Your sisters bought some nice new robes do you care to see them, most elegant and flowing in these currents. Why don’t we have a rest and send for tea?’

But Jin’s fervour was a runaway train, an irresistible force. ‘Mother what’s the use of clothes when you’re dead. Trust me and believe, although I admit I’ve been known to lie. Open wide and pour the fire all the way down.’

Jin’s Mum lifted the flames high. ‘Darling daughter I know you can come with many faces but I have never seen this one before. If you play at witch I curse you bitch. Belief is what I’m needing I summon her and swallow.’

Jin turned to face the viewers of the picture. ‘She’s my Mum, she’s yours as well. So I’m bringing health here; symbolic you might say. Fire of life to burn her up and free her. From the bloody ashes she can rise anew. Take a good look and scream, she’s not pretending to be ending anymore here. She’s a Goddess she’s a charm, she’s giving living for us all, heavy toll to pay. She is built the way she is, takes it all on and never half complains. Now stand well back she’s gonna burn quite sweetly but the heat can get a bit of fizz. Don’t be suing, don’t be ruin she be lovely, out of that old husk be born as right as day.’