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phee child phone 5

A miasma of despair was inside of Phee leeching away her life, she condemned herself as shit, rubbish, warthog piss, disguised as a human being.
The wild King was distraught, he hugged her and declared his love, his care, his devotion. His words were not enough, they were in the land of feelings and although the King could glimpse them, he could not hold and shape them to his bidding.
Phee’s self denigration was taking over her life, her world was turning grey, shot through with misery she viewed her coming death as the best present she could imagine.
The King was being pulled apart. ‘Phee, is there anything, anything I can do to help you’
She turned to see the King. ‘As it is for me, if you see and believe I am, know me, find the land I live in and caress me.’
The King shook his head, these were ravings. ‘Phee I don’t understand, you are living in this land, how can I find what is already here?’
Phee was trying her best but it is hard to give directions when the looking counts more than a map. ‘If you know me then show me, can you see me really truly. See the all of me, see what I truly am.’
‘Phee I can see you, you are right in front of me.’ But Phee had closed her eyes, he was talking to himself.
‘See the all of you? So the King stripped off her clothes, he examined every inch of her body. He used a magnifying glass he combed through her hair checking every strand. See the all of me? he had seen the all of her but there was no magic change occurring.
He stretched his legs, went for a walk visited the kitchen, a chicken was being sliced, see the all of me. The king was a man of courage but even he quailed at the action he was planning. He fed Phee a sleeping draught then slit her open. As his eyes adjusted to the dark he thought he saw a movement. He shut his eyes then opened them again, Yes he could see a figure there, a young girl, ragged and uncared for. He reached for her but talons raked his hands. She crouched outside a house, warm lights glowing from the windows. It seemed that no one was looking for her, or maybe nobody knew she was there. She was worthless, a nothing thing, unwanted and despised. The king rapped on the window some people came to see, then he caused a lightning flash but the people inside did not see the girl.
He grabbed the girl though she tore at him, took her back to the palace. He called for his handmaidens, told them to wear strong gloves then clean and dress the child.
‘Your majesty we will do whatever you ask but we cannot clean what we cannot see and we see no child.’
‘No matter fetch me some warm water, soap, and clean clothes that would fit a child. The king washed and dressed the child himself. He bought her to his dining table but she would not sit, she scurried to a corner and sat wary. A problem child a sorry thing, wild, suspicious, and joyless.
A trouble shared is a trouble halved, or saying something like that. ‘Guard would you ask Doctor Septus to join me.’
The old magician shuffled in, he cast a look at the child as he entered.
The King was glad of that. ‘So you can her?’
‘Yes your majesty, although there are many layers that hide her.’
‘Concealing spells?’
The magician shook his head. ‘No not spells, spells would be easier, the child is in a state of flux, torn between a deep need to be seen and a strong resentment that she might be known at all.’
‘Could you make a spell that would allow others to see her?’
The King passed a flask, the magician poured a glass wasting time, he wished that the child was not here, the King did not realise the danger he was in, that child could doom with gloom, or bring a brightness that would rival the day. ‘I can your majesty but if I may be so bold I doubt that is the best way to go. People need no magic to see the child, all it requires is a desire, a wish to see the child and then the child will be seen.’
Septus left, the King sat at the table thinking. The child watched, then furtively began to crawl away. The king was quicker, he hauled her to the table and sat her on it facing him. Feral eyes stared into his. He pulled out his knife and made a movement as though to slit her throat. She did not move, not a blink, just those eyes staring into his.
Could she speak, would she speak. ‘I am King of this place what is your name?’
She studied him, then unexpectedly she said.’I have no name, you are the first person to ask me that.’
Some hollow place in the King opened up. ‘But what do you call yourself, you must call yourself something?’
‘Shit, I call myself shit.’
The hollow place pulled his heart down to it. He could not help himself he held the child close to him. She was rigid, as cold as the dark can make you. The King sat her back on the table. ‘You can call yourself what you like but I shall never call you Shit.’
‘That elderly man, the magician tells me that people can only see you when they have a need to see you.’
The child seemed interested. ‘You see me, did you need to see me?’
‘You will never no how muchI need to see you.’ The King was in a territory of shifting sands, one wrong step and the child would close the connection and he would be left out in the cold again. I can bring you many things, what would you like?’
The child played with her fingers, then lifted her head. ‘As it is for me, now here in this place. I desire that you find me, know me as I am please.’
She was a child but she was more than a child. ‘Are you a demon, are you a witch, are you a sad and lonely little girl?’
‘If you know that, where am I too. Its not the asking me its the knowing you should find in me.’
Her words were like mist, they flowed around with currents that moved their meaning. ‘I found you in my love, who is sick with some kind of poisoning she is making in herself. She told me to see the all of her, I looked inside and found you.’
‘Is that all, did you call ahead, make an appointment.’
The King carried on. ‘I have belief that the genesis of her condition is somehow to be found with you. I thought if I could know you then Phee could be healed. But it seems not that simple. Know you? Would you give me a clue please?’
‘As it is for me, stand alone and forget yourself, search inside
for your inner bride she should have the answer.’
The King began counting his breaths, then went down the steps to look inside. He found Phee but she was no better. ‘Dear Phee don’t give up hope I have seen the all of you, I found inside a sad and lonely girl. She says I need your help to know her.’
Phee spoke to him from a world away. ‘If you’re looking for reasons this time of the seasons, why begin just now sir? She may be blue, but take my cue its an average sort of saying that your doing. There’s no clue there for anyone, when in despair you can find your need to know, then you will find what is needed.’
Back with the child the King repeated. ‘When in despair I can find my need to know.’ The King thought of tearing the child to bits in order to find her. He looked at her, she was a plain, nearly ugly little bitch, no wonder no one wished to see her. And that defensive sullen mouth.
The child sat at the table while the king paced around the hall. Then without warning the King grabbed the child and flung her on his back, he dropped to all fours and started running. ‘Hang on, we’re in a race, the other horses are chasing and they’re gaining.’ The King ran around till he was exhausted and slumped on the floor.
The child looked down at him. ‘Did we win?’
‘Yes darling we won, it was close but we beat them by a neck..’
She looked at him and twiddled with her hair. ‘Am I as you thought me, a mess, an ugly thing, without a doubt no one would want to see me.’
The King bashed head on the table, his face actually turned red with embarassment. ‘Shit!’
‘That is me yes, what do you want of me?’
Want of me? Want of me? What did he want of her? Was she just a bridge to the older Phee, was he starting to see, to feel her as a real child?
She hopped on to the table. ‘As it is for me sir, as you say it. My desire to know is tempered by a feeling thus. Is this a game for you, just a play that makes a lark for you to be involved with. This story time vanish bitch, who is she do you care at all? Think well and wisely please, you’re playing games with me and I don’t like it.’
The King lifted himself up and sat down next to her. ‘Child you’re alone in the dark, no one can see you, nobody wants to know you. Darling please take a chance that somebody is willing to reach out and wish to be your friend. Its been bitter for so many years, don’t hold on to resentment out of spite.’
What would she actually like to do? The King led her outside, they climbed trees, they swam in the moat, played hide and seek, ran, jumped, until they were both were exhausted. Back in the hall the King was starving. He ordered food, tore into it with his hands. ‘You must be hungry why don’t you eat, its good.’
She leaned over to smell the food then turned away. ‘As it is for me sir. It is not those vitals that I need, my needs are more, you have nothing here that will feed me. Unless you can find me truly, I cannot be fed by you.’
The King clenched his hands, he made a fist he smashed the plate against the wall. ‘Damn you its all bloody riddles, why can’t you just say something definite?’
The child stared at him, a single tear appeared.
The King took a breath to calm himself. ‘Okay I can share your inner name, you can call me shit but people do get angry, much of the time they’re being angry with themselves.’ This was going the wrong way he started again. ‘I apologise young lady for my ungracious outburst.’ He knelt before her, that look she had could stop a charging beast. ‘Did you enjoy our games?’
She closed her eyes to slits then opened them wide. ‘If so when, count to ten. Very much your honour, was like a light for me. I’ve never seen such brightness, Never known such a time without despair. Shall I go now sir, now you have finished playing with me I have no purpose here.’ She started to walk away.
‘Because I want you to. No not that, because I need you too.’
She turned. ‘What is that sir, a need, why do you need an ugly bitch like me, surely you have better companions than this sad thing.’
If this girl ever turned her hand to poker she’d be rich. ‘Child, Shit, whatever. I have a need, I have a care. You see this space it is my heart, I have pangs here that tell my care for you. I ask you please to stay. I could order you and the men at arms would bar that door but I have a need that you would want to stay here to be with a friend.’
The child faced him. ‘As it is for me, fair of face or shit sir. You are a funny fellow, ugly is as ugly does and those that know the asking are the poorer. See me then transformed, I have many faces and the one I wear right now is for you alone.’ And she passed her hand across her face and a smile appeared, everything lifted, she was like an angel come to earth.
The King was dazzled at the alteration. ‘If others could see you would they see you like this or before?’
‘As the other, it is not their turn, they have not earned a together change like we have.’
The King bowed. ‘So I am honoured?’
‘As it was and will be, yes sire you are. By this face you find me.’
The King closed his eyes and gave a silent thanks that he had reached the child at last. ‘Now that we can be friends will you stay here?’
‘As it is for me I prefer to be here too, I have come to like you much. But there is a family, a home to be, a place for myself inside.’
‘But will that family ever see you.’
The child shook her head. ‘As it is for me, there’s a longing that they might but I fear to say there’s nothing changing there. I will still be outside the door getting scraps of light to hope me.’
The King pulled back the shutters, it was still dark outside, this night was lasting long. ‘That is a drear prospect. My friend I will come to you when time allows. Whatever happens you can be assured that you are not alone any more. Let us create a shelter for you unseen except by us. A bed, some books and a fire. But I would ask one favour, I have a longing that you no longer name yourself as Shit.’
The child tasted the word again then spat it out. ‘As it is for me, if you say I wish it too. I love you more than hope itself, if you ask of me then I do agree.’
The King travelled back with the child to the place of the family. Together they gathered branches to make a shelter from the storm. They stood back to admire their work, the child turned to the King and they embraced. Dark turned to light, the King was holding air, the child and the family were gone.
The King returned to the real and carefully mended the wound he had made in Phee. Lay by her side, asked with trepidation how she was.
‘As it is for me, my name is shit don’t you know. As for me there’s nothing worried to be, there was a joke held me down but somehow now it has left its crease, the darkness there has passed. But still my lord I would ask you this; when and where do we play the horse riding game again?’

stain blame phone 4

As it was, he was here again, coming forth, a creature of some other place. Phee never asked whence he came, he appeared and she was glad of it. Stagger on like this, finding no repair or recompense in a life she barely found sustaining. His visits were her only joy, his presence bought her fire, a hungry lust that scared her. His eyes were sharp he smelt of wood and earth. He hardly spoke, it was not a relationship built upon the saying, it was more a bruising, tender, crush and more. He was for her a lifeline to a greater feeling, a sense of wonder at the heat he gave within her. As if she were a doll he gripped and shook her, pleasing shapes of happiness a satisfying cleansing of her blood. He was a thug he was brutal, he was an angel he caressed her with a tenderness unexpected, he was a dream, although he wasn’t, solid as a brick, his muscles ground her down. His arrivals were capricious, sometimes many nights together, sometimes years went by and she feared he’d gone for good. Before they joined he held her to him, silently mouthing some unknown rhyme as though this were an ancient rite, was she his sacrifice, was he a King to take his pleasure where he may?
Phee was fixing fences when he suddenly appeared, grabbed her arm and pulled to make her follow. Down and further, through the moss the loss the tears she never cried, through the darkness to a place resplendent lit by chandeliers. A throne it held and at its foot he threw her to the floor and mounted on the dais, she looked up at his cruel face staring inward seeing some unseen apparition. With a sudden jerk he pounced to her lifted her up and placed her on the throne. He stalked away then servants came bearing clothes they dressed her in a golden gown, bejewelled her hair, then bowing low they left. Bemused she sat on the throne and waited.
So we are in the terror place here. Phee was sure that some drastic ritual would soon occur. Some bond would bind without her agreeing to it. She tore off the golden dress ran to the dark and cast herself into it, at once lost in some ancient wood. She fell, she plunged onward anyway, scratched and pulled by the callous trees. The sound of flowing river made her turn, a river in torrent flow, a way to go without the slashing branches. Phee dived in, the water was icy and the current churned her round, she fought the rush but it was too strong, tossed and whirled accepting her coming death.
Phee did not die, when her senses returned she was floating in a calm pool, the river still raging by. She dragged herself to the bank and sat, she shivered and thought to run again but the trees surrounding looked even less inviting than those she had fought before. She dropped back, looked at the stars unfamiliar constellations some other place here. She wondered what had become of him, was he chasing after, or would his pride deny that? She wished she had kept the dress she was freezing. Was she now to die, frozen to death in a never place, she could not believe that was to be her fate. No sooner had she thought this when her destiny took another turn. Hands reached up from the pool, felt for her and pulled her down, she struggled but there were too many. Down and drown again, in a flurry of losing breath Phee descended to the glow of a grotto where thankfully she could breathe. Women surrounded her, fierce and wary, one of them threw her some skins to wear, she was led to a fire and welcome warmth.
Phee was wet tired and raging from internal shock. They fed her leaves and some mead they made her drink, sending her down to the spirals of a dream time place. Floating there she became aware of lights, her courage failing as they grew nearer. It was a horde sent by the wild man to grasp her back to him, but as the lights approached each in turn went out, the wild women drowning deep the owner. Phee felt safe in the dream no harm was coming to her here. Then the eyes came staring down and the wild woman Queen poked at her with a spear. ‘You are evil, you are sent to spy on us, we smell him upon your skin, you are his woman, you curse this place with your presence, you must die here.’ Alarmed and and feeling futile she stood to make objection but doing so impaled her on the spear, blood ran down the shaft, as the blood seeped down it seemed to reach for and touch the women, as it did a change occurred the women shrank and became young girls. all the women turned to little children.
The hunt outside was nearing and Phee knew if found the children would be slaughtered. She pulled off the dress to see her wound, gushing, flowing down it was a thick oozing river. She gathered all the girls and instructed them to make a raft. As Phee weakened the children seemed to gain in strength, soon the craft was ready and they voyaged upon the flow. The red river headed through the dark seeming to know its destination, arriving at the room of chandeliers, where the ruthless King sat in state upon his throne. All the girls rushed at him and attacked, biting and tearing, they had been his wives brought here, like her, to serve him and then abandoned. The King’s gore flowed, it merged with Phee’s to form a lake. He shoved the girls away grabbed Phee and pulled her down into the pool, fighting all the way they sank. Beyond reason, beyond any knowing here, tumbling and churning, bleeding to a death that strained to take them but never did. Their wounds joined together but which was which, they each had the blood of the other.
He tore himself from her. ’Witch what is this magic weakening me?’
She crouched in front of him baring her teeth. ‘You are worse than a dog, a dog would feel care for its mate.’
Surprising her a smile appeared on his face. ‘Joined in blood you must truly be my woman.’
She circled round wary of an attack. ‘I will never be your woman but joined in blood you will be my man.’
They fought again but neither could be the better. Lying close she glimpsed in him some change. He saw the difference in her, more powerful and weaker both.
Rolling over he turned to her. ’Your hold on me is stronger than a chain, I love you and I hate you, both.’
She pushed him back to see his face. ‘You repulse me, I long to kill you but then I would have to kill myself.’
They pulled apart and the wounds were healed.
She took the girls back to her world to care for them as their mother.
Their father came in the dark to find a love and lightness he had never known. He took to making precious gifts for them, amulets to ward off hate, charms to find a righteous lover, the ability to smell a lie, he gave them courage and the ways to use a knife. He and Phee could never be together. He and she never could be parted.

the end

Phee knew she was to became their mother and it would be her task to care for them.

picture storie slave 2

I was a slave once,
at least that’s what she said,
unsatisfying and so despising.
Expecting prostration
emancipation was not on the menu,
when you bow down to your betters
lessors should not question their truth
should soothe not be uncouth.
It must have been something to do with the spirit of things,
A figure of fun,
a piss in the drink,
nothing more,
always less.
A cat may look at a queen
but not question the space between.

a; okay
have it my way
on you go here

If its said in the book of lies
that a traveller finds mighty useful.
If its said
that once upon a time
or different rhyme whatever.
You were seen as a go between
a lesser thing not worthy.
A chattel piece of rubbish
pissed upon and hated,
certainly not rated.
Why be making excuses now,
she was a cow,
a bitch who thought her status mighty high,
bow down to her and present yourself as less
some kind of God bless without the ‘G.’
Can it be seen,
bark and crawl away
whipped puppy
legs between its tail,
well said.
If you allow yourself to be rated low you will be,
its not a statement,
its just a bent shape thing.
Ring the bell and ask for more
beggars are given short shrift here.
Obeisance your case is hopeless,
God save the queen.

jack sat phone

It wasn’t a happy place,no feel of grace. As entertainments go the show was lacking pleasure, the audience were mostly turning their eyes away.
All things considered not just warm it was hot, clogged up air, say a prayer.
Definitely veering towards searing. They proposed that the choking of the atmosphere was the causing of the warming. When things went wrong about the place they were apt to blame the squatters on the rim.
Fighting fire with fire, volcanoes, a volley of flames and ash. Fiery emissions drew a shroud forbidding light. The earth went dark, nothing grew. All hope passed into depression.
As I observe around here there seems to be a lack of order, are you making jokes or is this your general state of play?
If its us, you’re saying maybe its just an itch. If its us, must be a trickle in the brain, explain away the doubts. If its us, the ones that see but rather not believe their eyes, despise the why’s they’d rather never know. Hard and bitten, comfortable thank you nicely. Who care’s what the future brings, its not for us that’s gonna face a burning. Turn on the games and sell our days away now.
The powers that be are noticing a plan gone wrong, take away the oven, scatter low the players, the fiery dance makes ash the rash their itching.
Simply said, the health and the fury descended. They cried heaven is bent on survival as well. So its upstaging earth, counting its worth which is nil. So you can clear out, its us who is doing the duty of existing here now. Go take your rest. Go have a death or two. Leave the sugar and the saints we can play with them. Ask nicely and we’ll pay for your supper, its the last one.
xmas 2019 phone A
Above is how the December 2019 image started
xmas 2019 phone b
Above is how the image above progressed. In lots of ways I prefer the energy of this image to the more finished later pictures
xmas 19 image phone C
This is clear, polite, and dead. I thought the size of the people in relation to the tree was too large so I made them smaller in the next image.
xmas 19 phone D
The people are smaller, the only visual iinterest is created by the light of the candles; it is all too obvious, not a vintage year.
you know what

hold my hand and never let it go

j; You know what
its better now than it was here,
I was such a bitch
I couldn’t feel for you at all.
I’m better now,
you did it for me,
held me
struggling fighting you.
Its not my heart that’s wanting you
its everything I am,
all of me,
every pore every muscle every ache,
with all my heart and all.
I need you so fukin much,
come to me,
be with me,

silence phone

a; Yes okay try

One day in a mild manner she presented her demands to him. He said yes but was really saying no. She cried. Something died between them leaving the door open they let the Silence in.
Said hello to It. It was polite and returned their greeting with a smile. Then It bound their mouths stuck socks upon their face, kept them quiet nicely. As you see its not a joke to be in the tender arms of hush. It bound the dog. It throttled the tv. Silence reigned quite nicely. Then it thought it might take a stroll and was quite appalled to hear the racket all around. ‘There’s work a lot for me,’ It said, and proceeded to be busy tying and tugging, muffling the struggling. And soon the town was a quiet place.
‘Ah peace,’ it said but no there never can be that because ying and yang assorted the ways of the universe do demand a balance here.
So Sound made its entrance with a great fanfare a celebration show, floats and all came trundling down the way. Silence of course was horrified it tried to stifle the noise piling pillows on the music makers but they blew them all to shreds feathers flying. The more that silence tried the more the music grew. Silence was on Its knees It had tried so hard.
But then a deal was struck between the two opponents. If it was dark silence could exist, by day the noise would clamour except for the loving coos that could exist at any time. And so the town exists now beyond the bounds of Silence.
Except of course for he and she they are still tied together their love building better without the words which misunderstood would keep their hearts apart.

scon phone
p; As if for me, okay say a lot then. When I was young there was a place of safety for me, hidden away I liked to stay there, out of the way, out of the tread of others. Beaten and black I planned my attack with precision, If they would not fight me, if they would not, if I was too much of a pain to grapple with, then I would become a mystery, a place, a space, a thing that worked in my favour. I reported the trolls, I started fires, I in my ire was left to pick up the pieces of the rows that they had, I ate them down remembering every word. I scrambled off to my secret place and grovelled in front of the mirror praying for a more pleasant grace so that people would not dislike me so much. It is written, it is scolded and my hands were now blue with the cold they gave me to hold. A scold for a present thank you so much. ’I love your love for me.’ But I was talking to myself, no one else was there.
Filly and fong now its another day and the tables have turned here. I’ve grown stronger and I can see the hope that I cried away, down in the drain all gone. So whisper my name, say it so loud, say it to wake the dead. I’m not a scum, I too have worth, believe in me, see me try, I need your love its a food I can’t live without. I’ve got two faces, the one is adorable, the other is scorn and its ugly. What do you see when you look at me, your choice I think. If you can’t see my smile then its the death curse I am giving in exchange for the love I never received here. So there we are I’m here and you must deal with me, twist and turn, learn to be kind. I’m not a pillar, I’m not a vision, I am your worst dreams come true, lets not have it that way.
Lets play together oh please, deny me, delight me, oh love me for my sins and your omissions. Lets take it all back, just find me here. I know if your looking or not, its easily done just pull down your pants and use your cock as a compass - joke. Oh if it was that easy, invent me anew, clean me right up wash away my anger. I can be nice, I can be sweet but you have to be sweet in return. If you’re finding in fear then I cannot help but attack. See the sea, see the sea see me flowing and growing there, a little mist, a massive wave. Hold to me and we can be we, you and I.
stork 2 phone

Hello is that for me?
I found it under a tree.
A bush is more traditional.
Well it was a bit transitional,
rolling between the two.

Is such rotation new?
Not for eggs.
Eggs! you mean no legs?
No protuberances of any kind,
smooth as a baby’s behind.

Does it have a guarantee?
Signed by the shading tree.
May I return if it breaks down?
It will be run down
place in a playground.

How do I maintain it,
is there a kit?
Just fill it from the top
wipe it where it plop.

Just one detail
it doesn’t have a tail?
If you shove a stick up its stern,
I’m sure it will learn.

But in your catalogue
I ordered a dog.
Yes but you’ve got an upgrade,
this has the highest accolade.

Will it blow flames
and eat dames?
on that you can count on.

Will it rob trains
and make hurricanes?
Easy peasy
lemon squeezy.

Can it cook up a curse
make me Queen of the Universe?
No, its a fact
it can’t do that.

