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city gate  

L: Consume me, I am touched by Mercy, she's the one that says be in love or have no life at all. Mercy believes in redemption a second chance for everyone, stand tall. Those that leave are allowed to try a second chance to dance, power and prejudice, whatever will they think of next; life may be a tragedy for some two parts murder one part sex. No not a thing we slum the depths, or succumb to, within these city walls. When there was no gate this place constipate, no freshness coming. So they smashed a space to allow the out and let the grace come in but that let inside disgrace. So they built a gate to regulate the flows that goes and the tide that's washing in.

If I was something more than a door, a place of knowing more than the shore of you. I am just a passage an empty page for you to write, content to cite an answer to the question, 'Where to go?' Why through me, either end, wont pretend any side is better, chance your own preference, or save your sin, come to sense, don't need Charon's coins here you can pass for free. But there is a limit to what I will stand, don't try to expand or roll me, I'm a stem not a curse. Worse it gets I'll order up the guards. When I'm shut no plea or force can make me change my mind. Protector of the peace, release your armies, my charm is not to care, stand and stare you out. Siege me, believe me, all in a days work. I do my job better than you think, the link of runes hold true, only those willing to bring a belief in doubt pass here. If you're certain then there's a curtain for you somewhere but not within this place.

I thought she had but never could be sure, her face had changed, rearranged by time.

Its not a rumour its a truth. That gates like this exist, they live in mist they find you, never the twain shall meet except when one is leaving and the other is coming in. A special place of dates and reconciliation, of meetings met, of travel news, of debt that must be paid, of safely home, of heart that fade, of tears to shed, of blows to all the common cause your looking for, of a dream to follow, beg, steal, or borrow. Without a pass you're on your arse out there. Bubbling up figures from the depths, change their shape, ape another's guise and tries their luck; begone you will not gain salvation here. Christians and their swords, Buddhists sipping tea, agree you may come, as long as you're deployed among the general population, migration form no ghettoes, no packs of grunt and groan.

Allow the dead to deliver, a conduit, a portal to another place. Rove around in time, never sure what is on the other side, could bring a blessing, could be a curse, or worse; who let the wolves in.

I want to say my prayers. May all who know which way to go come to pass this evening. Be safe, I swear not to hinder you, and God speed. May all who are in a quandary about the leaving or the stay, the gate is barred. You've not earned the choice. To all those who desire to hurt or maim, may you stumble at this fence, may you wish yourself another way. Take my job seriously don't I? Someone's got to. Within me or without me, I abide.