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She believe what she don't need the most, adios.
She is dressed, not her best, perhaps she knows all the woes will follow soon, their catchy tune to weave a web of debt, a net to wish a yearning for returning.
She is me and I am flying down this road at last, longing for a past that is haunting me. One chance to get free of them, their rules, their interrogations, free, flee. As it ever was, now shall be and the boy just dreams of dread, a hanging burden on me. I'd cast him free but then I would be alone here. At least I count him as a friend in this end place, no other face is watching.
I know they are close behind, the fiend unkind and all my close companions, baying like the hounds they are. Cross the water, jump the tide, no hiding place but there is help across the water, if he cares enough like he said.
Breathless, dread behind, all aboard for forward, little shit, that I can't quit, can't he run, just a piece of freight, curse him, but I am bound to haul his weight. I promised in a song I never meant to sing.
Beware all words they catch you out, even these, have your doubt that I am good and they are bad. Maybe I am the thief here, how would you ever know?