Oh! What about a diadem
for the Solar System?
Okay I admit
it has its limit.

Will I love her
for ever and ever?
If your shady heart
can make a fresh start.

Where’s your catalogue…

question phonr

We were full of hatred hurting one another, then you fell and I said to myself. ‘Well that’s done now, what’s the next thing on my list?’ And touched a question there that itched but had no answer. I thought about it this way and I thought about it that, but no solution was forthcoming. Had the feeling that I had a purpose here but whatever it was I had no way of knowing.

So I went outside and asked somethings my question but they were all so stupid, they could only see me by the light of how they were.

It was getting hotter, I began to glow, the sun was at its zenith so I shouted. ‘Sun do you know why I am here?’ And he said if I wanted to really know there was only one way to tell the right from wrong, sing a song and maybe the Maker would be here.

And so my song I sang and the Maker arrived trailing splendour golden glory. The Maker said. ‘To answer the question you never posed. You are meant to be a chanter praising Me.’

I demurred and asked. ’Why should I sing a song for You?’

The Maker glared. ‘Because I made all this lovely stuff thats all around you now.’

I protested. ‘I observe a lot of shit mixed up here. The stars are great but evilness creeps and leaps unbidden.’

With that the Maker did a pee and from there a rose did grow. ‘Anyway if you say you will not praise me then I say to you, do that which will cause you to praise yourself.’

And then shazam the Maker had done a runner before I could question more. So there it is I know my purpose now but what it means I need to think on carefully. Good grace to all and hope your days are good to you.
tra la la

queen of night phone
‘Do you feel that passing by?’ She asked.
‘Nothing’s passing.’ He replied.
‘Exactement, my point precisely, nothing’s moving.’
‘Except your lips.’He would have said but they were sealing shut.
Fly in the sky, the Moon was pulling slower, a tired luminescant rover, and anyway what was the point of this eternal circling, nobody would care if she just stopped, dropped.
Down in his cellar the Sun was struggling against all the bonds that bound him. Caught in his sleep the enemy had weighed him down, spoken the curses that now surround him.
Pulling the weight of it all the Moon could not contend, she began to fall, to the lovely peace that called her.
Everywhere was still now a lifeless desert, a glorious quiet that outbid any effort.
Except the Queen of the Night bustling through her palace. Of course she did not exist, an imaginary being, the weight that was pulling everyone could not clutch her. She could not feel the weight but she sensed it. No water flow, no flower bend, no brush of breeze. Then she knew her daughter falling.
By the turning of the page the Queen reached her tumbling daughter, caught her, made her arms a bed to rest in. If the Moon could not move the Queen resolved to carry her, to fight against this ending of the light.
The enemy was insidious, not one for bombs and slaughter, it gained its battles by the pull towards inertia.
The time of night was over, the Queen settled the Moon in her bed. Where was theSun? He should be up high in the sky by now.
The Queen travelled across a lifeless and freezing earth. The Sun in the cellar was a pitiful relic of itself, not shining now, just managing a glowing.
A voice boomed across the wastelands. ‘Your Majesty why do you try so hard? I’ve won, this place is mine. You have fought a valiant fight, now give in and take your rest.’
The Queen laughed. ‘Oh my foe so you think that I’ve been fighting, I have not even begun. Do you know who I am?’
‘Of course I do your Majesty, your Highness the Queen of the Night’
‘That is my title but it does not describe who I am.’ And she stamped her foot on the dying earth. Slowly lifting, slowly shifting, came every fear the night-time held; ghosts and ghouls, the walking dead, misshapen horrors, the phantoms and the dread. ‘Ah my friends so well met now let us have a party, play and dance I order you.’ All these denizens of the dark lifted what might have been their legs, kicked out and whirled, singing a dirge with gusto. The enemy screamed in pain, any sign of life was anathema to its lifeless throne. Its tentacles lashed out but were shredded by the terrors they were fighting.’
The Queen gained ground. Now all its menace had been beaten, she found the enemy. It was an unchanging stillness, an illness, a nothing there, and never was, and never ever would be, a pull towards an early death, a rest against the fight of life. The Queen pressed it small and placed it in her watch.
nothing phone phone

Red and yellow and pink and green, all are faces when they turn around, so am I. What you see is what you never will be getting. So it occurred to me to ask the question thus; why is there a thing, when there could be not. This world is full of stuff but in some time, some place, was there a knowledge of a no thing, a no stuff, empty place full of nothing just by itself? This is hard to think of, so I determined to see, to find for myself the answer. I found nothing in a book and we agreed to meet.

The bar was nothing much and even less as I sat by it waiting for a drink. 'Hey you,' I said, 'cos I'm like that very blunt. 'Hey you, you with nothing hair, nothing anywhere, why is it that we have stuff, so much its coming out our arseholes?'

Well s/he or them or it said quite rightly. 'Piss off you little shit I'm waiting for a beer that's never here. Well I might as well say as you've come this way its no concern of yours what I do with me own time thank you. Not that time is or not, all depends which way you're leaning don't it?'

I got a beer for Nothing but like that cat in the box its existence was in question.

'Yeah, yeah, yeah, same old petition I'm bored with it. If nothing existed where did something come from? Who cares, ancient history, take tomorrow as a subject for your mystery instead.'

I guessed this to be the usual flim flam rolled out for any punter passing by, a game to bite and try? 'Okay I'II turn it around what kind of non ground where you born from?'

Nothing did a cheshire cat but as it wasn't there it didn't disappear. 'You know everyone rates something over me, well I don't think s/he/it/whatever, is so special, just bang and flash. Whereas I go for the more contemplative approach, beyond time to contemplate your navel, if you had one which you wouldn't, not with me.'

Well see we was engrossed in this conversation, having words, swapping meaning. When along comes this size large lady, needed a fart so I says don't do it it'll be your ruin. But she just blocked my light and smiled. Nothing was up in a whiz caught her round the throat and hurled her out the door, never more we saw of her. A million to one she was wishing other places.

'See you have a care,' said I.

Nothing just smiled in that way of its. 'Do I? Aren't you forgetting something, what goes in to me I have to throw out anyway. Just cleaning house.'

Well we started again, I could see that Nothing was tiring. S/he/it/whatever's arguments grew shallow, reasoning was going so astray you may say Nothing was losing the plot, except of course the laugh, a casket waiting for a body that never would be there.

'You're being boring, try to relate to me as unknowable instead of nothing, aren't we the same to you?'

It as was an interesting song so I sang it. 'I would say you could have a day there but it would not be lasting long. Perverse as it may seem we may know the no thing but the other, the no knowable, is a dream we may never have. The one is an absence without perception, any description of the other is a speculative invention.'

Anyway it is said when two opposites meet there will be one humdinger of an eruption so when Something walked in I feared the worse. But it just glanced around and nodded, giving short shrift to my friend there. 'I hope you aint staying long in town, cos I'm the sheriff here and I'll have to throw you in the hoosegow.'

Nothing cleared its eyes and started looking deadly. 'Try it brother.'

I stood up. 'Children please be pleasant, don't start a war you're gonna regret. Nothing aint bought a house here, just come for the beer and a chat.'

Something strode off in a huff, bending time trying to look tough.

By this time Nothing was getting drunk on my beers and was becoming rather maudlin. I suggested a dance, it sobbed in my arms about the loves it never had lost, the feelings it never had quaffed.

'But come with me and I'll show you a place with no pain, no fear, no rivalry, no war, no grief, no tears, no avarice, no enmity, no bitter taste when you are overlooked, no longing, no broken promises, no scoundrels that let you down, no spite, no ageing, no worry; anything that pains you cannot be there.'

'I'll give it some thought but I tell you what, why don't you come home with me, let's see if nothing can cut the mustard.'

Picture story ill girl phone

Jinny was sick in bed, covered in diseases, on her bloody kneeses carrying all these diseases. There was a polite cough from beyond the door, then a cough again. Jinny croaked. ‘Come in.’ And with that through the door came an antidoor, it came in quick picked Jinny up and dumped her on its shoulder. Its all in the name, antidoors dislike doors, so they just pretend none of them exit things exist, and somehow the Cosmos likes the joke which means for antidoors there are no doors at all.
The antidoor and Jinny went up and down the street in and out the neighbours houses, the antidoor was searching for a special kind of frame it found it at number 51. Through that door with some shimmer and some sparks. Then they were in a very different place entirely
It was twilight and the mist was trying hard to hide, the antidoor carried the girl to a dwelling that looked odd placed among the trees, its decoration resembled a fairground ride, and there was a neon sign on the wall, ‘All sick little girls welcome here.’ Inside the building was bright and nearly every inch was covered by a collection of mechanical toys and automations.
A woman sat writing at a desk, she was old but very beautiful, her dress reflected the complimentary colours that surrounded her. At Jinny’s arrival she looked up. ‘Oh good you’ve bought her, now we shall see.’
‘See what? and I’m a Jinny, I’m not a “her”.’
The woman bowed. ‘Please excuse me I intended no offence.’
‘If that was your aim, I must tell you that you have failed. Hauled out of bed, carried around like a sack of potatoes, then dumped here, does tend to engender a certain degree of irritation. If you wish to be polite I think you should say what you intend to do with me. Are you going to eat me?’
The woman reached out her hand and pinched Jinny’s arm. ‘I’m sorry my dear but there is really not the flesh on you to waste the wood.’ The woman patted the couch, a mute request for Jinny to sit next to her. ‘My name is Harmony, and I am one of the spirits of Balance. I’ve searched far and wide, in the past and in tomorrow, in this world and in others, searching for the one with the power to lift the gloom that casts such sadness over this once happy kingdom.’
‘Yes, your point being?’ Jinny asked.
‘Why, you’re the one, the only one that can free this place. Jinny you must help, all the people here are relying on you to release them from the monster.’ Harmony’s face was flushed and she was beaming like a zealot, she had no doubt that Jinny would help, she just had to.
‘You’re crazy if you think I’m the one you’re looking for? I’m so ill I can hardly lift myself. I need a hundred medicines just to keep on living.’
Harmony filled her pen. ‘Yes that’s what you say, and others may believe it too. But my dear I know there is a little doubt deep inside whether you yourself believe it true, certainly in your dreams you can fly.’ She waved her pen and Jinny was raised up and soaring around the room.
‘Help put me down I’m too ill for this.’
Harmony was waving her pen directing Jinny’s flight like a conductor. ‘So you say but don’t you find it exhilarating to leave your boring bed and live’
‘No,’ Jinny said petulantly, ‘I’ve had enough of this you’ve got the wrong person I want to go home.’
‘Jinny, all the signs point to you. You have the power if only you will use it.’ Harmony dropped her arm. Jinny was now flying by her own ability.
‘You are wrong, so wrong, why aren’t you listening, nobody ever listens, listen I’m telling you. Don’t make me angry.’
Harmony turned her back on Jinny. ‘I don’t hear a word you say. I think you are a sly little liar, a fake and a fraud leeching off every one around you.’
‘I am not.’ Jinny’s temper boiled, dark clouds rolled around her, from her fingers lightning flashed, the house began to burn. ‘I am not, I am not.’ The roof crashed off. Jinny landed and stood solid. Harmony and the antidoor cowered. ‘I am a sick little girl and I want to go home.’
There was a chime in time and Jinny was back in her bed safe as she always wanted to be. What a horrid dream, a delusion of course but why was she so wet? That horrible woman why couldn’t she see that if Jinny lost her temper terrible things would happen.
Jinny settled back to sleep but then she jerked upright. Time was going the wrong way round, it was becoming light, it was dawn, then it turned around and faced the other way, it started getting dark again. Jinny was aware of a darkness assembling in the air, a murky haze. It settled into the shape of a pretty, though misty, girl veiled in black.
The girl sat down and studied Jinny. ‘Oh you do look nice, I bet you are as good as gold. I would love to have a friend as nice as you. Will you be my friend?’
Jinnyy shut her eyes, maybe this odd girl would just disappear as suddenly as she had arrived. She opened her eyes, the girl was still there. ‘Who are you? why are you hear? how did you just appear like that?’
‘Me, I’m nobody really, just a little girl who must work so so hard to keep her realm in order, make sure chaos doesn’t rush in. You must understand that, you wouldn’t want horrible chaos in your room would you? Pulling out your drawers.’ The girl pulled out Jinny’s drawers. ‘Throwing your clothes all over the place.’ The girl threw Jinny’s clothes all over the place. ‘Ripping down your curtains.’ Curtains ripped. ‘You wouldn’t want that would you? Will you, oh say you will, will you be my friend?’
She ran towards Jinny, jumped up then floated down on Jinny’s bed her eyes just inches away from Jinny’s eyes. “Oh come with me please, we can live and play together, we would have so much fun.’
Misty hands touched jinny’s arms. Jinny felt the slightest touch of need dragging life out of her. ‘NO,’ she screamed. The light of the day burst through the windows, the mist singed to cinders fell to the ground. The girl winced in pain and threw herself through the mirror.
The antidoor and Harmony appeared. The antidoor had a brush and pan, and without a word started brushing up the cinders.
Jinny’s mum rushed in. ‘Jinny are you all right we heard a scream, you know the doctor says you must not get excited.’
‘It was nothing mum just a bad dream. Don’t worry.’ But she was wondering why her mother could not see the antidoor and Harmony standing right next to her. Jinny’s mum kissed her. ‘You know where we are.’
Harmony sat on the bed. ‘So you have met our adversary?’
‘What that little girl? I was expecting a monster.’
Harmony smiled and shook her head. ‘All monsters start off small.’
‘Well she didn’t seem that bad to me. She just wanted a bit of order, that seemed quite sensible to me. Although her touch felt very creepy, you will laugh but it felt like she wanted to suck the life out of me.’
Harmony hugged Jinny close. ‘Darling that is exactly what she would like to do, she needs you more than you can possibly know. I fear her but I feel sorry for her, she is playing at running the realm, she knows the words but she doesn’t know the tune. Its a brittle place. Jinny you must come again to that realm, you were in such a haste to leave you saw nothing.’
‘Through the doors we go.’
It was twilight when they arrived back in the Other’s realm.
‘What do you see?’ asked Harmony
JInny looked around. ‘Is it always twilight here? Okay I see trees, twigs, leaves and stuff.’
‘Look closer.’
Jinny looked again and saw the place was indeed peculiar, all the trunks and branches were straight, or going off at regular angles. The leaves were square. The branches on the left matched the branches on the right. The trees were symmetrical.
There was a river that seemed to flow well but in reality it didn’t, the river was straight as a dye and the water tumbled down as blocks as cubes.
The wind was arranged in bands, east - west, then north - south alternately.
‘Where does the Other live?’ asked Jinny.
‘There.’ Harmony pointed to a massive rectangular block, whose only features where large clocks on the sides and loudspeakers on top. ‘The commands that come from there tell the people what to wear, when to eat, when to shit, when to brush their teeth, when to love. Everyone must agree we cannot have chaos here.’
Jinny felt in her pockets and lifted out a sweet rapper. ‘Well let’s get her out of there.’ She deliberately dropped the wrapper on the ground, ‘That should do it I guess.’
The mist appeared and inside the Other swirled. ‘Hello my dear I believe you have made a little mistake.’
‘No, I don’t think so,' said Jinny.
‘That there, that piece of litter. You know we can’t have litter don’t you?’
Jinny put on her most innocent face. ‘It doesn’t belong to me.’
The Other’s facade of calm was cracking ‘I saw you do it. Pick it up please it disturbs me.’
Jinny faced the Other and spread her legs wide as she had seen in cowboy fights. ‘Well it does not disturb me, you pick it up.’
‘Don’t make me mad. Jinny you would not like to see me mad.’
‘Now isn’t that a coincidence.’
The Other grabbed hold of Jinny and forced her hands to the ground, ‘Pick it up.’
‘You’re hurting me, let go.’
‘You call this hurting, you don’t know the meaning of the word.’ She twisted Jinny’s skin giving her burns.
Jinny fumed she tore her hands away. With one hand she held the Other’s arms, wIth the other she picked up the offending litter and forced it down her throat.
The Other was sick, threw up at her feet.
Jinny looked down at the sick. ‘Now that’s not very neat, pick it up.’
‘Pick my sick up?’ The Other was horrified.
‘Yes then eat it.’
The gloves came off. The Other returned to be the mist. She roared around Jinny making a vortex, sucking the air out of Jinny’s lungs. Jinny flew up high, breathed in clean fresh air, then dived into the mist and sucked every last bit of it into herself. The Other fought to get out but Jinny used her arm to push the Other down deep.
Everything stopped.
Then the sun broke through, dawn arrived, the trees went crick crack stretch, the prisons of the waters became unlocked, unblocked the waters gushed, cascaded, swirled and whirled, freeing the rivers to take their rightful sinuous supple path. The people were on their knees in praise for the warmth of the sun. Then they rose and with every tool they had attacked the rectangular block. Making a human ladder they tore at the clocks, bleeding hands clawing at the hated dials. eventually the block fell and they hammered every piece into dust.
The Other no colour not where its seen, can’t take a look its wearing the wrongs so we are all right.

picture stories purity 2

River became a zealot of the goody two shoes kind. She stood on the corner giving out pure water, a liquid to flush the badness from anybody passing. Those that refused to drink she drowned in the belief they must be rotten anyway.

A little girl approached. ‘You are a bad river, you drowned my mother.’

In her certainty River gripped the girl. ‘You must drink my water or you will die too.’

The girl stared at River with hatred. ‘I don’t need to drink your rubbish water, I am already as pure as pure can be. If there is a sinner on this corner it is you. I dare you to take your own medicine, drink your own water.’

River considered then she picked up a bottle of the pure water and drank.

‘Drink it all,’ said the girl, ‘drink the last drop.’

River felt a wave of purity rush through her, clearing out the hidden places, the scum, the dross, the dregs, the rotenness, the deceit, the deception, the treachery, the hypocrisy. It shook her through and she trembled, she felt very, very ill and did a violent vomit. Out came all the people she had drowned.

‘Mummy!’ the girl shouted to a women lying there. Mummy was not moving, neither were the others, they had all passed from here to another place.

River paled looking at all the people she had killed while in the grip of her passion.

The little girl in grief screeched at River. ‘Are you happy? Look at all these people you have killed, you are evil you are the one that should be dead.’

‘To be fair you do have a point.’ River acknowledged and went off to commit suicide.

She got a gun shut her eyes and fired. The bullet just parted the water and came out the other side. She strung a nose from a tree but River poured right through it. Poison she diluted. Fire she doused. Knives just tickled. Jumping from high places made a waterfall

River returned to the town and searched for the girl, she found her in an orphanage. ‘I have tried to die but I just cannot do it.’ The girl who’s name was Bane spat at River. ‘Not so pure now are you? As well as being evil you are also very stupid. Go to the hottest place in the land, the desert, the burning sun will bake you dry.’

River journeyed to the desert and found the hottest place. The Sun bore down, pummelling her, steam rose up and formed a cloud. Very soon there was no water left. But with the cooling of the night the cloud rained down and River lived again. Each day River died, evaporating to form a cloud. Each night the cloud rained down and River was born again. Day after day, night after night, River died then was reborn, River suffered a thousand deaths.

Her changing states continued, but one night River noticed something, she saw that tiny plants were beginning to grow at the edges of her body. When River was a cloud she tried to shield these plants from the worst of the Sun.

One day a young women ventured into the desert, it was Bane. She pitched a tent and watched River for many days. She saw her die, she saw her be reborn.

‘Hello River, its me, the one without a mother because you killed her. I came to see your grave but this is even better, you die, then you are born again, day after day. I hope it hurts, I hope you are in agony, your agony is ecstasy for me.’

Bane walked round River. ‘I see little plants growing at your edges, are they your friends?’

River coughed up a reply. ‘They are my only comfort, I regard them as my children.’

‘Thats nice.’ Bane tore up the plants and threw them out to shrivel in the heat of the Sun. She looked around. ‘Nice spot you have here, very drear and ghastly but no hustle bustle that must be a plus. So how’s the purity business nowadays? All the accuser, judge and jury rolled into one. Must be lovely never having to think, your certainty trumping any other opinion.’

River was steaming up to be a cloud. ‘Being certain is like an elixir it gives you such a high but then when you’re not you drop to being less than a piece of cockroach shit, all the colours go and self denigration kicks in.’

Bane paddled through the disappearing River. ‘Do you know that without my mother it was you who shaped the way I grew.’ Bane does a twirl. ‘What do you think, are you proud of me or do I disappoint? Would you like me better if I’d become a mass killer, wrecking children’s lives like you?’

Days, years pass, River steamed up then rained down, Bane destroyed any sign of life that might appear.

‘Bane why do you stay, you’re just wasting your life?’

‘No you wasted my life when you killed my mother. There can be no other pleasure for me in this life than to see you suffer. You killed those people and my mother because of some kind of perverted belief you believed you were better than them, you were the one who saw the true path. Well I curse you River for a thousand times a thousand years, what ever shape you may take I want you to remember the killing of those people and may you walk in constant agony. Don’t say it, I know I curse myself with the act of cursing you, well I will bare that so long as I know you’re in pain.’ Bane sat down and ate some beetles.

‘I hear what you say but it will not be enough, no punishment can bring those people back to life. There is no peace for me, I bear a killer’s stain nothing can wipe that way. But I urge you to make something more of your life, I will suffer whether you are here or not.’

More time passed. Bane became old and died, in some strange way River missed her company. There were no seeds left to grow, River had no more children. As the years rolled by River noticed she was shrinking, less rain fell, until the day she was little more than a puddle. The steam rose up but there was not enough to form a cloud, the winds scattered the water vapour and River was no more. Its being smiled, then faded too.

river final phone

would you write some words on you becoming a river please?

ri; If you wish me to
what shall I do?
I’ve said before
that people sink below,
come up gasping or maybe not at all.
Well here with this
I take a further step,
I am the sea,
I am jet.
More importantly
I am one with a stream flowing down,
gravel on my arse,
fish nibbling my tits.
Its a reckless ride and you’ve got to learn to balance here,
its a swish and a turn,
mind the way ahead.
We’re going fast,
too fast
and now we hit the rapids,
cut to bits I then reform taking chances is my middle name.
Let them drown,
I will throw them free,
I don’t want no hangers on please.
Whee its a torrent race,
I’m going to hit the skids,
whirling turning right sir.
Did your mother ever ask you
what to take away?
Well choose me sir or madam,
I’m a fun ride
and I provide the moisture for the crops.
Now we hit the sea ker-splash
our father mother what?
And now we are one,
every single drop of us is an ocean now.
Settle down to sleep until the wind writes havoc on the menu
and its a whirling twisting bitch.
No fair,
not asking for their names we destroy quite cruelly,
its the way of the world.
Then I am lifted up again
drop as rain
and start again.
Don’t ask me to stand still,
you can only step in me once.

r; thank you

Picture Stories Fee for Tea phone

There goes another one, the angels were very busy flying through the land, seeking out the saved and the damned.

