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There goes another one, the angels were very busy flying through the land, seeking out the saved and the damned.

‘When are you going to eat me?’

This was new, just go with the flow. ’Not sure. Liz are you hungry?’

What rhymes with cious; bus, cuss, pus, plus, fuss? My darling daughter is so precocious but when we in gruesome tones discuss the idea of eating her she really makes a fuss. That is so, so, bad. ‘Not really, perhaps we could eat a bit and put the rest in the freezer.’

A skater caught his attention, she was speeding through the crowd, finding gaps that were only there when she went through them. Back to the cannibalism. ’Do you want to get eaten then Fee?’

‘No but its torture waiting for it to happen.’ She licked her arm, seeing what it would taste like. ‘Is this some kind of sacrifice?’

He looked up, no sign of Laputa there. ’Maybe darling, make sure the rains come.’ It had rained a lot recently, what do the Russians do, something that makes the clouds go bye bye without crying and so they end up over here.

‘But it rains here all the time. You don’t need to eat me to get rain.’ She was wondering, if she threw her doll just right he might topple forwards.

‘Yeah but maybe it only rains a lot, because lots of kids are getting eaten all over town. Fee you gotta look on the positive not dwell on the negative.’

Her mother was on that machine again, if it came to a disaster she bet her mother would rather save that stinky computer than her. ‘How you are going to kill me, will it hurt?’ Raked her hair with her fingers, it never seemed to sit as neat as her mothers did. Can I be nice now, cage me and rage me send me to sleep.

‘Kill you, where did you get that idea from. There’s no killing, we’re just gonna eat you raw.’ She must get it from her mother. He got an apple and cut it into segments, his teeth were not that good.

‘You’re not cooking me with herbs and stuff?’

‘How do you know? Was it your mother? Liz did you tell her?’

‘Wasn’t me.’

‘I heard you. I heard you talking to mummy. You said she’s so yummy I could eat her whole.’

‘Ah. Fee sometimes people say things that actually mean something else; like when mummy calls me a road hog when I drive badly, she doesn’t mean I’m a big pig. So when I said I could eat you, I was actually meaning I love you very, very, much.’

’So you’re not going to eat me?’

‘No. Look I’ll write it down for you.’ Daddy and Mummy will never ever eat Fee. “And me and mummy will sign it. So if we ever do eat you, you can take us to a Law Court.’

’That’s stupid I couldn’t do that if I was dead. But I could haunt you, couldn’t I, with rattling chains and stuff.’

Back at the window he was imagining a cat falling down, they needed to be above a certain height to land on their paws. Now she had raised the subject he realized he quite easily could, then she would be safe for ever.