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You may say
When away
we came upon
an island
made of glass.
Inside were trees
and lovely ones
but they could not shout to us
we could see
but they 
were never heard,
absence makes the heart grow fonder,
happens much.
Upon my knees
I was round inspecting.
I found a hole
and we crawled through
into glass and up our arse forever.
Rain came down upon this world
and though the trees were starving
none touched them
inside uncared or where they?
Seems to me that we had found the place where wars are started.
A place of peace
but a place that could never say
and without a word
things were left unsaid
which better had been spoken.
So the silence fumed,
The trees attacked the trees
and neither won
and all were lost,
at such a cost.
The island vanished beneath the waves
and we were sad
and mad that the silly things had too much pride 
to be the first to say that they were sorry.
We swam home.
On the news
they just said.
‘Something happened today
but we don’t understand,
so there is no story.’