‘When are you going to eat me?’

This was new, just go with the flow. ’Not sure. Liiz are you hungry?’

What rhymes with cious; bus, cuss, pus, plus, fuss? My darling daughter is so precocious but when we in gruesome tones discuss the idea of eating her she really makes a fuss. That is so, so, bad. ‘Not really, perhaps we could eat a bit and put the rest in the freezer.’

A skater caught his attention, she was speeding through the crowd, finding gaps that were only there when she went through them. Back to the cannibalism. ’Do you want to get eaten then Fee?’

‘No but its torture waiting for it to happen.’ She licked her arm, seeing what it would taste like. ‘Is this some kind of sacrifice?’

He looked up, no sign of Laputa there. ’Maybe darling, make sure the rains come.’ It had rained a lot recently, what do the Russians do, something that makes the clouds go bye bye without crying and so they end up over here.

‘But it rains here all the time. You don’t need to eat me to get rain.’ She was wondering, if she threw her doll just right he might topple forwards.

‘Yeah but maybe it only rains a lot, because lots of kids are getting eaten all over town. Fee you gotta look on the positive not dwell on the negative.’

Her mother was on that machine again, if it came to a disaster she bet her mother would rather save that stinky computer than her. ‘How you are going to kill me, will it hurt?’ Raked her hair with her fingers, it never seemed to sit as neat as her mothers did. CanI be nice now, cage me and rage me send me to sleep.

‘Kill you, where did you get that idea from. There’s no killing, we’re just gonna eat you raw.’ She must get it from her mother. He got an apple and cut it into segments, his teeth were not that good.

‘You’re not cooking me with herbs and stuff?’

‘How do you know? Was it your mother? Liz did you tell her?’

‘Wasn’t me.’

‘I heard you. I heard you talking to mummy. You said she’s so yummy I could eat her whole.’

‘Ah. Fee sometimes people say things that actually mean something else; like when mummy calls me a road hog when I drive badly, she doesn’t mean I’m a big pig. So when I said I could eat you, I was actually meaning I love you very, very, much.’

’So you’re not going to eat me?’

‘No. Look I’ll write it down for you.’ Daddy and Mummy will never ever eat Fee. “And me and mummy will sign it. So if we ever do eat you, you can take us to a Law Court.’

’That’s stupid I couldn’t do that if I was dead. But I could haunt you, couldn’t I, with rattling chains and stuff.’

Back at the window he was imagining a cat falling down, they needed to be above a certain height to land on their paws. Now she had raised the subject he realized he quite easily could, then she would be safe for ever.

jin moom cut

‘Yes but every time, every time, I get the castle finished and I'm ready to fill the moat, so what do you do, you pull the sea away, that’s just mean.’ Jinny was wondering if a more formal attire would be preferable, but the Moon was dressed all nudy rudy so most probably it was not a matter of great concern.
‘Yes I know, I am sorry about that, but I must have something to amuse me. I work such long hours and its the same old stuff millennium after millennium, I’m thinking of jacking it in.’ Looking at the sheen of Jinny’s cream skin the Moon tried to smooth some of her craters flat, from far the Moon looked fine but up close her skin was a mess.
‘Really, but what would you do?’ With the Moon here she felt so relaxed she could just drift off to sleep, she suppressed a yawn.
‘I might write a book. I see everything from up there, I keep diaries, I look at my sister and think she is debauched, the stuff she allows to happen on her coating’ She knew all the other moons felt the same resentment against their planets, longed for a day they could play the major part.
At this Jinny was concerned. ‘But you can’t resign, how would we see at night?’ If you find a friend you want no end to your hello.
‘Oh get real, you have so many lights the place is blinding, no you would get on fine without me. I’m past my sell by date, I don’t want to be pushed so I’ll jump.’
‘I’ll make tea.’ Jinny warmed the pot and poured tea into bone china cups, nothing but the best for her guest. ‘But who would pull the seas, without you there would be no tides.’
‘Yes I admit the water might get a little less mixed, maybe even stagnant, all the little fishes gasping for oxygen. But do you know what a chore it is to pull all the water on this place, it takes such an effort, and not just once but twice a day. no if I never see another sea I’ll be very happy.’ The Moon was acting tough but secretly she did worry about the waters, although it seemed they had no thought for her, for every pull she gave they in turn gave a push to send her a tiny space away.
‘So you’re still not sleeping, I see your room bright every night.’
‘No I don’t sleep in the night I pray for the day to bring me relief. Anyway I’ll get the scrubbing brush.’
Jinny started brushing and scrubbing at the Moon’s old skin. ‘How did the party go?’
‘It was good, we all got tiddly and had a little gossip about the Moons that were not there. Some of the more jagged ones had a little fight, they always do, until we round ones threaten to roll them flat, then they say their sorries and behave a little better till the next time. Actually that’s a thought if I go I’m sure my sister could make a deal with Jupiter or Saturn to borrow one of their moons, they have so many they don’t know what to do with them.’
‘But they wouldn’t be you.’ With no full Moon what would the werewolves do? ‘You know I would not have to do this if you had some rain to wash you clean.’
‘Yes but to have rain you need water. It seems like forever I’ve been pulling and pulling at the seas here but my sister is so mean she won’t let one drop escape.’
Jinny was rinsing the Moon. ‘Open your mouth.’
‘What for?’
‘Just do what you’re told.’ Jinny said firmly. And she poured the water inside the Moon. ‘Okay, there is some water, its not much but its a start.’
A little tear of gratitude dripped from the Moon’s eye.
The Moon had been waiting to see if Jinny would act alone but it was time now, soonest done, soonest mended. It was late, the bells on the seas were striking twice. ‘This elephant.’
‘There is no elephant here, just you and me.’
’This elephant we are not talking about, would it have a name, something like; terror, horror, or fear.’
‘I would rather not talk about it, thank you.’ Jinny was thinking there’s nothing left to follow now its always right in front and she can see it too.
‘Open your mouth.’
‘Just do as your told.’ The Moon’s silver light searched within. ‘Use your hand, feel inside.’
She expected to find flesh but this was another, a very different, sort of place.
‘Lower, to your left, now grab it.’
Jinny felt something writhe, a repulsive being trying to squirm away. She grabbed it hard.
‘Bring it out, fling it to the floor.’
Jinny’s dread lay quivering in the slime of its own ooze, held fixed in the light of the Moon. ’There is your monster.’
‘Its so small.’ Jinny was both disgusted and fascinated by the creature.
‘Always are but they like to pretend they are mighty. Now squash it with your feet and it will be gone.’
‘No, let me think. I know I will put it in this bird cage and cover it with this cloth. What does it like to eat?’
‘Your courage and well being.’
‘Well it can’t have any of that. I will feed it love and tenderness.’
That was like Jinny. Just as she seemed content with the story that her parents were diplomats gun downed in their car, best not to say too soon the reality of the situation. ‘Now you will be able to sleep in the night?’
‘Yes, thank you.’
‘I fear I have lost a friend.’
‘Nonsense.’ Said Jinny. ‘You see that desk over there, thats the place you will write your book.’ Don’t make conditions just be here with me.


was there 920
2019 March 16th
S: Once upon a time when the birds were waking, when men were men and children were scared as always, she came here. Oh my dear you should have seen her, bright as bright, a blazing crack, a star, a shining light. Come to fumigate the rats and kill all poison givers, but that’s not all, she brought with her a magic thing, it was a place where music sings or not. Men came hard and fell to her, paying for their dreams to be delivered. But she was coarse and whippy, said to them. ‘Not on your life, as you sow so shall you receive. Take your oath by me, here and now pledge to be a pleasant giver not to scare and swear your family into your obedience.’ So they swore but she knew they would not keep their word. So she turned around and came back in the dark time, sowing night time fits to those that did deserve them. To a few, a very few, she gave pleasant times and hopes and healthy thinking. Of course you know that this time aint so far away, in fact it was writ today. So beware the sleep you’re given, believe or not its not for fun, it deserves you as you are now. Not good for bad, or bad for good but twixt the twain the best. Rest easy, I hope you can.
rain 920
‘Yes okay, stay, stay, stay. Goes like this: If I was a fairy, which I’m not, would you love me still? Now I’m princely have you heard it, I’m going to be a Queen and everyone will rise and say jolly good your Majesty, hurrah for her, hip, hip, hooray. So to get me in the mood, to get me kind of right, I must practice my Queenly stuff so I don’t make a mess of it. So please, no thats wrong. I order you, I command you, to bend over backwards and smile while doing it. To please me, to achieve a state of belief in me as a royal, dum, dum, dum. Is it the walk I need to get right, stately and frozen still, nose in the air, I’m sailing by. I speak as them do not dare to. I am a brat and I love it. Cats do bow, dogs curtsy too. Its a secret thing but I’m a horror I know but I just cannot stop. Its like an addiction I think. Will it wear off I hope not, I’m quite taken with this royalty dance.’
‘Its raining, as I am a Princess I command you to catch that cloud and chop of its head.’ She was annoyed that this oaf had forgotten to bring her throne.
Forced still like this he could feel the chill as the year was passing. ’As your Highness says but may I be so bold to mention that clouds by their nature are nebulous and hazy, they are also crafty and hide their head in several places. So by attempting to sever the head I may in fact be creating more.’ There was an Egyptian Goddess who assumed a pose like this only she has longer arms.
‘Are you finished? if you cannot get rid of the cloud then find me shelter from its rain. I order you to make me a house.’ Had she forgotten something, the wealth, shouldn’t there be gold and treasure to keep her warm at night.
‘But your Highness we are in the midst of a barren desert.’ Changeling, that was the word.
Things were going well she thought, although her courtier needed replacing. ’This desert thing was that your idea or mine? Anyway this is not much of a house, there are no walls not even a door. What will I do when the wolves come?’ She wished the Princes would arrive, she was thinking of many impossible tasks to test their suitability. It was a shame they would most probably die.
‘Your Highness I do believe that wolves are rarely found in this desolate land.’ Where would be the best place to hide a gun?
‘That’s only ‘cos they’ve not thought of it. Now I’ve thought of it for them they’re bound to come loping along real soon. Enough, fetch me a bucket of chocolate and a bucket of fizz, and fan me cool, and entertain me, and press my dress for the dance, and, and, and, and the rest, do I have to think of everything?’ If they could see her, she felt sure any country would sign her up as their ruler.
‘As it pleases your Highness.’ How many years before you can push them out the door, or maybe we could just move away.
There are secret mutterings in the kitchen, a gust of insurrection whispered around gaining ground. Enough was really more than enough play for today.
The heat of the desert was becoming quite oppressive, she wished she had worn white. ’You took your time, where is my chocolate and fizz?’
‘Your Highness I am afraid to inform you there has been a revolution. The common people are now in control. They are demanding that you be thrown to the wolves.’ There was a slight sigh of relief.
‘See I said the wolves would come.’
houses 920
The houses were sleeping,
they’d taken a beating
and needed a meeting with God,
to replenish their wares
and their woeful cares.
But now they all slept in the land of nod.
Not shining the windows,
not shovelling the snows.
Nor cleaning the rooms
with bristly brooms.
They had gone to the sea to bathe in moonlight
but they got into a fight with the clouds of the night,
who’s delight was covering the bright out of spite.
But then the lightning smite
and the houses took fright,
scared by its might,
they took flight for home.
In the day they dozed,
curtains closed,
refilling their zing,
So they all could sing.
‘Oh we are the housey houses,
we don’t wear no trousers,
were gonna pile ourselves so high,
meet those clouds, punch their eye.’
picturestories good retro phone
Seline was stirring her tea, they had gone back a few years so she could smoke. ‘Can you see my holder for this, its black and round, i can’t see it anywhere?’
Mano Dano looked up. ‘Its on the end of your cigarette, can you blow that stuff away from me please?’
Seline blew a ring. ‘Tobacco fascist.’
‘You’re most probably destroying the ozone layer somewhere, can I have a drag?’
‘Thats not my smoking, that’s my farts.’ She stubbed her cigarette out in an uneaten egg. ‘I love doing that, its my contribution to instalation art.’ She scooped up some pie. ‘Anyway I had better let you know about the good side.’
Mano Dano turned back from eyeing the deserts. ‘There’s a good side, I thought we just went about doing bad for bad?’
‘That’s the easy part, luckily its what we do most cos the good side is a bit of a mind fuck.’
‘Hang on, I’m just going to get some of that strawberry stuff.’
‘I didn’t see that, where is it?’
Mano Dano inwardly sighed, Selina’s eye’s were much bigger than her stomach. ‘Stand up and look to the left.’
‘I missed that, it looks good can you get me some, please?’
Mano Dano moved off, Seline used the time to polish her sword.
Mano Dano brought a tray and served the strawberry gateu.’
‘Your’s looks bigger than mine,’ complained Seline.
Mano Dano took a breath started to switch the plates.’
‘No don’t, I was only joking, I know I can be a pig but I’m not a hog.’ She took a spoonful. ‘This is good. Anyway as I was saying with the bad side you do the business and thats it. You don’t worry about the consequences. But the good side is different. Do you know that story, I thought it was Chinese, but some people say that its not, doesn’t matter where it came from. Anyway there’s this farmer and his son breaks his leg, and all the villagers are saying what bad luck. But the farmer says, ‘Could be bad luck, could be good luck, nobody knows.’ Then the next day the army arrives and they conscript every able bodied young man. And all the villagers say wasn’t it lucky your son broke his leg. ‘Who can say,’ says the farmer. Then part of the farmer’s house falls down. What bad luck says everyone - but then when rebuilding the house they find a chest of buried treasure. And it goes on like that.’ Selene looked over Mano Dano’s shoulder. ‘You see that man over there?’
‘Seline there are a lot of men, which one?’
‘The one with the red tartan scarf. Well he’s on our list today, dived in a freezing river and saved a young boy. See we think retribution is just giving bad for bad stuff done, but originally it could mean recompense. So we are here to reward his good act.’
‘How do we do that?’ asked Mano.
‘With difficulty. You would think we could let him find some money but that’s not always a good idea. Take you, if you did some good and I gave you some money it might be a bad thing to do.’
‘I’ve just done some good, I paid for your cake. So why would giving me money be a bad idea.’
Seline was fiddling with a toothpick. ‘Well I know you like a drink or two, so giving you money could turn you into an alcoholic.’
‘Seline I’m not having that, I only ever have a couple of drinks at night.’
‘Yes but that’s because you can’t afford it, with a lot more money you could be tempted to drain the bottle.’
Mano Dano jumped up. ‘Seline you are full of shit, you don’t know anything about me.’
‘Mano sit down, I’m sorry and you’re wrong I do know all about you, I’ve read your file. And if I didn’t think you were the right man for the job you would not be here. Don’t get sulky, its the same for me, give me a lot of money and I would gamble it all away.’
Mano hovered not quite appeased.
‘Stay, go, whatever.’
‘They say you’re the best.’
Seline smiled. ‘Do they? Well they’re absolutely right, I am magnificent, and humble of course. So Mister Dano, can we get on?’
Mano sat.
‘Soon you will be doing my job, so what recompense would you provide for the man who dived in the river?’
‘Given what we have just been through I can’t tell you. I don’t know enough about him.’
Selene passed over a file. ‘Its all in there.’
‘Forty three, divorced, two kids, works in design, plays golf, has girlfriend, goes to the gym, swims twice a week, crashed car three times, smokes cannabis, claustrophobic, regularly sky dives, likes to tie his girlfriend up, is secretly poisoning the cat next door, took a refugee in for a month, dreams of his partner at work dying, has a tumour he does not know about ...’
‘So what should his recompense be?’
‘He’s no saint.’
‘Never are, rough with the smooth.’
Mano thought. ‘Okay I think a fourth car crash, leading to a hospital, where they find his tumour and cut it out.’
‘No money?’
‘No the cat gets the money.’
2018 DECEMBER 23rd
xmas 920
No mizzen mast.
sailing fast,
from the past.
Sea is vast
hope, their task,
found at last.
in box 920
As it is for me,
as it was and will be
always ever eternal.
I don’t exist
just a made up thing,
but still I am,
and here.
Waiting is my dearest love
it lets me know
that I’m around at all.
Fills my days with purpose,
knowing that any moment
you will come to me.
I exist for it
and it nurtures me,
keeping me steady as a rock.
I have a reason
and that’s better than before
when I could be unfurled at a moments whim,
spread apart
then put back in my box.
Now its better,
I have my place here,
I am known,
and waiting is an easy thing
it gives me pleasure,
it brings me you.
the family
Your next in line for forgetting. Your next in line for a drift in time. So they pulled apart. So they broke her heart. Theres nothing to be saying; you can stop your praying. When he was needing kindness she struck a knife into his back. Said to her friends I don’t care, he’s a fool not worth much at all. There’s nothing much to say when your spirits moved away leaving your body as an empty present. Not much to say when together has lost any taste of pleasure. I’m struggling. You rationed out your need as a payment for good behaviour. There’s part of me remembers. There’s part of me says well go to fukin hell, you can take that as a gift. There’s part of me that wants to punish, let him reap what he’s been sewing. Cries in the dark. Come in the mark. Don’t listen to what they say now. She was so busy creating a gift for the war that she never knew it was over. Sat on a brick held out her arms, waiting for strong hands and strong metal, they would make the only difference that could be possible. And the one in the middle is just the Solomon sacrifice. One way is for she and he to be made children and the watch winds back the film, is there another sort of harm they haven’t tried? Iron wants to have a go he’s starting an idea that’s needing heat to bind them. There’s this witness who looks them up in books, turn the page its only a rage that’s passing. As for me I can see the hedgerow, all been done before init. Say me what you see is what you get. For what its worth there is no question mark. Oh woe here we go again, bloody bleeding, you’ve got it wrong. Arse about tit or not, try finding me there too.
homecoming 920

This is a tale as told to me by She.
She was a rubbish whore, a running sore, a piece of shit, a bitch, a witch, a waste of space, a nothing needed nowhere. She was all they said of her but she’d made it back and tenacity was not something they had thought to put on their accusing . So easy to mingle with the crowd, slip through the castle gate. She walked with the people, no one stared or even looked. None of them cared for her, she was not there for them, exiled to the other place she was forgotten. ’Selene,’ she screamed out her name but no one heard, the nowhere place had changed her, now she was just a piece of mist and wind flowing by. She drifted to her rooms, turned into a tawdry brothel with a high rake off for the realm. The officials in their palanquins, the gang masters whipping the slaves to work, the gambling wheels, the abandoned children,the soldiers using a beggar as their bait, home sweet home.
If she could not be known in the light then the night was a different time, the other place had been a hell for her, she had paid dear for its lessons and the sleeping time was an easy path for her to walk. Mist and wind could take any shape she wished it too. She moved through the palace and found her dear mother weighing down a bed with her dogs, she slipped inside. ‘Mummy dear, your ever loving daughter has come home and she’s learnt to play by different rules now. Here let me show you how talented I am,’ and the Queen found herself living, breathing, inside a buried coffin.‘Sweet dreams my dear mama.’ Then to the King with his latest ingenue. ‘Oh wise and noble ruler, be it known your daughter Selene is home, and I have bought you a little present.’ The King was tied to a table with a funnel in his mouth, a never ending stream of drink and offal pouring in.
Then to find the real ruler of the realm. ‘Come in my dear,’ cooed Avarice, golden trinkets trickling through its paws. ‘I’ve been waiting for your visit since you arrived.’
‘You can see me?’
‘Of course, I am not an imbecile, I can see an enemy when she stands before me. A little wine perhaps to celebrate your homecoming.’
‘I don’t think so.’
‘Most probably wise. You know I wanted you dead and done with but your sentimental parents could not find the courage to have it done. So I suggested your holiday away in the other place. I must say I am impressed, you must have crawled through misery to get back here.’
‘Something like.’
‘Quite, so here we are face to face, amuse me Selene, what plans have you in store for me?’
‘You can see me and in turn I can see the monster you truly are, you know I am not really sure.’ Selene moved around the room. ’Don’t you find it stuffy in here do you mind if I open a window. The window was barred but there was enough space, Selene began feeding gold and silver through the gap to smash on the rocks below.
Avarice waddled towards her but Selene laughed, nimbly avoiding the lump.
In frustration Avarice yelled for the guards. ‘Arrest that woman.’
‘What woman your excellency?’
Selene had discovered the jewels and was gleefully tossing fistfuls to the open air.
‘Dolts stand in front of that window, block it.’
Selene locked eyes with Avarice. ‘I never realised what a pleasure it is to see you suffer,’ and she was gone.
Down the forgotten stairs to the place below. Then the bulwark of the ancient door, it would not move. She wrenched, she pulled, she kicked, until she was exhausted. Frustrated she slumped with her back to the door. She had a memory of her nurse bringing her here, did she use a key, she could not recall seeing one. Then she remembered. She stood before the door arms by her side. ‘If I am worthy then I ask to let me pass, if I am unworthy then strike me down. She cringed as she waited, then the old door slowly opened. Selene kissed it as she passed through.
Descending the winding stairs to the huge chasm underneath the castle, a resting place for all her ancestors but also a sea of shifting mist. Selene threw herself in, riding the currents, gaining strength from being part of a many again.
Footsteps down the old steps.
‘I don’t see what we’re coming down here for, no one comes down here.’
‘Shut it, if that thing says we search the whole bleeding place thats what we do.’
‘Gives me the creeps.’
‘Not another bloody word.’
As the soldiers descended the mist silently rose up behind them, they were a lost island in a murky sea. Too late they realised the danger and then the mist engulfed them.
Connecting to her source, all the discarded memories, all the urges that had been hidden, all the fear and fright that had been locked away, all the love that never lived, all the ways that could have been. Selene felt their strength coalesce inside her.
Up in the great hall the banquet was on its fifteenth course, every parasite was fighting for their chance to bite the roasted sacrifice. The money lenders, slave owners, pulled the flesh with greasy hands, the pimps, the drug pushers, the corrupt lawyers and judges rammed it down their gullets. At the head of the table the King and the Queen sat beside the monstrous growth of Avarice who was licking the head of the child, the King had sold his soul to it and with that blood signed away his realm.
Selene had been busy below, conversing with the past, writing runes to the present. Then leading the mist they had freed all the jailed, all the slaves, every servant had been urged to be gone from the castle.
And now the high doors of the great hall were pushed open but there was no person there, just some strands of mist slowly gathering in. Strange for the doors to open but a little bit of mist was no concern, they returned to their guzzling. All except Avarice who’s eyes were transfixed by the sight of the Princess before them.
A quiet voice, a quiet voice but strong, cut through the babble of the feast. ‘You sent me away to the unseen, you wanted to forget me, well I am back and you shall see me now, Gradually a portion of the mist detached itself from the sea,
it thickened, it shaped, and there was mist made Selene, as subtle as a lie, as unbending as the truth.
‘I have been talking with the spirits of our ancestors, you disgust them, they disown you, they have moved away. In this mist you have hidden every foul deed you wished to forget, well remember them now. And with that the mist rose up, it threaded through the people whispering ever lie, every deceit they had hoped forgotten.
‘You have no past, there is no future for you., all you have is now and that I will destroy. She clapped her hands and every mighty stone column that held the castle firm cracked and crumbled, the castle stirred then crashed into the chasm below.
As the dust cleared all that could be seen was a small figure like a statue covered in dust and in the distance a frightened throng of slaves and servants. As Selene moved they all knelt to her.
‘Why do you kneel?’ asked Selene.
‘Your majesty you are our Queen.’
Selene laughed. ‘Oh no my friends its not going to be as easy as that. You think to escape one bondage for another. If I am your Queen then you must obey me. Well I set you free, you must take the hard path of finding your own destiny, you are your own mistress and master now. Think for yourselves for I will not do that for you.’ And with that Selene walked away.

