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The Magician was thinking it seemed simplest just to eat her.

Jinny turned from raking her hair. ‘You know seeing you is always a tangle of pleasures, worth it though. Forgive me father for I have sinned. Its a well known fact that we are something special, an aberration, a tool of the night.’

‘Thank you, your loving was pleasing too.’ He breathed the words, then drew them back, only the ‘Thank,’ escaped.

‘Thank? Well whatever. That machine has got a glitch, give it a kick.’

The Magician was busy scraping fluff from his belly button, he tossed a book.

Jinny took a puff. ‘Good shot, you seen my belt I have to go?’ She swivelled and looked under the bed for her shoes. ‘Oh yeah did I tell you I’ve invented a new religion.’

‘Yeah you told me last week.’

‘No this is a better one than that. In this religion everyone gets to be everyone else. There they are.’

He was still looking at the ashtray. ‘Would it be really bad if I had one of your cigarettes?’

‘Go ahead, knock yourself out. So what do you think?’

‘The magician inhaled. ‘Think, think about what?’

Jinny shouted in his ear. ‘My fukin new religion.’

‘So everyone gets to be everyone else?’


‘Gonna take a long time to do that.’

Jinny tested her lipstick on his cheek, ‘Not really. We can use all those other dimensions they’re talking about. Don’t worry about the mechanics, just think I shall inhabit the world of you and you delight or not in being me. I get to be the Elephant Man and he will become.... who’s really lovely?’


‘Wow! Okay he will be me. I become the little shit who stole my bag and he will feel me crying in the rain with no money and no keys. So whatever you do to anyone else you experience directly back to you.’

‘Sort of Buddhist is it?’ asked the Magician sneaking a look at his watch.

He wasn’t sneaky enough, Jinny saw. ‘I’m going, I’m going, what’s the hurry you got a coach load of women coming?’

The Magician looked Jinny straight in the eyes . ‘Yeah, but with everyone I will be thinking of you.’

Jinny pulled her eyes away first. ‘Yeah well that’s okay cause in this religion I’m shall be every one of those women. Do you mind if I have a quick cig before I go?’

He pushed the ashtray across. ‘One night we’re going to take a knife and dig down in you, pull out that can of worms, empty it in the river for the fishes, sew you up with kisses.’