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dary oya beach  

‘My move? I remember this, the queen goes wheee and knocks spots off all your pieces.’ 

‘Yeah well here’s my knight, sends a signal then a wiggle takes your queen and throws it in the sand.’

Her champion overthrown Dary was bereft. ‘That’s my queen.’

Oya flicked the red queen over. ‘Sure is buster.’

‘If I’m nice can I have it back?’

‘You’re always nice.’ Oya looked up from the board. ‘Price for every decision don’t you know.’


Oya shook her head. ‘No I’m not doing the work, that’s up to you.’

‘That’s fair.’ Dary made trumpet noises in her cheeks. ‘Okay, I’ve thought of telling you this for a long time, its about what I do but its a secret, secret, you mustn’t say.’

‘You're an alien, I always new it; geez I’m gonna be rich.’

‘Close but you know half a heart is better than none at all and mine is yours for keeps, okay?’ Dary gave Oya a nudge. ‘So do not blab or I’ll have to steal your shoes.’ 

‘You’re wicked you know that?’

‘It has been said.’ 

‘Dary, just tell me what you do.’

‘Alright, I’m not an alien but you might say we pass each other now and then. In the world I work no fears of ghosts or things of dread because we are already there. In the beating of the hour, in the climbing of the day, we are at peace. We’ve done our job all through the night, suggestions and bewilders, hopes and horrors too. We paint your visions and while we’re there you believe us, as you should for our truths are marvellous, and then you rise the day awake and dreams just float away.

‘We sing in soldiers, parables and lies but all are true if we say they are. So go bend unwind and find, that though we are beguilers we can make a truth for you, better than all the guarantees you’re asking for. We don’t deal in certainties they’re too hard to hold. We give you poems made of mist and flows that change depending on the wind that’s blowing through. So believe in us although we don’t believe in you.

‘Tra-la, tra-lay, ta-dah.’

‘Wow! Say could I get in on that, my job stinks? Anyway here’s your queen.’

Dary kissed the queen better, placing it on the board. ‘Maybe, I’ll ask around, can you look after the stuff while I have a swim? Don’t cheat I’ve got this board memorised.’

‘“Don’t cheat!” On my bum you are an arse sometimes. What’s the fun in winning if you’ve cheated? Go on piss off, have your swim.’ 

‘I was only funning.’ Dary yelled as she reached the water.

‘Yeah right.’

Oya lay back finishing the game in her head. ‘Tra-la, tra-lay, ta-dah.’ She leant over and moved one piece on the board, give Dary a glory day.

Dary returned shaking a spray.

Oya spoke but Dary was busy in conversation

‘Dary who are you speaking to?’

‘No one just a figment in my head. You were saying.’

Oya nodded behind. ‘They're still looking.’

‘Well its not a crime.’ Dary took a look. ‘How about we go halves on the one with muscles.’ She lay down then sat up. ‘Look it was a stupid thing to say I’m sorry. Here’s my hand you can hold it while I thrash you at this game.’

‘Never, ever, in your dreams, oh I forgot, well whatever. Your hand feels good to me can I take it with me everywhere?’

Dary considered. ‘I’ll give you a glove as a memento. Meanwhile its back to reality on the board, attack, attack watch out here comes my planes.’*


‘Makes it more realistic.’

‘I can see that.’ Oya ducked as Dary’s planes dive bombed her pieces. ‘You’re not gonna unleash an atomic bomb are you?’

Dary congratulated the pilots on their mission. ‘Depends’

‘On what?’

‘I’d have to ask all the people on the beach. See if they think their annihilation is worth my winning.’

‘You’d be gone too.’

‘Yes but I’d have won.’ Dary flicked a fly away. ‘Oya can I ask a question?’

Seeing a bit further Oya narrowed her eyes. ‘You’re gonna say, now you’ve told about your job you wanna sneak a look at mine. No, no, no, never ever, ever.’

‘So you're the alien?’

‘You guessed, so what do you think I do?’

Dary stroked Oya’s hand. ‘Its a question of faith, 721, you’re a present giver, you give warmth to me. You give to each for what their worth. You’re a reward for the good, a vengeance for the bad. I can feel it running through me from your hand. Every sinning winning bitchy thing I have ever done, you’re weighing up against my loves. And I am wishing, wishing, that I never did that.’

‘That’s what they all say but they say it far too late. Dary Moon I sentence you…

‘I can’t listen.’  ...... to get some cold beers I am parched.