the end

She swished the grass with her stick. 'You’ve stopped.'
'Yes I’ve stopped,' he agreed.
'Yes I said that, but why have you stopped, is it the dinosaurs again?
He pointed down. 'There's a ravine.'
She moved closer. 'What?'
'A crevice, a canyon a gap.'
'Can I see?' She was searching in her pockets for some gum, she peered over the edge. 'Yes I see rocks and water. what do we do?'
'I think we should build a bridge.' As soon as he spoke he regretted it.
'Build a bridge with what?'
'Um, stuff - the plants, we’ll shred the plants with our teeth, then twist them into rope and make a rope bridge.'
She pointed behind. 'There’s a tree over there, that would fill the gap.'
'Your bright your right, come on lets chop it down.'
'Chop, with what?' She, wondered how far this childish madness had spread.
'Your teeth, hold your mouth wide and I’ll swing your legs and your teeth will chop it down.'
She narrowed her eyes and looked at him, he smiled back. She chewed her gum. 'I think there may be another way, come over to the edge, stretch up your arms.'
Then she gave him a little push in the small of his back.
He desperately sought the opposite cliff with his fingers.
'Bish, bosh, done. No need for chewing plants or whatever it was.' She slapped her hands together. 'Huh, you are at my mercy, tell me the secret or I shall pry your fingers from this cliff and you will plunge to your doom.'
Forced to look down, he was wishing he had made the ravine a less treacherous, more inviting sort of place. 'What secret?'
'The secret of the Universe, why we're here, what's it all for?'
‘You’re too young’
‘If you fall in that ravine you wont be getting any older.’ She was thinking she might get a job as a witch, idly wondering if there would be a course at her next school.
‘Point. Well its all to do with Father Christmas.’
‘I knew it would be him.’
‘Well you know he only gives presents to kids that have been good, well that’s only the half of it, he really wants everyone to be perfect.’ He would not tell her but this position was an awful strain, his back felt stretched like a rack.
‘Perfect, perfect?’ She scratched her elbows. ‘I think that could take me a long time.’
‘Its sort of like a computer game, you just keep on going up different levels until you get there. Don’t worry about it now, just try to be the best you can be.’
‘So are you perfect?’
‘Not quite, not yet.’
She sniffed under her arms to see if she was glowing. ‘Well shouldn’t you hurry up, you’re going to be ancient soon.’
‘Thanks for reminding me. So now you know the secret get me out of this rack please.’
She jumped off the table, then gently tilted it so his hands reached the floor.
behind 920

One time of day as I was snoring feeling the sun grow hot upon my body. I perchance took a glance behind and there in my stare was it. A thing, kind of a monstrous ling, gruesome and not an appetizing prospect. I said to it. ‘Hail, fare thee well strange fellow.’ For I had a thought that it had lost its way and I would do a good turn by supplying a direction. It breathed a hollow sound all thud and hammer. The air turned chill, I sensed an illness from it. I shot my glance around seeking a weapon to defend myself if things got nasty. It took a step and then another, every step froze my heart, it was loathsome, vile, and the stench was enormous. It pointed its hand at me, opened its hole of a mouth and it spoke, there was some intelligence there. It said to me. ‘Thou, thou art it, I see thee, thou will be my company, get your things we go now.’ Well what could I do the creature was huge a disgusting brute, so I packed my book and followed.

Out to the wild. Out to the way where no people stay, hearing the dark rumours. Into that fog, dense intense and odious.

Into there. I kept my scare apart from it, braved my face so it would see I was not cowed and hopeless, a mere baggage piece. Down below and low and low we go, scraping walls of ancient battles, dead surround, their horror rictus grinning, pass them by. Onward, below and low. Left all sense behind me now. Open door, old as hell, wherein dwell the minds of Reason and of Terror. The thing my captor bowed and left me to face the twice throned beast on there sitting twain and twixt. Reason spoke, a clarion call, all clear and beauty to hear its clarity. ‘All those who believe in the freedom and the power of science. The ability to question fate and wring from her an answer, must follow me. We have a daughter of the world above, shall we see if she will follow me or follow that?’ There the beast indicated its companion. Terror slithered from its dais, circled me and licked my face. ‘Cousin you have no hope, this woman child will chose me, for she knows full well the anguish I can break on her. Isn’t that so my pretty.’ I spat in its loathsome face. It laughed.

Now where was I to stand? Reason or Terror? It was reasonable to follow Terror to forestall the consequences if I did not but surely Reason could banish Terror, its bright spotlight burning away a life of lies. I fought inside myself and I awakened this slight power that I have. I warned them that if by chance they were wanting to remain with their lives they had better leave post haste. Then I produced my addled daughter, the one who’s been dead for so long, and she in her rage consumed it all with burning hate. I gathered her back inside and scrawled a message for them. ‘To whom it may concern, you must learn from this that reason travels only far as it can see. And terror holds no power over those
whose scars take root from hell. Have a nice life.’

But this was not the ending, no. For the thing that had bought me here reappeared, all humble now. It offered to take me back and now it lives with me as my adjustment. A reminder that though I may be scarred I can have a hope of providing a reason to another.

picture story a retribution phone
See me then I’m sparkling, skin ablaze, fascinating creature. If its for, if its not, I forgive, I’ve forgot. Once there was a way round, heavy weights upon me, I spoke the word to have them lifted. And now I deem it right, by all the laws that be, I must take my vengeance, a spirit of retribution, no mercy here, keep her clear from me. Touch the stone, it is round, gives me faith my mission clear, I will fly, gather in the lead and the leader to their death. I want more than that, eye for an eye, well let them pay some more. I was, I was, yes gather it, worse oh worse, eaten raw by their disgust, displayed, betrayed and tortured. Tooth for a tooth, they shall have the feel of mine. In this place they revel, another woman dances for their fun, well let me scream, let me seem, let me burn. Enter now, they raise their eyes. surprise of course, my bandages slipping reveal their fun and now the gun I carry. ‘You and you on the floor, strip off and mount each other. I’ll shoot the one that comes a villain making.’ Now with my knife I take a slice to chew. ‘Why aren’t you laughing? You found it fun when it was me down there.’ Now I’ll see a little blood, maybe more then. And here he is the boastful cock, well lets slice and dice, now he has not take the feeling from me, you can wear it all yourselves. Don’t run away this shot is sure, anyway you will miss the grand finale. Here’s a can, here’s a match, you can burn all the way down to hell. The doors are locked, I breath the clean, clean air and laugh and now my fate is told as I am grabbed by my feet the earth is searing that surrounds me.
picture story stealing hope  phone
Hope was in a mope, under duress, less a perfect time than she had made before in another place. There was no room for love here, all was spent, drear and dry. A place where even dogs don’t cry, heaven bent and lost here. Arid of the feeling she was now concealing from the human race. Kept in a cage by the stone cold crew, who were selling her expectation just for profit. Only the privileged few could gain her kisses, the rest could feed on dishes made from only wishes. And now I arrive disreputable and mucky. Stolen though the place, gashed and torn, living proof that this world was lacking nothing, ’cos nothing was all we had here. I reached for her brightness, I stung myself with sensation, too much, like pure heroin to a junkie. I screamed with pain, the guards turned back, attack, attack, they shot us. Goes to show that in this place its better to learn your lesson before you reach too high. I didn’t die but I’m frying soon I think.
smiling man story phone

Dee; Now begin.
Once there was a smiling person short but nice and round. Everyday he would catch the train from here to there. He was happy in his tasks, they did not seem to last as long as he expected.
Then one day he found a frown, a witchy one, placed upon his brow. He suffered from it greatly, tried to rub it far away but it stayed there. Now his day was gloom and all his tasks took so long to do. He was unhappy with his lot and a lot of presents he'd never seen were tied to him as well, like a tail, he dragged them around in misery.
Then he heard a word about a magic blow, could throw all cares away. He darted there and felt the force of it but it made things worse. He could not stand, he had to crawl away. He was weak now was he dying? Not now, not this time. He was crying though, thinking of his misfortune.
Then he saw, or did he, a ghost of someone dead, who haunted him groaning and moaning. Then the little man thought I'm better than these curses so he took off his clothes and threw them all away.
Without that weight he slept a blameless sleep. But come the day the curses hovered round him. They would latch on to any apparel he might wear. So the little man thought and thought and came to a decision, he would be free of curse, he wore his bed, it fitted fine. And now he sleeps through every day and the curses got bored with waiting.
When the man thought that they had gone he put on a sock to see, still free. He dressed himself and went to work but they had never heard of him. He crawled away and all the laughing curses gathered round, so he felt their weight again.
Then he tried another trick. He cooked the curses dinner, he let them watch TV, he cuddled them in bed, he dreamed they were his friends. And so it came to pass the curses became his friends at last. And he would make his money by renting them out to afflicted souls who needed retribution.
And thats the end of the story. Well not quite, for his evil ways the little man went straight to Hell, but this was nothing new to him, he started cooking the devils dinner, and bought a TV for the place.

r; that is one strange story

Picture Stories Jinny and Magician 2 phone

Outside its raining, inside is falling something worse. The Magician greets her with a whisper. ‘Thanks for coming.’
‘Who’s that?’
‘Phoebe my new assistant.’
‘Okay, well I’ll be off then.’
‘Jinny, she’s my assistant she’s not my girlfriend.’
Jinny folded her arms to protect and preserve. ‘Meaning what? I thought we were sex, nothing was ever said about girl friend stuff?’
‘That’s just semantics, you’re a woman and a friend.’
‘Putting the two together I make that woman friend.’
Inside the Magician was groaning, this was not going so well. ‘Woman friend, girl friend same difference.’
‘No difference? There’s a whole heap of difference. Girl friend signifies a relationship and I don’t know if I want that kind of closeness with you. You’re good in bed but there’s something a bit cold about you.’
‘Yes cold, after we’re done you study me from some far off place, miles away from the together space I would want us to be.’
‘That’s not cold Jinny, that’s post coital stunning, just recharging my battery, I’m not studying anything, just zonked.’
Jinny was getting more interested now. ‘Whatever, look lets forget the girlfriend stuff, if your looking for a naming you can be my toy boy.’
‘Toy boy?’
‘See you’ve got it right already. Yeah I know you’re older but think about it, this could give you a new lease of life.’
‘Do I get presents?’
Jinny narrows her eyes. ‘I’m not paying you for sex if that’s what you’re thinking. There might be some old chocolates under the sink, you can have them.’
Phoebe thought that tapping a foot was a cheap way to show irritation, well she could be cheap who cares, tap, tap. ‘I’m still here.’
The Magician pushed up a smile and turned. ‘Yes darling, just discussing some domestic matters with my wife.’
‘Yes Jinny, I was building up to that, I figured girl friend first, then onto wife.’
‘Seems logical.’ Had providence provided the hanging ropes for a reason?
‘Jinny don’t make this hard.’
‘And the “Down on one knee”, we seem to have rushed part that. I tell you what lets make a bargain. You be good to me and I will piss on you.’
‘Jin please give me a chance. Phoebe has the idea I proposed to her. I’m saying I couldn’t have done because I’m already married.’ He could lie on the stage but in real life his skin shone with wet and his eyes swept away from Jinny’s.
‘Married to me?’
‘Precisely, so I would be very, very grateful if you would play along.’
‘We could get a divorce, have we got kids.’
‘I didn’t go into details.’
‘Your memory is terrible, how can you forget Marie Joelle, so cute, and little Alphonse. Well of course you weren’t at their births, I had to struggle through those on my own. What about the ring, shouldn’t I have a ring or were you too mean to buy one?’
‘Yes there’s a ring, you wear it hung from your neck, close to your heart.’
‘Obviously, well now that I’ve appeared in the flesh I had better be getting back to the children.’
Phoebe was thinking that the Magician manners needed reminding. ‘Aren’t you going to introduce me to your wife Ertax?’
Ertax? Jinny had never heard the Magician’s name.
‘Yes of course, Jinny may I introduce you to Phoebe.’
‘And the rest darling - Phoebe Rouletabille.’
‘Charmed.’ Said Jinny.
‘Likewise I’m sure.’ Said Phoebe.
Jinny pulled the magician behind the curtain. ‘Excuse us Phoebe we are still sorting out domestics.’
‘Don’t do it, think of the children.’
‘Jinny what...’
‘You promised her marriage to get her into bed didn’t you?’
‘How can you think that, she was already in bed when the marriage stuff began.’
‘You cad.’
‘Cad nothing, she dragged me there.’
‘Well anyway now she’s seen you are happily married, there’s no problem is there?’
‘Well she did mention something about a divorce.’
‘Well don’t think you're getting the children, I’d never leave them with a monster like you.’ Jinny was trying hard not to show contempt.
‘You scheming minx, I can’t see what I ever saw in you, its always been about the money, hasn’t it?’
‘Of course it bloody has, d’you think I’d fuck a bastard like you for free. Sometimes at night with you, I thought I heard you dying, I turned but you were peaceful was that a wish I had or a fear?’
Do all good marriages come to this a choice of a sort between committing the murder, or forgetting the sides and go for the middle to keep the peace.
‘I made a mistake when I hauled you in from the gutter and now this is all the thanks I get. Well you wont get one cent from me, you can go back to the sewers where you belong.’
‘You swine you bastard get your hands off, you’re hurting me, you’re promises all forsaken. We had a good life and now your errant dick is wrecking all we have; give it here I’ll cut it off.’
‘Jinny I need that for pissing as well as sticking and the spare one is in the car. So you can scream all you like you’ll not get your fingers on this.’
‘So big man brought low. Well I want the lot, the car to keep, the dog the cat, the house and its roof, you can go sleep in the jungle.’
‘Ha you’ll not get a cent from me, I’ll leave you in the gutter where I found you. As for the brats they can go to the workhouse do some good for a change.’
Jinny in a rage picks up a prop, whack. ‘Take that and again. You think you’re so clever well this little alley cat has laid you low and you know what now I’m gonna take your job as well.’
The Magician stepped over the lump on the floor. ‘Darling Phoebe come here I need your assistance. We have to move this body, stick it in that box over there.’
‘Yes Jinny but may I ask is he unwell?’
‘Very but don’t worry that’s a magic cell, a few months in there will see him right as rain.’ Ertax is left in the toilet.
Phoebe smoothed her hair. ‘Are we ready to do the show there’s a crowd waiting outside?’
‘Very ready, we will confound expectations and present such wonders not known before. Phoebe go and tell the people, “The Mighty Jin” is ready to amaze all those who dare to see.’
‘Now let’s see what’s on the menu; cut woman in half, levitate woman, disappear woman, catch bullet in teeth, produce rabbits and doves, escape from locked cabinet. Dull, dull, dull.’

‘Phoebe when they’re in lock the room, none shall escape from this. Let it be known they are all absurd and on my count they will fly like birds in the sky. I will protect them do not fear. Then my piece de resistance I will give a shove to the place called love, and romance will hover and strike them, pairing them to partners who they will detest in time but not now. They will be besotted, a drooling mess on the floor, holding hands and screaming tender lies that they believe for sure. As for the ending I will break my bones and give them out for food. Every piece will become a recipe that succours and fills them a taste that will thrill them, every other meal will taste worthless by comparison.’
‘But what shall I do?’ Asks Phoebe.
‘You are the nurse, tend to the afflicted, mop brows, provide relief for their woes.’
After the show Phoebe runs to Jinny but she is at a loss how to help her.
So as it was before now, as it will be again. A game of chance with him, or try again to lie her way back into favour with the fates she’s hurt in former times.
He should be a roar, a doubting bastard son, locked in the piss hole and made to travel to a place that wasn’t there. But in truth when Ertax sees her bent and broken, for pity’s sake he cradles her, accepts her gently.
Jinny opens her eyes, seeing Ertax she smiles.
‘Don’t move I’ll get a Doctor.’
Jinny shakes her head, then calls her friend inside. Her mangled flesh grows hot and by dint of right, for mercy’s sake, an unlocking sound cracks through her back mending and making good the way it always should but mostly never is.
Jinny’s finger dabs Ertax’s nose. ‘So I guess that’s that, home for you to make the kiddies tea, kiss them both goodnight for me.’ Then a pause. Ertax I don’t want to fight anymore.’
Ertax nods towards Phoebe. ‘What about she, Phoebe’s quite lovely I think be a shame to waste such a dolly?’
‘You’re right leave it to me.’ Jinny jumps up and holds Phoebe near. ‘Phoebe my dear, a word in your ear, forsooth its been a day for changes but how are we after these rearranges?’
Phoebe just smiles. ‘Take me dancing, I’ll spin and I’ll spin, the glory times are here. Kiss me once and that will be for the sake of romance we never had. You’re a Queen, you’re a Witch, you’re so fucking good, in another life perhaps wait for me there. I’m the one that is singing to you the mystery song you’ve known all along, so teach me the time and make it rhyme for us.’


followed phone

s; As it is, now and never, believe in me for I am truthful sometimes. Select and save, okay now begin my tale.
It was on a dark and stormy night, I huddled in a crouch, I forgave the biting of the wind for it was its nature. Spare me, thought I, as though a prayer to send, for I needed all the help I could receive. There it was again, a flash or two, something coming, something inexorably following me. I hopped to it, jumped up and ran,
My strides out paced my foe. There and then the wind gave such a blast knocked me down and then another flash but much nearer. I leaped up and ran but my following foe was gaining on me. I could see no way out no la dee da or help mate, no cave or rock to hide behind. If I stood I would be caught, made my way ahead, rain lashed, foot slushed, soaked through. My adversary was gaining more, a monster or a doubt for me, what had I said to bring such terror. Oh God forgive me, I repent I will desist and follow the rightful path from now on to my death. A flash from sky and then the rumble, my foe stood as a silhouette arms wide apart feeding from the lashing of the storm. I heard him laugh, then he set to and the chase began again, an errant branch tripped my foot, I was down and now he was above me cold eyes, cold heart, no mercy in any part of him.
Bending nearer he opened up my mouth. ’Tell your master that any way he goes will be bad for him.’
‘I have no master,’ I screamed.
‘Do you not, then to whom I heard you praying?’
Then he kicked me and he spat, went to turn but I was a wildcat up with nails scraping his face.
‘You think you found me sir, arse about tit, I found you’ Then I slid the knife in slowly. ‘My name is Nemesis and I don’t always appear as you expect me.’
I burnt his bloody soul, the only good thing he’s ever done was to keep my body warm.

issy healing phone
Death roamed around biding his time, took a cigarette break although he’d been told they were a killer. ‘May I speak, how far do we go. Is there happiness crowded out by me. What's the point of this? Are you happy is this clappy for you please?’
Caring Issy takes a vow of healing, confronts the pain and fights it, a different sort of war. She lifts her patient’s head and allows a few sips of juice, wipes the sweat from her eye. ‘I’m weary of this, mend, repair, who really cares, on and on forever, not what I meant to do, thought a finer calling, not making cannon fodder.’
The man in the banner hat, smelt like rat, was a mess inside but his charming face sent them to the race to kill them. Difference you see, they weren't as he, so he bombed and called them bastards, any word would do, so long as everybody knew there was a cause not just random killing. They were split right through, a tune apart, still their heart not worthy see 'cos they aint the same as we, just a waiting tragedy. Failed the test of being human by the lights that were just being written.
All battles won undone eventually. But in this new made now Issy fights to fix the riven and the rent, a touch of knowing you, in the darkness. She bent down over the ruined child, closed her eyes and prayed. ‘But I say is there more forgiving here, can there be a chance for more like pleasance, is it always an eternal strife we’ve come to know and that is my religion then. Where do we go when dead, if all of life is locked in strife, their way no way else.’
Hidden away behind the trees the soldiers sat cleaning hands, scraping blood that never lifted, not even with the praying. A rightful war, a legal one, won before it started but you gotta make the effort and create the show, how else you gonna say, with hands held forth, don’t look at me guv just following orders. Light a fire, make a pyre and burn them up, no evidence of the consequence of our actions. Little bleeders heaped, their souls go off for keeps. Just a corpse a sign to see reduced to ash, trash, sweep it under the carpet please. No one wants to know, its a hell of a show and that's where we're all going.
Issy steps outside to steady herself, rolls a cigarette, Amy bums a drag. Issy shouts to the dark. ‘Forgive and forget your horrors please, not a deterministic fight, there’s just not room for gloom, gloom, gloom, overshadows all with its massive shadow, lift and heave, tear the weight of it off, give a wing a prayer to some other sound, break new ground.’
Issy believes in life, detests the deathly bursts of hatred, kneels to heal not sat upon her higher horse. A warrior of caring, fights to mend the broken, the ones who have no voice to hurl against the demon of despair, the greed, the need of hatred, the unseen boss who directs our own self loathing and places it on to any one but me.
Evidence was skimpy, though they tried their best to prove it. Shouted from on high that they were sorry that it had come to this but no war is fought without a cause because of course they needed the fig leaf to mask their spite. Still it seeped out all around, a dirty dog chasing chickens, then tearing out their throats.
The man with the hat swaggers inside. ‘Finding fault is easy,’ He spreads his arms, ‘finding else, the way of peace is a road that I would rather travel now. I have seen so much smash and grab, it all pours down the well. A century hence who would know or care, just a faulty reasoning. We fight for a crown and burn the rest of you, join the queue, what’s in it for me, what’s in it for you?’
Issy pushes through the guards. ‘You’re not making paradise, its just a grief thing, a forgotten war that springs to fore when the camera sings, publicity, notoriety, who really spoke in terms of that from the slab when dead.’
Death flows inside, looks in Issy’s eyes. ‘All the cares, the healing, are shredded by the ticking clock. In the mountains hangs the icicle so pure, drips its colours and they flow to me, to you, drink, know your fill of it, no more kill of it, lets begin another song this one is too weary to sustain another verse.
Picture story Some silly sense 2 phone
Horace and Holly are having such a bash,
food is flying everywhere, splash, splash.
Their tickets for the show are hidden,
somewhere, nowhere, or some forbidden space.
They revive, then through the mess they find the place
where they can make the funny draw for sure.
They fashion things upon the floor
and like magic the rising of the faces
all with hidden graces,
then purpose to their places.
Merry makes a hello show,
knowing her modesty is blown,
needing to be known.
Jolly approves, believing,
is the nature of their being.
The white horse still standing
just timing for a turn to earn the glows;
not so much the twinkling toes
but a little hoof fandangos.
If its a meaning that's beginning here
be sorrow found or not?
Playing games as true,
one and all will do.
See the making wishes waking.
Merry said, 'I prefer it best
flying high to pass the test
inquest at rest, soaring by.'
Then again absent friends are waiting.
Jolly's pet is a monster of regret,
fed tomorrows to curb its sorrows.
All are smiles for the whiles
the playing sings and rings oh.
She can perceive him,
she believe in him,
self assured, the happy elf who holds her hand.
The army of woes are making a stand;
she and he flow through,
enjoying delight in everyway,
this sunny day,
faster, with the happy ever after.
Now the rain is coming, drumming;
they learn to make use, by drinking its juice,
to add to the glee that they swing.
Horace and Holly like juices, they like berries,
sweeping them down the slide.
Sadness has no name to be playing.
So they cover him with an agreeable grin.
Leave him all befuddled with conflicting emotions,
like tokens to change your account;
feels nor quite real, this feeling he feel.
Is he not meant to know the pain of the day,
the rain of tears flooding the misery way?
So Merry twirls him up
and sends him round and around,
covers him in sweets and the toys for the joys.
He comes out mesmerised,
opens up his eyes.
So they play the day away.
It was better like this,
too long to be feeling the weight of the world.
Need some froth to cut the pitch,
to leaven the joke
for existence.
The go slow of lessons to know
but once in a while allow a smile.
Merry and Jolly and of course the white horse,
swing round through the gladness,
they spill and they thrill,
deftly dance and are free.
truth stoy phone

Molly was a liar and a thief, she sailed without belief beyond the shadows. But painted bad by enemies, does not provide an identity you can trust. It was said that she preened herself, looking for the space between the errors and the rights, a reflection of delight that did not show the tainted self that she was feeling.

