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vile words  

If I’m sure, I adore you.
If I’m weak
I can’t speak my name.
If we grow then we know
this adventure is fulfilling us.
If we are,
if we’re not,
if I’m just a piece of snot to you,
then lets leave it on trust to rust away.
Hard as it seems to be me,
its you I’m falling for here,
came for a peek
then outstayed my welcome some more.
Its better here,
no pressure on me to be fine.
I can swear, I can curse
generally be as vile as I am
and its okay,
I don’t mean to say that I’m rough every day
but I need the acceptance of knowing my depravity can have song here.
You’re awfully sweet to me,
its standing the test.
As to the rest,
well hold me and see.

What’s that like?