She became exhausted by the challenge never ending. So Molly found a way to climb the ladder of success and she broke each rung she stepped upon so no one could come soaring after. ‘So as you say my darling, if its the truth you’re looking for, then you’re gonna have to prove you really want it.’ Molly’s success was less than perfect, she stacked the deck okay, she could stick the dagger in but she did not have the sick to twist it. Unfit for the heights she was hurled out of the door and down she dropped to an empty place, crashed through space heading to be a gonner. What saved her back was the crowd, who were milling around, climbing, one upon another, each fighting to get a hold upon a step that was no longer really there.

Molly wished for good sometimes, she’d heard it said there was something named the truth which she may have passed but did not remember knowing. She was going on a journey to find if she could taste her tongue upon it, swill it round her palate, then spit it out or drink it. The way was long and weary, monsters to avoid, that sinned there sinuous tails around her sinking ship. There was much mischief on the beaches who tried to steer her wrong, promised to show the way if she would stay the night but truth never prizes lies, and truth was dancing everywhere but just not in the places she was seeing.

As Molly was, was she not, or what, steering for directions on the helm. Molly cried with love and tears, sobbing for a sound that only she could hear, was it love, was love a truth, could you say it was? She felt that in the past she had paid too dearly. Crossing seas Molly sees ahead a land without a soul, barren of all worth, her home.

She parked her vessel neatly and saw it was strung up, then limped to the place where she could forgive herself for failure. The man whose sins were written on his face was the only one she trusted. Molly sank to her knees. ‘I have failed, the truth I seek was not there for me to see.’ Eyes searched Molly, not finding anything that might be considered worthy. ‘Your truth,’ he said, ‘is carried behind your back, its with you wherever you may go, it weighs you down, it shivers without the light you take from it.’ Molly turned round swift, her shadow lagged, she picked it up and ate it. Tasted sweet but passing down it burned, it burned, every lie another log upon the fire. The lies she told to others hurt but it was the lies she told herself that really set the inferno blazing. Molly’s mouth a chimney belching the flames of her transgressions. Molly turned to cinders. He took the ash and spread it on the stone. With a pass of his hand he rained on them something you might call exoneration. Spent from her agony, Molly stirs, rolls out from the glowing embers, falling to the floor, burned through clean, seen a different lady, but the same old name.

The truth hurts they say, well that’s a lie, the truth does not hurt it tears you to pieces, its not a match to light yourself so lightly. God speed, we have need of it, but not so fierce, maybe more diluted, or we fall with open eyes, that watch with horror ourselves as we truly are.

picture stories across the water phone
She believe what she don't need the most, adios.
She is dressed, not her best, perhaps she knows all the woes will follow soon, their catchy tune to weave a web of debt, a net to wish a yearning for returning.
She is me and I am flying down this road at last, longing for a past that is haunting me. One chance to get free of them, their rules, their interrogations, free, flee. As it ever was, now shall be and the boy just dreams of dread, a hanging burden on me. I'd cast him free but then I would be alone here. At least I count him as a friend in this end place, no other face is watching.
I know they are close behind, the fiend unkind and all my close companions, baying like the hounds they are. Cross the water, jump the tide, no hiding place but there is help across the water, if he cares enough like he said.
Breathless, dread behind, all aboard for forward, little shit, that I can't quit, can't he run, just a piece of freight, curse him, but I am bound to haul his weight. I promised in a song I never meant to sing.
Beware all words they catch you out, even these, have your doubt that I am good and they are bad. Maybe I am the thief here, how would you ever know?
picture story - roll call - phone

If it was a dance of death, she could have got blessed by the all but she chose the common way. The call to come was a piercing yell. The gathering, the shattering of the peace and the police shut their eyes, they where out of this day thanks be to the one and only Mr. G. If you’re shuttering slightly muttering, shy and with discontents, but your not giving voice to it, is that a choice? It was the counting of the names, the Gathering. All the gates where closed no accidents allowed. It was not a pleasant tense but neither was it relaxing. She said, ‘You might find me better, if your hand was held with mine.’ And everyone was believing, for if they didn’t it would splinter to nothing at all. An imperative that demanded to be fulfilled, a roll of drums that would only be stilled by their presence.

L: Its a game of stance, some would say a circle too. A romance of a kind, I’m heading West with all the rest of them. Its a bitter road, compilation of a new beginning. We do that here, every year we slough of the old and start again but before we do the counting crew take their aim at us. They want no more than before see and if we’ve doubled up ourselves, there’s hell to pay, ruins all their papers, start again with a fresh pen or something. Anyway as they say here its begun now, won’t be no rest till its over. The counting men disrobe us, then we can see what are to each other. Discover early lovers, know the new from the old flames and in the heated place we melt away our skins; time to burn off the old see. Then we do a twirl and grow another, each to his own, a water buffalo good for cheese I do think, a manic Monday murderer, a seer, a cat and me I think I’ll be, well what will I be? Reach out and touch me, let me know the answer. Bigger tits, smaller arms, what do you want from me? An orang-utan might be pleasing, you like the fur I know. Seeing me is it better for you? I stay, still something nearly as I was, don’t wanna freak you with too much shifting do I?
Its a better thing for us, skin deep beauty is a fading thing. This way you get to play with a new me every year. No matter how I might appear I’m yours, body soul and all. Frightened you didn’t I? You can’t cope with that sort of commitment can you? No don’t disagree its true. Scare the shit out of your arse don’t it? Oh happy me, now the bets are laid, its a game we play wagering who will become as who. Little Johnny’s got his pants down now, he’s become a secret policeman, with all the balls that implies. Rita’s got her vest on tight, fly away my darling, bright as blue and more so. Freddy Andenedy foxed us all, he’s coming as himself, which is a daring proposition as he’s a hundred, you’d think he’d take the care to battle charge the time a bit. Oh well so it is and all the monsters turn to men. All the freaks lay against each other and pull and push their business end, getting off their suits to scrub and bathe, then turn around and become the frown that I wear when you are late. Its a busy time for all.
But no despair what ere we wear outside, its still the same old us. Princess turned to poison, she’s the same. Idle youth becomes a true believer but he wont stop chewing gum. As for me I hope you see I’ve done it just for you, my names the same but these jugs are new, someplace for you to rest your head. So now adieu I’ve a fitting for my gown, its made of mirrors, so you can see the you in me, as is appropriate I think.

picture stories jinny and the magician 1 phone

The Magician was thinking it seemed simplest just to eat her.

Jinny turned from raking her hair. ‘You know seeing you is always a tangle of pleasures, worth it though. Forgive me father for I have sinned. Its a well known fact that we are something special, an aberration, a tool of the night.’

‘Thank you, your loving was pleasing too.’ He breathed the words, then drew them back, only the ‘Thank,’ escaped.

‘Thank? Well whatever. That machine has got a glitch, give it a kick.’

The Magician was busy scraping fluff from his belly button, he tossed a book.

Jinny took a puff. ‘Good shot, you seen my belt I have to go?’ She swivelled and looked under the bed for her shoes. ‘Oh yeah did I tell you I’ve invented a new religion.’

‘Yeah you told me last week.’

‘No this is a better one than that. In this religion everyone gets to be everyone else. There they are.’

He was still looking at the ashtray. ‘Would it be really bad if I had one of your cigarettes?’

‘Go ahead, knock yourself out. So what do you think?’

‘The magician inhaled. ‘Think, think about what?’

Jinny shouted in his ear. ‘My fukin new religion.’

‘So everyone gets to be everyone else?’


‘Gonna take a long time to do that.’

Jinny tested her lipstick on his cheek, ‘Not really. We can use all those other dimensions they’re talking about. Don’t worry about the mechanics, just think I shall inhabit the world of you and you delight or not in being me. I get to be the Elephant Man and he will become.... who’s really lovely?’


‘Wow! Okay he will be me. I become the little shit who stole my bag and he will feel me crying in the rain with no money and no keys. So whatever you do to anyone else you experience directly back to you.’

‘Sort of Buddhist is it?’ asked the Magician sneaking a look at his watch.

He wasn’t sneaky enough, Jinny saw. ‘I’m going, I’m going, what’s the hurry you got a coach load of women coming?’

The Magician looked Jinny straight in the eyes . ‘Yeah, but with everyone I will be thinking of you.’

Jinny pulled her eyes away first. ‘Yeah well that’s okay cause in this religion I’m shall be every one of those women. Do you mind if I have a quick cig before I go?’

He pushed the ashtray across. ‘One night we’re going to take a knife and dig down in you, pull out that can of worms, empty it in the river for the fishes, sew you up with kisses.’

xmas 17
picture stories nasty words phone

Well lets see, does this work for you?
The smoky brew the gravy part,
if that’s your heart,
if its not,
nothing got or less.
Then I would try,
I would bleed,
make a seed to blow you far away.
I would kill and hurt you most,
be a ghost,
see how it feels for me.
Dance a devil’s trip,
be a nasty thing,
poisonous and ghastly.
Be a hell,
dwell in a shadow too,
take charge of here
sell your soul, get a pretty penny,
crafty me.
Horror thing
take wing
and fly you down and catch you,
drag you back
and make you work
at piecing me together.
Make me hard,
make me scarred and heartless too,
no more pain from that.

Better isn’t it?

picture stories BELLA phone
‘Its been said,’
she said,
‘that I am remarkably divine like,
pretty as a picture,
more like living pearls.
It comes to pass that when
any man or women
see my face they are struck dumb with admiration,
my visage
takes charge of all their respiration
and they fall down to the floor,
a smile sublime playing on their mouth
like I’d given them a shot of heroin or something.
Its best to say
that this is most upsetting,
thus I cover my face
for fear of letting the population tumble down around me,
could lead to an accident.
So I’ve devised this mask
to spare the world
my face appearing
and searing brain cells to a dusty blow.
I am quite civic minded
don’t you think?
Tra la.’
pretty pretties

Greta and Hansel are so unsure, they are tucked inside a tale not of their desire, or their choosing. Their only knowing is this danger road, far away from home. Hansel shivers and turns to look behind. ‘I’m cold and I’m hungry too, oh please may we find a place, a shelter from this wind and oh I am so wishing for some nuts to chew.’ They turn a corner and a miracle appears, an answer to Hansel’s request, a splendid little house made of gingerbread.
Up above the Lady was flying, tired and dusty from the unending war. The sight of her home was a welcome relief. ‘Hello I have visitors.’ Flying closer she discerns her guests are children. ‘Oh fate is kind indeed, my mouth is watering at the very thought.’
‘Hello my pretty pretties, are you eating all my home?’
Greta turned surprised by the voice above. ‘Oh no Dear Lady, just a tiny nibble for we are faint with hunger.’
The Lady smiled. ‘Only good children may eat my house, are you worthy?
Greta sighed, ‘Alas we are, we are, so very bad, our mum and dad said we are heinous beings, our desire for food is a curse. They told us normal children do not need to eat, they survive upon the air, its only the olders who need to fill their tum with roasted meat and delight their tongue with tastes of sugar sweet beguiling puddings. There is no food for me and Hansel, we are sent away to the wilderness to live upon the air as we properly should. You can see how bad we are for when we saw your house our promise to eat the air was tested and sadly we have failed.’
The children turned away in shame. But Hansel turned back ‘Oh dear lady although we are bad we would still beg for shelter in your home, the wild wolves have tasted our scent and a pack is moving closer.’
The Lady sat on her broom. ‘But alas and alack and every other sadness, I would love to offer you a refuge. But my pretty pretties there is a problem. Let us say I have a rather strange affliction. Whenever I see a pretty child I feel a great longing to stuff them in my oven, cook them and eat them up yum, yum.’
The children listened with widening eyes, then Greta said. ‘Yes I see that does rather discourage us from seeking lodging here but the wolves are howling and if we stay outside we will be surely eaten by them. Is there no way your affliction might be abated?’
‘I know,’ said Hansel, ‘If we put you in the oven, we could eat you up and there would be no problem.’
‘Dear child, how thoughtful but if I am cooked and eaten the charms that hold this house upright would disappear and the wolves you fear would find you undefended.’
Hansel thought some more. ‘Well how about if we tied you up? You might still have the desire but your ability to cook us would be gone?’
The Lady considered the suggestion and agreed to try it for a night.
There was only one bed so they all slept together. In the night Greta awoke to find the Lady’s teeth gnawing at her arm, she rolled away down upon the floor. Likewise Hansel was roused by needle teeth sunk into his neck. He held the Lady’s nose thus ending her repose. ‘Dear Lady I must say I need my neck it keeps my head from falling through my body.’
‘Oh dear have I been eating in my sleep again. Its so very tiresome, do you know I even eat my blankets, luckily I have the sense not to chew the green ones.’
In the morning they all agreed it had been a rather uncomfortable night but at least all three of them had survived.’
‘Dear lady,’ said Greta, ‘I have been thinking. Although my experience of this world is rather limited, I imagine that most people do not eat children. If they did there would be no children to grow into adults and the world would be bereft of human life. I think you may have an illness, have you thought of seeing a doctor?’
‘Oh my pretty the nearest thing to a doctor around these parts is me and fixing a potion for my affliction is beyond even my abilities.’
‘You make potions? Do you make spells? Dear Lady are you a Witch?’
‘A tree is still the same tree even if you name it an oak. A bird remains the same after you call it a swallow. I will still be me even if you name me a witch, or a wise woman, a sorceress, a healer, good or bad. Call me what you will.’
‘Dear Lady is the name that I prefer.’
Hansel was still eager to find a solution to their problem, in an effort to wean the Lady off human flesh he caught a wild pig and dressed it in his clothes. Dear Lady looked this way and that, then said. ‘No, doesn’t really fit and the smell is wrong. I applaud your invention and I’m sure your intention was fine but its not really the dish on which I prefer to dine.’
Then Greta had a inspiration. ‘I see,’ said she. ‘We must pull my hair into a rope then share it between us three.’ So they tied the sum of them together making fast the trio.’ Shake hands on that, shake together closely. All for one, one for all. One goes all goes. There’s no fit inside the oven now, so they spend their days with six legs instead of two. Fly around for thrills, mixing medicines for all the ills around.
The times they must be untied Dear Lady chases with a carving knife missing them by inches. Then the children lift a hatchet and turn to chasing her. Quite a laugh, keeps them fit.
The children learnt the Lady’s knowing and when she died they were ready to take her place. One day their mum and dad rolled up. They did not recognise their children but Greta and Hansel knew them. The children invited the couple in for dinner, they were delicious.


picture story city wall phone

L: Consume me, I am touched by Mercy, she's the one that says be in love or have no life at all. Mercy believes in redemption a second chance for everyone, stand tall. Those that leave are allowed to try a second chance to dance, power and prejudice, whatever will they think of next; life may be a tragedy for some two parts murder one part sex. No not a thing we slum the depths, or succumb to, within these city walls. When there was no gate this place constipate, no freshness coming. So they smashed a space to allow the out and let the grace come in but that let inside disgrace. So they built a gate to regulate the flows that goes and the tide that's washing in.

If I was something more than a door, a place of knowing more than the shore of you. I am just a passage an empty page for you to write, content to cite an answer to the question, 'Where to go?' Why through me, either end, wont pretend any side is better, chance your own preference, or save your sin, come to sense, don't need Charon's coins here you can pass for free. But there is a limit to what I will stand, don't try to expand or roll me, I'm a stem not a curse. Worse it gets I'll order up the guards. When I'm shut no plea or force can make me change my mind. Protector of the peace, release your armies, my charm is not to care, stand and stare you out. Siege me, believe me, all in a days work. I do my job better than you think, the link of runes hold true, only those willing to bring a belief in doubt pass here. If you're certain then there's a curtain for you somewhere but not within this place.

I thought she had but never could be sure, her face had changed, rearranged by time.

Its not a rumour its a truth. That gates like this exist, they live in mist they find you, never the twain shall meet except when one is leaving and the other is coming in. A special place of dates and reconciliation, of meetings met, of travel news, of debt that must be paid, of safely home, of heart that fade, of tears to shed, of blows to all the common cause your looking for, of a dream to follow, beg, steal, or borrow. Without a pass you're on your arse out there. Bubbling up figures from the depths, change their shape, ape another's guise and tries their luck; begone you will not gain salvation here. Christians and their swords, Buddhists sipping tea, agree you may come, as long as you're deployed among the general population, migration form no ghettoes, no packs of grunt and groan.

Allow the dead to deliver, a conduit, a portal to another place. Rove around in time, never sure what is on the other side, could bring a blessing, could be a curse, or worse; who let the wolves in.

I want to say my prayers. May all who know which way to go come to pass this evening. Be safe, I swear not to hinder you, and God speed. May all who are in a quandary about the leaving or the stay, the gate is barred. You've not earned the choice. To all those who desire to hurt or maim, may you stumble at this fence, may you wish yourself another way. Take my job seriously don't I? Someone's got to. Within me or without me, I abide.

Picture stories - Sugar and Lies 4 - phone
Jadfo was measuring his erection, she was writing out her will. Its difficult to part when you share a heart and they were doing their best not to hurt one or the other every day. One step at a time, accept the whine, endure the frustrations.
Jadfo’s heart was working twice as hard, the toiling blood began to suck up memories, feelings he thought best forgotten; the women of his past, some felt care but mostly they carried bad resentments, ill used, abused, abandoned. Jadfo forced to keep them down but they fought him toe to toe, winning every step; they burst out as a shadow, a sisterhood to harry, peck and wreck him.
Lilly and he struggled up the stairs, locked the bedroom door. Doors are good for stopping the real but not so good at halting foul intentions. The wraiths streamed in, Jadfo and Lilly retreated to the wardrobe. Jadfo was not worried, he bet by some means he would escape the fate he’d earned himself.
Lilly watched the shadows flight and tearing plunges, caught between a union with her gender and the feeling for the being that she had grown to love. ‘I suppose you could say I’m one of them, aint I darling? Yes there go I, and I am knowing what they protest. Or is there more to say for you? At first a wreck, a total piss pot swine, latterly you’ve come around. We’re bound by love and a little hate. Look at them they’re gunning for you. Force feeding every morsel they scratch from your weedy body; down it goes and then they crap and I’m so close to you it lands on me as well.’
Jadfo on his knees, swatting and swearing. ‘Ho, ho, ho, oh my darling I wouldn’t give them a leg to stand on, why would I? They enjoyed me while it lasted, that’s their passion for their time with me, satisfaction guaranteed. I have no feeling for their fate, go on berate me. Oy, you, what’s your business here? Peck me to death and you will die as well, haven’t thought it through. All right I relent, in hindsight I could have acted better but that was then and this now. What purpose is this serving?
Ersatz harpies swirl into a fury, force a voice of malice. ‘We relieve ourselves on you. Feel our piss drip from your face, know its acid stinging. You will feel the bitter tears we’ve cried for you. You shall regret your callous blows, the hurt you uncared on us. Knoweth the boy, knoweth the man, you are tried and found wanting for lack of a feeling heart. Now it lives with her, well that heart is not yours to give, we earned it long ago. Tear it from her flesh, share it with us.’
Jadfo regained his swagger, he cowered into a defeated ball, then exploded into his most disturbing grin. ‘And what my ladies do you take me for, a fool, perhaps a clown? Do your worst your gnat bite stings are worth the hurt for the happiness I’ve found.
The shadows portrayed a dance upon the wall. A graceful lady partnered by a slimy slug. ‘Ho, ho, clap, clap, you seem to be forgetting we know your tricks from old, this bravado is just a mask hiding the barren space where your rotten soul should be. So you found our telling feeble did you? Just wait until our appetite switches round and we attack her, your would be bride. Be so feeble then would we, when her eyes do smart, her skin is pecked, running with your lovey dovey blood. We’ll suck and bleed her dry.’
Lilly was thinking she must have been bad in a former life. In this game of hate and hate she was to be cast as the scapegoat, carry the sins of the other. Well if there was a side to choose she had made her decision some time before. ‘I bare my soul, bare yours too. Take care and have your wishes carefully, for drinking me you will find its a poison you are sucking. You are creatures of hate, sup on love and you will squirm in agony. Do your worst but I will stand by him.’
The deserted loves burst into laughter that became a cackle. Lilly shielded her ears. They formed a heart then cracked it. ‘So you think you’ve won, our attack is thwarted but remember this, you will find there comes a day when he grows bored of you. You see us now in our vengeance but once we were an opening flower just like you, believed in him. Our love, oh yes we had it, was bright and real but the higher you fly with him, the deeper you die, when he turns his back and there are no petals left to keep you on the high you had. So beware little pretty, trusting a devil is not a game you ever can win.’
Lilly stood and hugged Jadfo to her. ‘I stand by him, he shares his heart with me. I fling this truth at your lies.’ She relaxed her eyes and hummed her favoured romance, swaying softly to its rhythm.
The shadows danced in tune to Lilly’s humming, then take it into parody with exaggerated bows and kisses. They fly close to her face examining every pore every wrinkle. ‘Trickle, trickle, dum, diddle dee. You are such an innocent we begin to like you better. Love, you taunt us with love; love is just a word can be said by anyone. Jadfo can scream it through the night but he will never feel it. The only love Jadfo has is for Jadfo; plays a thousand masks, whichever one can catch you. Look at your money its dripping away to him, even your clothes, your robes he will sell off your back. Oh dear idiot, he shares his heart just as long as it suits him, when he’s bled you dry, all your resources banked, then goodbye little missy hope you enjoyed the ride, but he has other fish to fry now.’
Lilly turns to look at Jadfo.
Jadfo waves through the shadows vainly trying to move them away. ‘I remember this one but not that, wherever they are from I think they’ve been breeding without me. He hugs Lilly close. Busy bees aint they? Catch as catch can and they’re a can of worms, wriggling just throwing any shit they can think of. What do you expect me to say? Try this, I’m a piece of piss and your a dopey cow for loving me. I’d have though you’d have learnt by now that I’m not one for singing made up stories and as for that, well what if its true do you really believe I’m stealing from you? Moneys something I’m good with. Just rearranging it in a better way, we’ll both benefit in the long run.’
‘You didn’t ask, you just took?’ Lilly shrugs off Jadfo’s arm.
Jadfo senses a slight shift of loyalties, he grabs both his lover’s hands. ‘Lilly, I didn’t take anything. The money is still there, all there but it needs to be in my name to move it round the system.’
There is silence then a hiss that builds into a crescendo. ‘Boo, boo, the villain unmasked at last. Oh our dearest Jadfo she is sliding down a path away from you. Your avaricious clothes stink to high heaven; seen through the tricks that you are playing. Dear pretty come to us, he is a worm and we are your dear, dear sisters.
Lilly sits and rolls a cigarette for Jadfo, places it between his lips and lights a match, faces him eye to eye. ‘Its better for us if I go away, leaving you on the margins. As its your heart that is bringing me life, I ask that you give it to me, that I may leave you please?’
The sisters are all attention, this was not in the script they conceived in the dark of the shivering river.
Jadfo takes off his hat covers it with a scarf. ‘If your wanting to stay, if you wanting to go, what if I said the answer is no? I promise you this one thing, I’ve not been good, I’ve been a shit through and through. Here shall I wrap it, the only gift I have, here is my heart, you will use it better than me.’ The scarf rises up, and with a flourish Jadfo reveals his heart which he passes into Lilly.
‘So you’re dying? She softly holds his hands, looks down at them.
Jadfo pulls his hands back. ‘It happens.’
‘If I leave this room.’ Lilly steps out of the wardrobe. ‘you’ll be dead?’
‘I think that is the deal.’
‘I think I’m going to cry.’ Says one sister. All the sisters sniffle then laugh.
Lilly ignores them. ‘And I can find a younger less scummy partner?’
Jadfo is thinking. ‘Better than me? He smiles, ‘easily done I think.’
The shadows gather in a corner. ‘She’s killing us? They flutter at the thought. ‘No she’s killing him, better our going knowing he’s dead.’ Their hatred is so pure its the reverse of benediction.
Lilly faces the shadows. ‘When he dies I want to be sure you die too. I don’t want to be haunted with every step. Swear me an oath you cannot break.’
The shadows huddle and damn, seeking a vow they agree. ‘Pretty, pretty, we give you our oath. “We swear on the anathema that binds us here.”’
Lilly opens the door, looks round then pulls it shut. ‘How long is too long, how long is enough?’ She forces herself to breathe slower. ‘One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.’ She opens the door, sees nothing moving. Jadfo is slumped on the floor. She slips the heart into him. Lifts both fists, pounds his chest. Jadfo’s eyes fly open.
‘They’re gone now, I killed them but I want my fucking money, you piece of shit.’
Picture stories - Sugar and Lies 3 - phone

{Once upon a time, when the sun was thinking holidays, we set too, to begin a great adventure. Seeing which, if any, could find the way to bottle loving. He says we should lie back down and feel the forces flowing through us; the attraction of ourselves would bring an ecstasy, a whirl, a cause that we could market to the target that is wanting.}

In the night Jadfo tours the avenues collecting butts and bottles. Lilly scrubs the vacuum machine pristine, ready for an operation. They shower away the dark sea taste, a present for the sewers. Stretch on the bed, both hiding from the other the want of any feelings they are wishing to sell.

Lilly reaches over and stubs her cigarette. ‘You are killing us of course, dragging out the slimes, purpose filled, our loving is as flat as rigor mortis. No flow, no go, nothing.’

Jadfo cuddles, Jadfo canoodles, he caresses, he nuzzles and pets. ‘My honest face can smile and we can lie together cute as belly buttons. You will come and be a sport, let our feelings flow we don’t need them after. So let the machine suck up all the remnants from our bed fill the bottles choking, glug, glug. The punters pay, have a day of feeling,’
{Curse, curse what is worse for a day and a lady. So we’re here and its clear that what is happening is wrong but my suggestion then I must continue. Its a doomed thing. Start again please.}

Lilly coming up for air. ‘Absurd, you’re unhearing, dreaming of the pennies you could drip, into your palms, there to burn right through us.’

‘Oh come on Lilly who’s to lose? Simple way earn my pay, magic me I’m brilliant. Fool proof plan all are winning but you seem unwilling is it something that I’ve said, lovely you, come here my dear its not halting us just the stuff were throwing anyway. Does not touch the core, just the periphery.’
{Although now I’m not so sure she’s looking strangely jaded.}

Lilly hugs her knees and rocks, stares down at him. Thinks of telling about the others she is not supposed to see, scares her shitless.
{Spirit of adventure gets lost, feels double crossed. Loving don’t ache for want of money.}
‘You’re such a fool. Your rancid body stinks so and mine is worse. I’m pretending lies, can’t disguise this dragging down below thing. If I want a fuck that’s that, its not for the treasure to sell it.’
{Get off, get round, get lost. I am pickled furious he’s killing us and unaware that there is nothing left to care for here.}

She hates it when Jadfo’s smile splits his face, a shark, advent of some flimflam trick. He jumps up and passes the hose between his legs, waggles it around. ‘Come on doll lets do some real loving.’ Chases her around the room, until Lilly gets bored picks up the machine and yanks it. Jadfo jack-knives, whimpers, collapses upon the floor.

Lilly lays Jadfo down, tends him with ice, gets him sips of drink. Later when the nausea is fading. ‘I asked for that did I?’

‘You were pushing for something but maybe not quite that. Hurts does it?’

‘Is the Pope Chinese, no, what is it?’

Lilly is searching through Jadfo’s pockets. ‘Are these what you smoke? No wonder you smell. Wow, look at that I’ve rolled you a perfect snout, looks so good could be tailor made. May be, don’t see why not, there’s Christians in China. Okay sorry, sorry, sorry, but you were yanking my chain and I just reacted.’

Jadfo blows out a perfect ring. ‘Make a list so I know. “Things that piss Lilly off.” Toothpaste stuff whatever.’

‘You’ve been using my brush?’

‘Maybe not quite using, more sort of tasting.’

Lilly is getting the bottles ready to go. ‘Are you up to doing this, I can go?’
‘No I’ll do it, I’m better at selling.’

While Jadfo rests Lilly makes some labels and a sign. “Bottled Love Fresh and True.”
{Write on the bottle our fucking, show a picture too. We are exploited and we are the ones who do it.}

They carry the bottles to the Corner Store. Jadfo goes in and charms a space to sell them. ‘Roll up, roll up, it's the latest thing Love in a Bottle. Romance gone sour this will put you right. If your night time’s a lone time this Love will hold you tight. Can’t get the one you want? Well this will fill your need. Frozen alone, well this will bring you heat.

Started with a trickle, which draws a crowd, then becomes a mob. One guzzle makes an instant addiction, a bottle is never going to be enough, they need more than they can get. Vast sums offered, then violence proffered, a plague of mayhem spreading.

With every bottle lifting off the shelf, Lilly feels from herself a something going. She fights her way inside the shop with the hope of saving just some piece of their love but knocked to the floor and stamped on, kicked and broken. Jadfo rushes in and hauls her away.
{Suck away this day this night bottled fresh with loathing for making a purpose of it, love turns to hate so easily.}

Sell and store or which way which, once were customers now a rabble, gouging, biting. When love is tasted as a pleasure it will always lead to need. The mechanics are there but bereft of any care, any devotion, just sugar coated, a dance without a chance of reaching any deeper. What is lost in the glance, chance, of a taste of together.

Jadfo slumps to the ground holding a Lilly too broken to fix. He fumbles opens his jacket and feels far inside; this will be his greatest trick. He pulls then reveals his heart, seeks for the space then slides it inside her. Her eyes surprised. He says, ‘Its okay we can share it.’

icture stories - Sugar and Lies 2 - phone

Okay Jadfo is a near transparent creep but that don’t make him a bad person, he’s got talents too. But she in all her hauteur will not believe in him, her pride crash down to admit a feel for him. He stabbed her with her loneliness then cashed it in the bed. Watch out that’s just his nature but she agreed and willing, it wasn’t meant to be but then again it was. The city waits for them to make a caring breeze, clocks stop no one can run around the time. He’s no knight in shining armour and she’s no princess in distress. Her pride is stifling life. His notion of his carefree self is writing words that don’t get washed away. Lies he tells himself running from the wealth of she to hold. Inertia stalling everything, let a hand touch the feeling of the other.

{Count to ten and spit me, am I here, see I is. She’s just playing, I can see the drips come down her brain. If I go then I’m nothing more than a dream, nothing to be worked up about. Just getting ready for her sorrows, never find the likes of me again. Yes I am a little, lets say lucent but that’s just because of the atmosphere. I come from somewhere a little bit more flowy, there I blend but here I grant a lack of substance compared to the rock solid ways you endure. All these open doors, nicer to just float through. I said before I’m not a fixture, change my face the all of me I can be another in a trice.}

L: {As you say sir all the way again. He is not my friend, dispatched and burnt he’s nothing more than a brute to me, one I see but faintly. You say I care but for what I see no future there. His smiling gaze masks his clever eyes, unable to utter truth just tells lies, what wish inside he’s hiding, if its for me I do not see a trace upon his wicked face. No you are jesting, let the city pour what it is missing, there is no movement and I am bound to say so, if he move a little well which way would it be? All indications lead to the doorway with his infernal case gone for good. You say I have too much pride, well yes sir I may do but I’m not crawling to his heart, let him crawl to me.}

The city gates are open but no ones coming in. Neither is there a leaving soul to see. The city rests amid the doldrums waiting quite absurdly for these two love birds to find a way to reach across the divide they hide behind.

Jadfo gives a poor performance of a yawn, all ham acting over stretch. ‘Piss poor aint I, adorable though. You’ve got to hand it to me, spent the night and now I’m right as rain, little stain but that’s just what’s left over in the cause of research.’

Lilly is all folded up away from him.

Jadfo is still walking backwards to the fragile edge of a mighty drop. 'Of course you don't want me, you keep on saying but like I thought you can't resist a tryst with a fella who's got magic in his fingers. Shame about the wedding though, too busy to attend, so sad. After all I've done my bit what more can you be after, hell of a game its maximum disaster. We shall see who gets fattened for the coffin, done my worst and now its up to you.'

Lilly grinds her weight on to Jadfo's penis. 'Pleased as punch aint you, little grubby around the edges, and as for that well I know where I've seen it before, hanging from the butcher's dog. Saying which I aint a curse you seem to think, not better read and stopped before the ending.' Lilly reaches in her bag and touches up her lipstick, rises, to Jadfo's relief, and moves towards the door.

‘You’re going? Off guard and slightly miffed, Jadfo starts looking for his clothes.

Lilly turns and looks at Jadfo as though surprised to find that he is still there. ‘I’m looking for adventure. Come along if you have any passion left, Sing a song if you want to I don’t mind.’

Jadfo catches Lilly at the stairs. ‘Okay let us praise a daytime, step my step alongside, keep you from the passions that you’re going through.’
{Happens like this sometime, too cruel to call it kindness but after a release that’s held her back its overflowing now. Men or wine much the same I think so.}
‘You are full of love, a bottle’s worth at least. Fill you up with more, get it from the candy store; well you could if this was a proper civilization but its wrecked by the eternal cheque of market forces. I’ll do my best, a little fondness here, don’t dry your eyes too quickly. I’ll let you down most cautiously, one night stands are all I’ve got to give, after that I’m seen too close for comfort. For the best, I’m a git and I know it but I’ve woken you up and that’s a start.’

Lilly is hopping around the kitchen missing all the lines. Her motor’s running hop on board expressway though the lights. ‘I’m going strong, could it be that you the rat faced fool are thinking about it the reverse way? Maybe I’ve lit your light for you, just the sort to praise your masculinity when under the bonnet there’s hardly a sip of fuel. Cause to bet it was me that did all the making if I’d left it to you we’d have frozen solid.’
{Men, can’t live with them can’t live without them, best to eat them I think; taste nasty, gristly, though a bit like burnt bacon, rind chewy and some gets in your teeth. You’d have to be a passion load to need them all the time. Now and again they’re quite pleasant for a laugh but I wouldn’t wanna eat a whole one. Ever so sexy ever so randy, if that’s your sort of thing, me I prefer a good book, gives me more satisfaction. Anyway that’s what I’m saying now, we’ll see later when the time comes for me to be consecrated into the church of blessed toys.}

Lilly is racing along, forward to the sun, a certainty that is pulling Jadfo in its wake. He is a mess struggling to dress as he moves. ‘Well if that’s the way you see it I’ll let you have your time, I was there and I don’t remember being any icicle. I was firm but pleasant, my charisma turned down low, didn’t want to startle you did I? Pigs and pokes anyway that’s ancient history now aint it.’

They are at the gates now. Lilly flings off her clothes and cartwheels along the balustrade. A sight to see but no one does as they’re all stuck in time waiting for the clock that the lovers are not releasing. Lilly bows to no one then calmly gathers her apparel, looks over to the mountains. ‘Open up my eyes see what’s written there, I don’t care and it ends with a period, bottom line like some wines I know. If you’re thinking that I’m sleeping with you again, villain, thief, no relief, comes and steals your safety. You’re a pillow fight, just fluffy with no punch inside. Look at you you’re exhausted, no staying power, these made up beasts never last the daytime.’
{So I want a little rough that’s just my business, turn my mind around and he will vanish. Why’s he such a creep, why no knight on charger? Well I’m humble in my seeings I don’t want to push my visions far too far. Clap my hands and business gone, clap again and he’ll come running, little doggy with his tail all waggy wag. So don’t try and forgive me, or treat me to some mindful no, no, no’s. Its my business, he’s just a hyperventilating blow up doll. No I’m not saying that, use your own imagination. If he’s talking making sense, well that’s just down to the power of my inspiration.}

Jadfo snaps his fingers, the ancient sea appears filling the land before the mountains, dark waters. He jumps up to the wall, turns to Lilly. ‘Fancy a swim?’

‘In that black soup?’

‘Why not you’ve already met the worst it has to offer.’ A perfect dive hardly a splash to disturb the silence of the sea. Appears and does a waterspout swimming on his back. She leans over the wall, thinks he looks more real in there, this black water a natural home for him. This black water, as her eyes adjust sees there’s colours and there’s lights in there, another world busy doing other things. He’s dived deep into the abyss, older days that feed from him as he feeds from them in turn. Ragged cloths clutch but his being is too quick. Down to the root, down to the primal ooze, sinks into the mud, not Jadfo now just another piece of shit alongside all the others. Cacophony of noise, all the shits are singing out their tales, the yes the no’s the maybes in all the tongues before, all the tongues from after. The piece of faecal matter that was Jadfo is straining to hear them all, tuning to find a certain note, a certain name amongst the boasts, the pains of shame. There a double tongue is hissing of her name, hypnotic in its saying of how it dragged her down then passed her around, cooing love then turned to laugh in her face, all its faecal acolytes force a grin or simper.

J: {Perpetual pest, am I at rest or what now? Being squeezed too finely. Am I more, do I meddle, do I settle down here? Might as well, hard to be something more when you’ve reached rock bottom, nowhere to fall. Why go through the strain, when I could just remain here a piece of defecation.}

J: {All wants and cares discarded settle into the long deep sleep. There’s an irritating nagging, some unfinished business, like a rock I’m lying on. It was a long way down, its even harder going up. I’ve woken her isn’t that enough. You know this place stinks its really rank.}

J: {Oh fuck her let her shred herself to pieces. Most of the time she’s a bloody pain. Okay that’s a lie, she’s a pain and pleasure both.}

J: {If I’m going should I seek a little vengeance? Always the night all fall down here. Holler and haul pull it apart send it to damnation. Gone and best forgotten, rotten.}

Lilly does not really care she’s just waiting because she likes the view. Although in some other place, that she’s not admitting to herself, there’s considerations building of a plunge into those dead waters. Dread rhymes with dead and that is what she’s feeling.

‘Oh sugaring shit I don’t fucking care.’

Its nothing like she thought, the water is almost warm and lacks the density she supposed. There are lights below, she flips her legs, descending. At the lights the water seems to thicken, there are flurries, movement below, the most charming child appears beckons with a smile. Lilly hesitates, the child smiles with teeth that bridge all her face. The child lunges through the lights, Lilly pulls back, the child’s teeth snap on her skin ripping away the flesh that covers her racing heart. Lilly grabs the child’s neck holding the snapping teeth away. There is movement from below, more open mouths are reaching up towards her. Lilly breaks the child’s neck and throws it to the hoard. Swims for life ascending, her legs are razor sliced, desperately she kicks. Reaches day scrambles for the shore. Jadfo pulls her on to land, carries her to the safety of the wall.

‘My legs, my heart?’

‘Not really harmed just a dream you thought you had.’

J: {If its me, if its me your wanting to do the grasping, its not easy, as you say; I’ve got homes enough what need have I of this one? Done my job here now hop, hop, hop, away. Better this than stay and hear the whining. Yes I can feel, yes I don’t care. You’re looking for a happy ending well she may find one somewhere but take my advice don’t tie her tight to me its not the way I’m made. Oh shit and crap and bollux, why should it be, no its not. Can’t decide, easy to go, staying is a game I’ve never thought of. Will she undress me will she God bless me, absurd. Its not as if I was made the same as her, as illusions go I really am quite fancy but come and go we describe ourselves in the movements that you know inside you. No never ever, okay I do, here’s a touch tender and sinful a briefest caress like the wind I’m flowing from.}
Jadfo wishes and the sea fades and blows away, sits down next to Lilly all panting breath. ‘Perhaps its a case of forgive and forget. Are you drifting? If I am the loser what’s in it yet for you? Its not as though I’m delightful, I’m a horror to myself as you now know. Cannot believe me, I always will be a scent you’re struggling hard to find; will o’ the wisp, no life for you. I’m cold and there’s nothing much to me. Oh yes I’ve got charm but its a fake sort of thing. So given all that I think you’ll agree I’m the perfect match for you’

J:{Betide, come alive if its working still; if he’s there for me. Can I prove that? Rocks in my head aint they; come alive after five. Maybe I say still go away, maybe I don’t. He’s a curious mix a fella who can steal your heart then turn around and hand it back. Not so bad as he fancies himself, not so there as I wish he was. But there’s something saying to me I’m an idiot to try, well then I always was. Is it a conceit to believe in us? Calm down and think about it plainly.}
‘I agree whatever you are asking. There’s something noble about your jests. I will take you, I will thank you too. Not everyone can get what they are wishing for, the most you can hope is someone at your side who believes in you. And so that’s that, I believe you are and that will keep you safe. And you will toss me and turn me but your love I will keep precious on my open hand.’

Picture Story Is and Mol Job of being God Phone

The Sands of time were running round a riot, hissing at the door, wishing for a hand to stir them more towards some movement.
The man named Sam sat on the appropriate seat. ‘I’ve come for the job of being God.’
Molly looked up from her scribbling. ‘Yes I guessed that, seeing as you’re here. If its all the same to you, I’ll take a whiz and be back before you knew it.’
The Dead were waiting at the gate but no one was willing to change the fate and turn the key.
Issy smiled at Sam, hoping to ease his knees from so much knocking.
Sam pressed his legs hard to the ground. ‘You’re not what I was expecting?’
Issy smiled, showed some teeth. ‘We are, we aren’t, we can be. Who would you prefer to see we might arrange it?’
‘I don’t know,’ his hands were drawing a frozen sea, ‘maybe you’re like an iceberg, you know, most of it is underwater, but I guess it could be worse.’
Anarchy was conniving on its birth, it tilted all to its own ends, pretends with a winning smile but rends the fabric its suspended from.
Molly ran back, jumped on the couch. ‘That’s better. Now lets see the form. It says here you have experience in this line of work.’
‘Yes, when I was young I ruled a world of toys and monsters. I guaranteed fair play and gave a safety for the monsters underneath the bed. I made sure any transgression from my rules were met by firm but just punishment. I made the toys live the lives of the cries that the monsters gave and as for the monsters I gave them a mirror.’
Too early turned too late and in the descent of time the gates were losing faith that they could hold.
Issy paced round the space assessing the hairs on Sam’s head. ‘I see, very good, now then if its you and me where would you say its best that you were serving, what would be your top priority?’
Sam was aching for a good scratch of his arse but felt that might lessen his chances. ‘A bit more wrath to get everyone’s attention, to tidy up the mess. Then on the other hand some mercy and a touch of hope; carrot and stick. Sometimes I find you have to be cruel to be kind.’
The voids where speaking to each other, thinking that now brother could join with brother, a grand parade of nadir, naught, and nothingness.
Molly wrote some notes and tried to look more interested. ‘So you like to play games well this is one you would have to win every time. You don’t look that strong, are you sure you have the stamina to play it?’
Sam twisted his head to see what Molly had written; but it was no good her notes were spelt in letters unknown. ‘This is absurd we can’t get anywhere like this, are you debating in yourself whether its worth keeping me at all? Wouldn’t it be better to move on sing a song and heave me out of here. What’s the point of this, I can see the stars, I want a heaven like that but its not possible if you can see but wont let go of the safety rail; that’s no way to travel. Doubt is a rich reward, it scars you and writes its name on you, claims you. Have doubt or me your choice.’
Molly grinned and clapped. ‘Very good, I saw that written on the toilet wall but you said it very well.’
As Molly spoke a spirit was whispering in Issy’s ear. ‘Okay, my turn, if its too much bother then I’m sorry but please say why you have a hankering for this King job of all?’
‘Well I’m a bit of a megalomaniac. They gave me pills but they didn’t take. Plus a streak of altruism and the general belief I’m beyond all criticism. I like things running orderly, my wonderings are a spiral coming back to me. Plus I’m self sustaining I don’t need others praise, I know I’m the best there is and that’s enough.’
Molly put on her best interrogation face, she would have liked the lights but they had been banned. ‘Is there more than we can say for you. Is there a God that you are knowing, how about is it there to be seen? Have you some experience of bigger things?’
The chair was standing straight but Sam was being buffeted from side to side. ‘Well the clouds move at my will and I command the seas to turn but its a secret, I don’t want everyone to know. Like when I get this job I wont go off bragging. So when I’m sitting on the bus I don’t want no bugger to go ‘Hey God that was a shitty time to have a thunderstorm.’ Little bit of anonymity is fine for me I don’t need no praising.’
Issy was looking down the list wishing for some other type of punter. ‘When you’re feeling kind of grey do you believe yourself that you can be okay. No stop round and round. Okay what I was meaning, we’ve been asking you questions but is there anything that you prefer to say to us?’
Sam was thinking that when he ascended the throne the first thing to do would give these two the old heave ho. ‘Wait a minute I’m getting prepared, okay ready now to speak. Card games and gambles have been my life, but then ordinary me sees an opening, I think its best to foreswear all the goodness and write as if God in his wisdom has forgiven me. So then I might find a new place and literally reveal to you all the harm that I’ve done in the past; a charlatan. Now that I’m known I prefer it to be said that I care as much as I can for you and the crew. I prefer to be seen as striving for as good as it gets, thank you.’
Dark matter like ants were doing a nice little dance before they unglued the gravity of the situation.
They took a break for tea. Molly dunked her biscuit. Sam remarked that was awfully infra dig where he came from. Molly sucked the soggy pleasure. ‘Remind me not to go there.’
Next came the tests;
‘You have five minutes, starting now.’
‘As is hopeless give a light to the lost and unforeseen.’
‘Hating is no good for you, never gets things done. Make a peace with all the ones who have wished you ill and damned your life before please.’
‘Suppose it was said you hold a chance to begin your life again. Pick and mix a different path to tread please.’
‘Holding steady while all about you are falling, build a wall which will withstand the winds of time eternally, be there for ever more.’
‘Pick your nose, or rather don’t. Say again your name then stand by it, though all a world throw pieces at it saying you’re a liar.’

Sam finished a height of bricks but when the alarm rang the bricks fell down.
They gathered round the fallen wall thinking of eternal but seeing just a mess.
Sam picked up a brick and laid it on another. ‘You do know I’m really God don’t you?’
Molly stroked his cheek. ‘We all are darling, we all are.’

picture story issy and amorphous phone
The flowing mist sent a silent breath across her body, deception or a favour offered, giving? A death, or was this delight, respond, or run in flight. A lover demon to take her down, a shade to suck her life. Her need reached out to thrash or drown, no seconds after counted. The mist showed a hundred forms, which measure would bring more pleasure?

I am not alone, so there, the air thickened by some daemon, shade, or fancy, I am wanted more. Its amore of a dream, it seems just like surviving. A kiss I need is hidden, the lover’s face whips round then hides at every glance, what are you some poor pony? Give me a chance to see you as you are, reveal don’t conceal lets see this lover’s glow. If its him I will sweat running down my ribs my arse and more. Are you sure you are here got the right address sir? I never called for no loving service, if you’re expecting a tip arrange it with your master; if you have none then I might be more responsive. Arch my back let the fun start please, in, out, ease as silk. Coming quick, wait for me, you’re a cad and swine where is mine, you’re not leaving till I get it. Whatever you may be, there is a thing called fucking manners, and you are leaving me hanging without a finish to this story. I’ll whip you like a top, roaring tornado to go non stop and stir me. Get back in bed you crime, climb back in and service me, or I’ll suck you in and still you.

picture story sunny sun phone.jpg

They were all.
They were none
Who said that they were famous?
They were justifiably outrageous.
One in the middle one at the end.
She was lovely,
he was more a kind of fella
you wouldn’t be without.
They came together while taking a vow.
but the body police would never allow.
So they eloped heading for Las Vegas
luck got sick, was contagious.
Got the itch, then got hitched.
The Sun to prove their witness
and a captive Moon to say you’ll do.
Sun and shine, silver ghosts a plenty.
The Moon in its tower
waiting for spring into place.
And she in the corner is doing a jig,
because of the jolly,
couldn’t give a fig.
Caught the last train from the land
the Heart warmed the Hand.
and The Hand held the Heart
as they departed
The Sun asked to came along for the ride.
They asked the Moon to decide
and the Moon said that would be fine
as long as it didn’t shine when lovers entwine.
He got a job in an auction place.
She added grace to the rich.
The body and its henchmen
stocking still rather ill.
No heart and its apart
was proving the old saying.
‘Heartless men go round the bend,’
and round the bend she was waiting.
But with no heart to feel
he found no friend and walked away.

sleeping king phone
The King slept, the kingdom wept, losing his grip on the ways of the ship they were going nowhere but they were going fast. A hand on the tiller was lacking, the wind was backing,
So anyway, the ship evaded the rocks and it slipped into a quiet bay. Gradually all the water seeped away and left a place of mud. The ship listed to one side.
The King did not wake, at first everyone tip toed around careful not to wake him. Later they were loud in the hope they would. The people of the land thought that with the King asleep there was no authority so they were free. And there transpired general mayhem, raping, killing and robbery. But nature abhors a vacuum, so up steps Jed and he strides around with his sword, cutting and shoving the rabble back to order. As these things do, people needing the community of a group formed around Jed. They became a band, armed and dangerous, to return the land to a peaceful state.
This band looked to Jed for leadership, to give direction, and he liked it. He was a person of importance, he bestrode the land its saviour. In Jed's heart there was a niggle, a rancour, that there was another more revered than him, the sleeping King. The sleeping King, who through his lassitude had allowed the land to slide into anarchy. He was a bad King, Jed knew he would make a better King, for the good of the country the sleeping King would have to die; he was as good as dead anyway off in the land of useless dreams.
Jed stepped on to the muddy bay but his feet got stuck, he could go back but not forward. Pulling himself free he gathered his band and ordered them to shoot flaming arrows at the ship. It was a small distance but all the arrows fell short. Jed looked like a fool, his band were laughing, he killed a few and stomped up the hill to were the wise woman lived.
'Granny dear there's something weird going on here and I need your help to kill the King. If you help I will give you the greatest treasure you could want.' 'What treasure might that be, I have no need of treasure.' 'Oh Granny you need this prize, I'm talking about your life you hag.' He drew his sword lightly across her throat.
The witch looked across the muddy bay, she saw the ship, she saw further and saw the sleeping King. Looking with another eye she entered his dream. In the dream the King was higher than a mountain, his many legs were implanted in the earth holding the land together, his many arms reached up and held aloft the sky.
The witch turned to Jed. 'Can you kill a mountain?' 'Of course not.' 'Well you will never kill the King.' Jed slit her throat.
The King woke, he said. 'Get me my horse.' And he road him carefully over the muddy sea. Coming there he found a band of robbers. With one slice of his sword he cut them all in twain. Then onward went to find the man who would take his place. He said. 'Boy hold your arms up tall. No further, further as you have never stretched before. Now make your legs as strong as rocks and plant them in the earth.' And Jed grew mighty highty and pierced the earth as well. The old King laughed and lowered the sky on him. 'You wanted to be a King well now you are.' And he rode of laughing tossing the crown at Jed's feet. 'Wear that if you can, its a heavy load. I'm grateful to you boy, God speed.'
Picture Story Issy & Mol Dig phone. jpg.

They did not break through, more that the air was less true and they were here. Maybe they showered clean in a rainbow mist that undressed and caressed, or that could have been another story.
Molly passed Issy a robe to wear. ‘Some come a little more prepared here, its not as though I’m a spare here, known somewhat by the lines on my face, before I erase with the taste of my mouth.’
Issy was looking around, the place was filled with boxes neatly labelled. Then wind and smoke was all she found to see here. Then again there was no room for her here, taking all the space were beings of horror and beauty, dancing and sensuously undulating to entice her. The place was an invention to distract Issy’s attention from the depths to which they’d come. ‘Is it better, for you I mean, as it is, or do you want me strangled here. Just like an arse I think I will pass on all the amusements your planning for me. I see the signs but eventually are you wanting me to feel the pain, is it a game for you, should I pretend that I like it, is that the done thing and how free are these waters we’re drowning in?’
Molly was concentrating on conviction, if she willed the bed to be, then it was. She ignored Issy’s questions, the normal doubts of any arrived from there to here. ‘You’re with me, so come and believe in us, a party farty thing. Be as loose as me, then oh yes you will see that here there is a reason but its flecked with bits of truth, considered quite uncouth to be wanting more.’
The bed was a sailing ship through what might be a night if they had one. Fully rigged with destiny sails, galley filled with everything nice and puppy-dog tails, silent running, except when the cannons blast; complex of course, then we all are here. A cruise from somewhere near, plying the pleasure line. Molly opened a book within and invited Issy to see. ‘Dirty dungeon dolts, defecating dreams here, maybe so. Have a care though, you find as wishes makes it so in this place. Reap what you sew, you piss anyone here they’re apt to turn quite nasty. Keep your business to yourself and don’t believe all are true, if they’re asking you your name its best to lie.’
Issy looked inside the book, felt and found, then wished she didn’t. ‘Do you want me fucked or stirred here?’ She found her name was already a prominent stain throughout the letters. ‘Better for you I feel kind of blue, a foreign country, would that be better for us?’ Now lust, then celibacy, there was no middle way to this tale. All its romance started so well but inevitably ended with betrayal. ‘I prefer it better now if you reduce the weight that is hanging down on me, is that some kind of penalty, a border control that you are pasting without waiting for an answer.’ Issy squirmed upon the bed. ‘Although I’m stretched I feel that one day you will provide the answer to the question I don’t know here. She touched her lips and mimed a thought. “Here.” I say that many times as though I know the place. It seems to me a ghostly air forgotten and forbidden, a place I care not to fare in.’
Molly looked up. ‘What’s that you say?’ She was busy searching for another self to be. ‘If its better for us, where is the touch that I’m needing? See me at home but I might have to change my appearance, sometime a dog, sometime just more than this.’
Issy herself was deceiving at the edges, every thought she had could lead her to be another. ‘Is this some kind of joke, the smoke you’re turning into. Around me you waste away and reappear at the end looking pleased. Its just that I believe in you, don’t embarrass me by being untrue now, you can be wrong, you can be right, I don’t care.’
Spinning a cloak Molly settled on some kind of shape for now. ‘I spy with my little eye that you are having your self a resentment, go right ahead, its allowed, no one do care, for now we are friends, feel free to hate me as much as you want to. Its the done thing to stretch yourself and let your feelings flow freely, flutter around, forgotten before, here they are cherished and known, given a kiss and wished the wellest they may be, blinking at light they never know in the real place.’
The next door neighbour was a thief, providing relief with the certainty of her dishonesty. Molly invited her round, hoping she might steal the general air of distrust. Playing at hostess Molly dug up some ancient liquor, the thief took hers neat, Issy asked for a glass. The thief made a toast to Issy. ‘We are so good, or maybe not bad, its a pejorative we hang suspended. So make yourself at home here, we are not asking from you, so please wish us better ‘cos we need all the help we can get.’
The ship was sailing deeper now, past darkest deeds and help not given. Then the choppy space of puffed up postures and preening mirrors. Issy picked at the floating books but they were just window dressing. ‘If we can be just anything what would I be now, a cream puff to make you salivate, a dirty linen tool so you can have your fun with me and I don’t stain the sheets. A present for you, am I here, or am I an offering to all your filthy friends I see hovering just beyond my line of sight?’
A pang in the chest, a message to Molly her guest had been receiving scant attention. Not wanting the guilt she plucked it out and set it to sail on its own. ‘I’m sorry if your getting a funny picture of me the reception here is bad and I might seem to be something else.’ Molly turned to properly look at Issy, seeing that this place was having its effect and that Issy was glowing with glamour. ‘If I sound crude just blame the neighbours, they’re a wicked lot, I would teach them better manners but they don’t believe in them; lost forgotten things, they don’t feel a need to be polite. I get to see the light but they are night time burners, pop in a dream is their only release from this place, a repository of all the old and rotten feelings, they mix up a drink and call it love but its just an illusion aint it.’
Issy dived in swimming through the sea of might have been, the rotting slights of truth. ‘If I believe in you do I have to choose which one you are, fighting free to conquer me with the tales that’s been told about your prowess. More or less the same as you said before, only this time I’m believing they’re true, its the feel of this place that provides validity to them.’ Issy looked around for her memories as a child, she found them in a box marked, ‘careful.’ She opened anyway, took one look and tried to cram them back, their whispers pushed her down until Molly hauled her up to the safety of the ship.
‘You are praying now, don’t believe I’ve see you on the floor before, although now its heaving, don’t rock the boat please.’
Forgetting was easy, you make up your mind and its gone but the stain of it stays and has links to the gone where its not. ‘Seen enough, do you like me? I’m never sure before if anyone really can. I’m a bit of a miss and take, get so needy, greedy for a passion that I’m lashing to the floor, just to make sure it stays true.
Their poses were washed clean in a second, every stance without real romance a bore here. ‘Now you’ve got everybody kneeling just like you, they believe in you, I wish they would believe in me.’

picture story sunny sun phone
First of all
the kettle called
at my house,
it had forgot its cord,
skipped along the street.
I gave chase, not wishing for
accidental happenings.
Then the Sun I saw,
blazing down, come to town,
a celebrity to out dream all the never was.
He smiled a cherry beam,
said he was on his way for Christmas.
(Which is something I forgot to say,
only you should have told me better.)
A crowd had grown en masse,
impressed with the singing of the Sun,
a lovely baritone, his rhythm was amazing.
The Sun could cook,
well he nearly did,
until the crowd moved back.
Darling Sun so lonely
without a hand to hold you.
I stepped forward and dared my life
to show I cared for him.
When he saw me the Sun turned off his light,
became quite cool
and in that night I could touch and need him.
Heavenly his lips touched mine
and then we really knew it,
true love, pure, fine and simple.
We got married that same day,
left for the Milky Way on our honeymoon.
So now the Sun lives with me,
catches the bus,
just like any happy other.
I doubt I will become a mother,
the Sun’s got nine kids from a previous encounter,
any more would upset the apple cart, make a tart,
create mayhem in the Solar System.
Picture story I can curse phonejpg

If I’m sure, I adore you.
If I’m weak
I can’t speak my name.
If we grow then we know
this adventure is fulfilling us.
If we are,
if we’re not,
if I’m just a piece of snot to you,
then lets leave it on trust to rust away.
Hard as it seems to be me,
its you I’m falling for here,
came for a peek
then outstayed my welcome some more.
Its better here,
no pressure on me to be fine.
I can swear, I can curse
generally be as vile as I am
and its okay,
I don’t mean to say that I’m rough every day
but I need the acceptance of knowing my depravity can have song here.
You’re awfully sweet to me,
its standing the test.
As to the rest,
well hold me and see.

What’s that like?

Picture story - Small Escape - Phone

One day the talking book went, ’Oh!’ the sound of deflation, all elation gone because the characters had all gone for a runner.

This upset the Mummy. ‘Sally reach out quick with the people gone there is no telling the ending of this rhyming. If we don’t catch them fast they’ll jump into other books and mess up all the plots if they get the urge to be combining.’

Sally was stretching but to no avail. ‘Yes and no, come and go, these actors have stopped their loving and now are leaving. Learn and look where’s my book its running out the door; is that the way the cat went? Oh come back please, oh please, you’re too slippery your coats are made of mischief, catter catch, ratter rat. See them leaving Mummy is it my fault should I have treated them much nicer, given them their due for all such things as heaven does allow here, be robbed and cry, I wonder why, its a mystery and they have taken all the answers.’

~Is it for what, what is it worth then, poor little buggers stuck in a storm its not their fault its just a shaming of the writing they can't believe in. Run away for sake of their integrity. What’s worth worse a shitty book without a people, or the danger of a stranger come to call for your marriage vows then haul you to a sinning place and tie you in a knot to a plot that’s vacuous and a writer who’s forgot that money’s only right if the writings write and doesn’t stink of old succumbing. Let alone the child who should be knowing better. The Mum I can explain but the kid should have a feeling for the fleeing freedom felons, pursued and made to wear the same old words and chains its disgusting. I say let the buggers go its not as though they’re gonna live is it? Broken-hearted buggers begging for a letter to get them through the night, desirous of a speech they can make a history with. Pawns in peddles of deceit let them like a little, the first rain flood will wash the colours from ’em, scrap burnt to make a fire nothing much to wish for is it? ~

picture story glass island phone
You may say
When away
we came upon
an island
made of glass.
Inside were trees
and lovely ones
but they could not shout to us
we could see
but they
were never heard,
absence makes the heart grow fonder,
happens much.
Upon my knees
I was round inspecting.
I found a hole
and we crawled through
into glass and up our arse forever.
Rain came down upon this world
and though the trees were starving
none touched them
inside uncared or where they?
Seems to me that we had found the place where wars are started.
A place of peace
but a place that could never say
and without a word
things were left unsaid
which better had been spoken.
So the silence fumed,
The trees attacked the trees
and neither won
and all were lost,
at such a cost.
The island vanished beneath the waves
and we were sad
and mad that the silly things had too much pride
to be the first to say that they were sorry.
We swam home.
On the news
they just said.
‘Something happened today
but we don’t understand,
so there is no story.’
picture stories Christmas 16 phone.jpg
She lacks belief of his presence,
and his presents want for real conviction,
it’s a conviction he hopes to slip
if the law gets a grip on him.
Being altruistic, a wonderful trick
if you have the cash,
a cache of tender, the legal kind.
Robbing banks is easy if no one dare admit
the bandit is even there.
Then its nice to share,
easy come, easy go.
Ho, ho, ho.
Picture Story Issy & Mol Dig phone

Issy was sitting on the lip of the hole. ‘This is a very nice hole, as holes go it has a certain presence.’

‘Its not a present for you, I wouldn’t want you to get the wrong idea,’ said Molly lifting some dirt to the pile.’

‘I never thought it was, my birthday’s gone and anyway I prefer the nearness of you to any thingy-thing.’

Issy could do that, from out of the blue she could flip Molly’s heart over. ‘That’s a nice thing to say, thank you.’

‘You’ve got another spade.’


‘Is that a spare or do you want me to join in.’

Molly smashed at a piece of rock.

Issy got the spade and started digging.

‘Just some advice,’ said Molly. ‘you dig up the dirt from here and you put it on that pile there, I don’t want to make a mess.’

‘I can see,’ said Issy.

They carried on digging down.

Issy found she could get a superior lift by bending her knees. ‘I am thinking there is most probably a reason for this digging.’

Molly smiled, lifted more earth to the pile.

‘Like maybe we are tunnelling down to rescue a friend from Hades.’

‘You’ve got soft hands,’ said Molly, ‘here take my gloves.’

‘Or, there’s a secret river under here, it flows from a land of gold and mystery. We’re gonna travel upstream to find its source.’

‘D’yu smell anything,’ Molly bent down and sniffed, ‘I don’t want to break through a pipe?’

Issy knelt. ‘I recognise the scent, its just one of my backside gifts, not to worry.’

Molly snapped on a peg. ‘If you can produce those we don’t need any gas.’

‘Or, we’re digging down to feel the warmth at the centre of the Earth.’ Molly looked over at Issy and threw a pat of mud.

‘I assume my deduction has no validity,’ said Issy as she threw some mud back. A mud fight ensued.

‘You’re as brown as me now.’

‘But not as lovely.’ Molly started singing:
‘There’s a man in the Moon fiddling with his bum.
There’s a man in the Moon flicking dingleberries at the Sun.’

‘What a pretty song,’ said Issy stretched on the floor. ‘Or, there’s a tunnel under here, along it the night time fiends do ride. So we’re gonna trap ‘em down, put them in a cage until they fade away.’ She climbed back down into the hole. ‘You know I think the dirt on your side is easier to dig than mine.’

Molly explored her back for a muscle attack. ‘Yeah, when I took up the floorboards there was a neon sign saying. “Hard dirt here.” So I took the other side and tricked you into digging over there.’

‘That’s good to know, I don’t want to be moaning for no reason.’

‘D’yu wanna swap?’

‘Then you could do the whining, no way. I’m much better at moaning. You would bottle it up until you fell down dead.’

Issy got into her rhythm. She decided that she wasn’t gonna stop until Molly did. Then she got the fear that Molly was never going to stop, not ever, not even if hell froze over.

They reached the past but kept on burrowing. Issy found some old bones. ‘What d’yu think.’ Molly took a look.

‘Well I’m not an expert but I’d say this animal is dead, gone to meet its maker a long time hence.’

‘We could get a dog.’

‘A big, big, dog. I may be wrong but I think its usual to get the dog and then to get a bone for it. If it bothers you we can bury them again later.’

Issy reached up and put the bones on the floor. ‘Maybe we can piece them together see what it looked like, it could be a Dragon or a Unicorn.’

‘Or a Cow or a Sheep.’

‘Molly you’ve got no romance in you.’

Molly returned to digging.

‘Oh shit, I didn’t mean it like that.’ Issy lay down in the hole. ‘Bury me, I don’t deserve to live.’ Molly shovelled earth over Issy with enthusiasm. ‘You cow, you bloody would wouldn’t you.’ Issy jumped up and grabbed her spade. ‘En Garde,’ said Issy pointing her spade.

Molly took position then did a double handed swing knocking Issy’s spade up into the air, and caught it. ‘You are at my mercy, on your knees.’

‘Never, Issy Moon bends the knee to no man.’

‘Issy I’m a woman.’ said Molly.

Issy leant over and kissed her. ‘Hmm, tastes like a woman, you’re covered in crap its not easy to tell. Okay I believe you but don’t do it again. Now give me my sword and be good.’

They tunnelled down and further. Day passed to night. Issy was thinking then sat down in the dirt. ‘Molly there has been a union meeting.’


‘The workers have decided to down tools until they know what they’re digging for.’

‘Can’t get the staff these days,’ muttered Molly. ‘It’s a surprise.’

‘How long till we reach this surprise?’

‘That’s a surprise too but I’ll know it when I see it.’

‘Okay Molly it’s a surprise but you’ll have to give me a hint I’m done.’

Molly stood expectant, eyes on the ceiling as if waiting for inspiration. ‘Free and away this day, transcend in peace, such a won release. Hoping and helping together, there is no where ever else. Its a journey to a place that we are looking for, a secret and a morrow, a new dawn, a new day. Where prejudice has no interest there, freedom calls us so. How low can we go before we’re in my place, not a house, not a hurt, just a zone where you don’t remember; packed away the contents and forgotten. So believe in us again, best you do ‘cos I am here and I am wishing you to know me please. I need you to, its not a game, its more important than you think.’

‘Does it have apple crumble and custard?’


Picture stories - Sugar and Lies 1 - phone

He arrives with his usual lies, says he heard some crying but it was only dramatic sighing on the motion box. Presenting as her saviour she is perplexed, is this her errant knight or a malevolence cracked free by the violence of the storm.

{If it be known who I am she might better be rid of me now. so I’ll use some subterfuge, oh devious most wicked.}

‘Who the sugaring shit are you, piss off, I’ve got a dog, big dog, bigger dog.’

‘My lady did I startle you? Please forgive me but I heard a cry.’
{And my cunning self said, ‘Well hello Jack my lad that’s as good an entrance as any you could make’}

‘You scared the crap out of me, had a jump inside.’ She pulls back hugging herself, assessing the danger.
{Well if he is to be my killer at least he’s couth but alas lacking all veracity and truth.}

‘So my lady I came forthwith to ascertain the crying here but you seem fine.’ He bows.

‘That was just some thing on the TV, a play, or something, a little hysteria any way.’
{Gosh he looks weird, stay calm don’t alarm.}
‘But thank you for your trouble, I might have been mangled dead.’
{And still could be.}

May I offer you some tea?’

{Works every time I’m such a smart ass. I hate myself but I adore me too. A state of contradiction and I love it. Get the best of both its perfect for my game.}
‘Not if its any trouble, although I grant that now I am feeling a collapse of fear. If you permit me to be seated for a moment that will suffice as a reward.’

‘I prefer it dead. What am I saying you must think me mad. I’ll make it anyway. Yes sit.’
{I have no fear of my saviour now why should I? Because his smile makes my skin creep and I can see right through him. Get a grip Lilly, get a grip.}

{As easy as picking grapes, she’s in my palm, I can feel a little squeezing. Don’t get me wrong I’m not here to do her any harm, quite the contrary I have a present but she might not thank me for it yet.}

The actress of the piece returns with the tea. ‘When I was alone in there I thought I heard some talking?’

He laughs. ‘Ah yes that was me I was just saying hello to the nebulousness I have about me - these are fine walls.’

She lays down the tray, shifts the weight she has acquired. ‘Yes as walls go they do their job very well. Do you take sugar?’

‘Keeping people out, keeping people in, holding the roof from the floor, very fine. Two please.’ He drags his case over to sit in front of him.

She pours, hands him a cup. ‘That’s very interesting Mr…?’

{Can I confine, can I believe. My pleasure is hers for the asking. I amuse if she’s willing, I maybe confuse if she’s not. Introductions handy kind enough now, mine is short, Jadfo: there it is said. Purveyor of old jokes and bad delights, I can give her a spell, I can read the mind she’s having. She’s thinking of me as a pest, go away, oh no, please let me do my rest here.}
‘Jadfo, and may I in turn inquire of your nomenclature?’

‘I am not a bug Mr Jadfo, my name is Lilly, Lilly Moon.’

‘Lilly? Is that for the flower or the first wife? I must say Lilly Moon you seem remarkably confident for a young woman who sits alone with a stranger in the deadly night.’ Jadfo moves a little towards her.

‘Yes I am, my confidence rests upon my lap its called a loaded pistol and it is pointing straight at you.’ She reaches under her shirt to reveal the gun. ‘ You should also be aware I have called the Police and they will be arriving with guns cocked ready to send you back to hell.’
{It was bright at first but now there’s a threat, a thrill.}

‘Oh Lilly Moon you wound me with your suspicion and to think I have braved the danger streets to provide you with a gift.’ The maybe villain of the piece places his open palms alongside his open mouth to pantomime distress.

‘Lies, you’re just a pervert or a killer, there is no present.’
{And if there is a present I dread to think what it might be.}

‘You are correct it is no present but still it is a gift, or should I say a treat?’ He leans forward fiddles with the locks upon the case.’

A siren sounds in the distance, they sit silent sipping tea as it draws near then slowly fades away.

‘So what treat is this, are you planning a party, or is it chocolates wrapped in gold, maybe you’re a Magician pulling bunnies from your hat?'
{I feel a strong desire to throw my tea into his grinning face. But its my place and I do prefer a little neatness.}
‘Would you take the cups and place them on the tray please?’

{Well there’s more to this than just the tears, I can bring them forward, I can bring them back.}
‘My treat is called surprise its a gift I have for you. In the case upon the floor I have the cure for your loneliness. But as you rightly surmise I am not relishing a hole in my being and a gaol would so curtail my fun and games. So I must say adieu dear Lilly Moon.’

Lilly waves the gun. ‘Oh no Mr Jadfo you’re staying, you can’t leave until I find what this parlour game you are so enjoying is really all about.’ She kicks the case. ‘You’re lying, there’s nothing in this case but dirty washing.’

‘Are you so sure of that?’ A cigarette appears. ‘Is it possible I might smoke?’ She points to an ashtray. ‘My lady fair so I wheedle with the wishes as a jest. I can show you cards that I’ve tampered like the best. I can show you promises that are unworthy. I’ve done my share of lying. I’m good at counting figures but I am just a wayfarer, someone from the storm its not my behest to be growing the throwing of untruths to surround the way I am. I am a cheat and I’m awful but a cheat you know is better than a liar that you don’t.’

‘You’re feeling me playing me for a mark. I’ve seen those games before now. Well its no good but there is an answer to our quandary, here is the pistol open the case please.’ Lilly’s skin is damp, her heart is racing; a promise is a promise but she really craves a smoke.

His smile is threatening to crack his face in two.
{Oh this is fun, I do like a mark who gets into the spirit of the thing.}

From Jadfo’s mouth perfect smoke rings rise. Lilly watches with silent admiration, a skill she never did acquire. ‘The case Mr. Jadfo.’

‘Am I making you nervous Lilly Moon?’ Jadfo opens the case positioning the lid to mask its contents. ‘So what do we have in here? A blow up doll, or maybe a cute kitty cat, could it be your demise, that cures most things I believe. A mirror would make a lousy joke, a self-help book, a bottle full of empathy, a billion dollars - that would make you popular.’

‘May I suggest that there is nothing in the case except for the empty soul of a mountebank some kind of charlatan.’ She squints at the case and then at Jadfo.
{I think this is how he really is, the pretence of being human is just a lousy mask.}

‘Oh Lilly Moon have a little faith. So what do we see – a mist, come closer, do not pull away this show is for you. Now the mist is clearing and we can see the play:
In the woods lies a woman and she’s drowning, hasn’t seen that the woods are so green. Her face is down in the dirt of a puddle. That’s the gift can you pay me please.’

‘Shall I pay you in spit or will you take a fart on demand?’
{If your so smart can you read my heart and know it for a wayward bitch left alone too long.}

‘I prefer the payment to be made in kind. A kinder gift would be rewarding’
{I come in double dares, I can swing around for your amusement. I can do your pleasure showing you the way that no one knows. I can be mean, obscene. Hold my hand its quivering. I’m putting up a front for you, deep down I’m shaking plenty.}

‘There are reasons but the cops aren’t coming so you can spend the night. I’ll hold you but you never can touch me.’

picture stories night flight phone

The rain below is spreading filling up the drains but its not affecting me, I just keep going on, content to be moving with my mission. I once heard someone say that a moving is either an escape or a going to. Well this is a date with someone coming, not a business thing, its a surprise of course, a memory of something more, just adore the empty space of him. I am choosing my own fate, keep on cruising, can’t be late. As a matter of fact, it was in Pudding Lane. Met him at the stop, he said his name, I tingled and I trembled with the hearing of his voice. Said he was a dancer but condemned to dance alone. He was oh so, good, they were jealous, so they pulled his visibility and put it in a cage. But I will be the one that gets to greet him. This night, in my father’s sleep, I took his keys, stepped down to the bars and bundled up the dancer’s suit. So now I will get to watch him move and perhaps I will step along with him, so there.

Of course I know he’s good, he’s as true as wood which never ever lies.

You’re making me late with your questions, goodbye.

How can you say that? The flying horse has to be there,
otherwise I would be falling through the air. Use your sense.

Picture story Mister Hate phone

‘Oy you. You aint the same as me, which makes you other and others are not to be allowed.’

Issy felt the hatred as a force, like a garbage can emptied over her body ‘How nicely spoken, may I believe its me you are addressing, a direct manifestation of the pain in you.’

Mister Hate picked his nose, inspected the result, then flicked the gift to Issy. ‘I want the world rid of scum like you, purified and clean. You may think I’m obscene but deep in their secret places everyone knows I’m right’ He walked around her, moved to poke but never touched. ‘You are evil, a devil spawn. not a human being, you are something less of course and every curse in this world comes from you.'

Issy was bored, seemed she had been listening to this trash her whole life ‘You’re running at me like a Christmas tree, all barbs held out in your welcome, spiteful and mislaid in your passion. Give a girl a chance.’ Issy shifted the weight on her feet, folded her arms to be firm, a wall to deflect the malice he was sending. ‘Pierced and broken, this spoken bile you say, is just the emotion of your hurt. Rise above, find some love, don’t be crippled by your hate of me.’

This man full of hatred had dirty pink skin, he was just another chore for Issy to deal with. ‘See me as a mirror, see me as a fear you’re steering from. Got it wrong, its not me that’s the disease, look to your face its distorting you into a monster.’ She reached and pulled at one of his thorns. ‘Now let us see if I pull on one of these what happens, it slips right out of you, a blade that’s been cutting you for far too long.’

He jumped back like he’d been stung. ‘Get your paws off me.’ He leaned over Issy with a bully’s threat, lit a cigarette. ‘That smile on your face you is just a mask to hide your hots for me. You’re a piece of cockroach shit, maggot puss, whispered hells that you are praying to. A witch a whore, a bitch a claw stained with crap from your arse, stand fast, I’m gonna give you a tongue whipping.

Issy wondered if her skin was green would she get the same. ‘Hurry hit me now, give a kicking, will that make your fate any better?’ Issy searched his face for any sign of a soul. ‘Its better for us if you can believe that the shade that’s in you can find a relief by turning the gun to your own, killing the evil that’s sickly. Here let me hug you, let me share the wounds. You’re missing by miles the joy of a child, that you are disgusting, not trusting you with his laughter. I see it quite clear, the sun disappears, and you are left with the moon but the dark side is the one that lights you. You’re burnt to a crisp just ashes, blow you away with a puff. Now come to me we will push all these lances through. Allow the sorrow, find a place to heal and lick yourself clean. Are you worth a shit, or are you beneath that too?’


picture stories Wish Fall 3 Phone
The town was rained by good fortune. Can a gift for one become a gain for all?
Wishes flowed down and filled his head, he was looking for a brain but this was better. Toys and joys and dishes of food he was thinking when the chances came pouring in. Filled with the might have, the might do’s. How to chose, do I lose, are they playing when they are saying they are mine. Gimme game and gamble, I want fun for every one on earth please. Lets all have cakes, lets see we all enjoy the pleasure. A lot to put on my plate, I might have and hold them all. If I was a giver, I never have been but then I’ve never had so much. Its a tug of their gifts, their presents, the roads that could be. It should be easier, just have more toys than I can hold. Its all too much, never guessed I would feel so hard by joy and happiness. Its a short-sighted gain that counts for nothing in the long run, or its a trying to build a better future. The boy was considering but he began to hear somewhere deep inside him a voice was saying, ‘No, give them pills lets wish for a rocket.’
The dancer twirls, the wishes fall to pattern her dress. No question she’s choosing the talent to make her stepping dreams succeed. Is it construing the answer before the pose to ask is this best for her? Sees herself narrow and formed now, no fit rival to challenge her plans. The possibilities of the wishes confirm her thinking she was meant to be a dancer. Young prizes confine as well as they win and she’s judging the stars to help lift her.
She soars, ‘Fol di di its my time and I’m ready. Poise, position, pirouette, people will say, “There goes Judy the dancer prancer.” Did I pay my due, well here’s to you. Hope you’re happy, do you like me please. I want you too, I need that, its a simple calculation my body for rent to your eyes.’
Judy stares out of the picture. ‘You’re painting me selfish well that’s all right, paint me anything at all, I know my moves will fill the halls, provide pleasure. You can be a cynic, probably are, these wishes will help but they take me nowhere, I need dedication, I need to bear the pain, pledge myself to a possibility. Be the greatest ever seen and if that’s a selfish thing well you may call me names but when the applause roars I will prove you wrong.’
Picture Story Wish Fall 2 phone

Sand and snow falls like this, a bliss without a handhold. When it comes you must be quick, catch them while you can; wishes strewing nicely now.

Mary-Mary seems a greedy lady and sometimes those in need can exceed their personal allotment. From what reason she is starving is not clear only her grasping shows that she can only live with a wish to keep her going.

Mary-Mary stops the stars and speaks. 'So in this show I am cast to be the snout stuck in the trough. Well okay I shall play my part. “Guzzle, guzzle burp.” was that take okay or do you want it done again.'

The writer whispers back hoping the audience will not hear. 'Will you be quiet you are spoiling the pretence.'

The audience does not bother Mary-Mary, she speaks quite naturally. 'What pretence, they just said I needed to be large, they never said I had to act. Okay but it will cost you more and I need my motivation…please.'


Mary-Mary speaks slowly and clearly as she would to a child. 'Yes, why am I swallowing these wishes?'

There are murmurs in the background and then the writer replies. 'Okay…You've been through fire, your house burnt down, you've seen the worst and are never going back there.'

Mary-Mary goes back to her proper position. 'Thank you… “Paint me as a piggy but piggys need some loving, piggys need some hope and I'm swallowing some bright, bright wishes to keep me warm at home. When they come back and drag me down I will be prepared, So don't make first impressions when you're not inside to feel the truth. I judge you not, don't you please judge me.”…was that okay?'

'Yes fine, on to the next scene.'

'What about them?' Says a familiar voice.

The writer looks around. 'Who?'

Mary-Mary points. 'Who? Them there, my lover and my two sons.'

'Their not eating stars are they? This scene is about eating stars, they're window dressing.'

'You know you are a real shit don't you. They've got up real early, struggled through the cold, only to be told they're nothing but bloody window dressing.' Mary-Mary says with ice.

Furious scribbling on the script 'Okay…Your lover has had enough, he's running away from you. One son is doubting you're his mother and the other is fishing without a line…happy?'

'He wouldn't run away from me, I'm his one and only.' says Mary-Mary.

'Really…well if that's your belief don't read this: By her side, or further her lover is running, rushing for another place. Galloping off with glee he seems to have an urge to put the space between them. But with the wishes falling he stops to reconsider. “Give me hope, give me wealth, give me, give me. I need another chance and if Mary-Mary's getting richer then I'll favour a further dance. I give service, I'm no parasite, just like to feed my hunger for the finer things of life. I want everyone to be happy but most especially me.”

'You made that up.'

'I'm sorry Mary but just look at the picture.'

'…I've just had a thought, with all these wishes I can get a better one.'

'Beware of…'

'Say that and you are toast.'

Picture Story Wish Fall 1 phone

‘I should have had a sister to join with me, to gaze upon this unfolding panoply.’ Honey is not sleeping she’s looking up to the stars. That light must be a plane, moving fast, getting nearer, its not a plane, Honey runs. Down it falls, with a roar like a yell in the stockyard. As the fires burn down to cinders Honey dares to see; a ruined garden but looking on the bright side, a fallen star brings the gift of a wish.

Honey plants the fallen star, there to gather strength. Then in the spring to come alive, a wishing tree for all.

Now to send the lucky stars to give their magic, a gift of sorts looking for a home. A mighty breath then Honey sends a gust of air, the wishes quiver then release. Flowing through the air to fall wherever chance decides, a lottery with no favourites or favours. A storm of wealth and wonder, what possibilities are given, a second chance, a clarity of understanding. Honey’s altruism has no strings, it is a gift given for its own sake.

Wishes have no mind, takes their task what ever asked, right or wrong sing no songs of their own. Magnifies the hopes but no bank behaves and the bad just get worse, wishes are not an angel maker. Fair luck floating down then coupled to a dream, a whisper comes alive, if they are wise would last a lifetime. Now the time of sewing but what will the reaper find?

oh but we are phone picture stories

I was a soul so far,

she was better than the red she was painted.

Twain and betwixt let’s say mixed.

I was after time, the sands of life were running,

something was coming.

Dare the risk for just one kiss with you.

Sailed, seeking the angel, seeking the witch.

But no country claimed that they could own you.

Said I should rest from my impossible quest,

seeking to test my involvement.

I covered my ears to the songs that their sirens were tempting.

And you, were you as true, were you still waiting?

Doubting, I could hear you say ‘yes’ to any man that approached you.

You cursed me untrue for all the lies I had said.

When the dark days came I clung to faith but she was a fickle companion.

She gave me a test writ by the devil,

to prove my taste, my gratuitous waste

of the bodies I had loved before you;

would my care for you be forsaken?

Then one day faith took pity and pointed,

her finger led to the end of the sea

and true as your word you were waiting.

You at my side, the one, the bride.

But your shivering is saying

that there’s more to this than you are telling.

So we fit together like peas in a pod,

one who is lonely and one who’s a sod.

That will do nicely.

jins mum phone pictur story

Jin’s Mum don’t live in the most convenient place so we decided on the transgress way, short and sweet and over before you’re done. Jin is caring with occasional fiery moods but I’ve never seen her ratchet up the emotion bells like this before.

We stood before the grand gates and Jin spoke the word to open. Moved on through the rotting hall ‘So awful is there here, my Mum is done and my only gift an illusion but will save her. I owe it to myself now to bring her this, lovely for her, yes please answer we.’ She turned and glared. ‘Could you try a little more complexion please?’

‘Don’t you mean compassion?’

What’s one up from a glare because that’s what Jin gave me now. ‘If I meant compassion I’d of said it.’

Jin’s Mum greeted us without her crown and you could see she was really ailing. ‘Was your remark a spark to find me just about still flowing. Yes you are bowing now but not for long. It is true that I grow weak but not from you. I am a little pallid pale and perhaps am wanting too. Is that a gift for me?’

Jin was kissing and a hugging ‘Its help and I’m a helpful kind of person, there’s nothing much to say, you’re my Mum you see. Yes it will help you recover and bring sparkle to your twinkle step as well.’

‘If its better for you then I am laughing. If its better for me well what’s true. If you’re thinking that I’m a bitch that’s my other. Listen to your heart your wondering if I’m a spell that’s gone quite crazy. Well darling its best to make the most of me right now.’ She took the flames. ‘Do I put them in my heart will it revive me?’

‘Its much better than that, you start at your feet and it will consume you; become like ashes in the wind.’ Jin was enthusiastic as a convert. ‘Mother its best for you, I read it in a story you get all burned up and from that pyre will rise a younger brighter you. They said it with real words upon a page’

As Jin spoke the Grand Lady grew paler. ‘What a dutiful daughter to be so thoughtful, coming all this way with a flame in your heart. Your sisters bought some nice new robes do you care to see them, most elegant and flowing in these currents. Why don’t we have a rest and send for tea?’

But Jin’s fervour was a runaway train, an irresistible force. ‘Mother what’s the use of clothes when you’re dead. Trust me and believe, although I admit I’ve been known to lie. Open wide and pour the fire all the way down.’

Jin’s Mum lifted the flames high. ‘Darling daughter I know you can come with many faces but I have never seen this one before. If you play at witch I curse you bitch. Belief is what I’m needing I summon her and swallow.’

Jin turned to face the viewers of the picture. ‘She’s my Mum, she’s yours as well. So I’m bringing health here; symbolic you might say. Fire of life to burn her up and free her. From the bloody ashes she can rise anew. Take a good look and scream, she’s not pretending to be ending anymore here. She’s a Goddess she’s a charm, she’s giving living for us all, heavy toll to pay. She is built the way she is, takes it all on and never half complains. Now stand well back she’s gonna burn quite sweetly but the heat can get a bit of fizz. Don’t be suing, don’t be ruin she be lovely, out of that old husk be born as right as day.’

picture story - for the ever
Hold tight,
don’t fight,
love is coming thrilling willing us to each other.
Stand straight,
accept my gift of this the heat of me the beat of me.
Dance, dance, flying free we can be we are.
Forget, forget, the others they are wounds away now.
Bend back feel me through you to you yes.
Time, time is joking croaking an old fart for the fairies.
We will steal this hour and any harm that comes
will be a prison worth the paying.
Love is true not meant to be concealed here.
Stand true.
There is no ending, we are here enduring for the ever.
Picture story Some silly Sense phone

The carpet came to call,
ignored the sign upon the wall.
The ten most merry men poked their heads,
and saids. ‘Its not your business here,
bog off, go on, disappear.
We are oh so rum, tum, tum,
we could beat you hollow
if the morrow was a day for fighting.’
At this the carpet smiled.
‘Why of course you can
but that’s not in the plan,
which is nothing more or less
than an access to the Queen,
of whom I’ve hardly seen,
to present her with some fun
and by the way your flies are all undone.’
So while they all were looking
for ministration of their zip situation,
the carpet hesitates then through the gates
on the four legs it had been keeping hidden.
Didn’t want spy eyes to see.
The carpet rolled out some more,
be free, restore its natural style,
smile, now we see the blue horse of course.
It ran around the palace place,
hither, thither and up and with fervour further.
Until it came to the old, dusty and gloom,
the room where the Queen was ruling the realm.
She was most surprised by the horse
and fearing it might overwhelm she screamed.
‘Begone you fiend, I’ll lash you to the rack,
go crick, crack, break your back.’
The Queen declared, for she was mighty scared
and scaredy people do funny things sometimes.
The horse said. ‘Oh that’s no fun, I want none of that,
its better yet to say,
“Lets make this a day to play.”’
Grabbed her hands and escorted her to the floor.
The drummer set the beat the music began to soar.
The Queen and horse must kick up dust
and following tradition they did a smart rendition
of the dance from France
they call the descente dans l'amour,
a mist, an enamour for the love of living.
Altruistic, enjoying all the trust that they were giving.
The Queen’s dark days were done, fun had begun.
She ripped her skirt to free her knees.
felt a breeze and laughed.
So far as this was going
this easy going flowing,
she wished forever knowing.
There’s little doubt it was a carnival in the making.
But the horse was averse to being
the meat they would be baking,
so it took a jump to ameliorate the situation,
a defenestration,
an urgent need to flee, jumped back to the sea.
The Queen, poor lass, distressed,
her prancing lacked a guest,
so on this occasion she made a proclamation
no horse meat should provide replete
in case supplied by her dancing friend.
And there we say The End.

3 in bed 4 grand princess phone

The room was a Grand Princess but now her welcome worth less than the flowers she used to wear. A weary witness to the couplings and the arguments, the lies and wheedling words, the laughs and tears, the room just let them float on by, uninterested, who cares. She lived in memories of more courteous times, royals in her bed, champagne flowing, duals at dawn when honour counted more than death.

The family were taking a break; the hotel was perfect, with ambitions lost and no stars or bars to laud it. All at rest except for Molly practising her charms and Hope wriggling free of Amy’s protective arms.

The Princess coughed awake by the clouds of vapour flowing from the cauldron. ‘Excuse me young woman, I pride myself on never intruding upon the actions of my guests but I really must protest. That is my floor, my carpet, that you are burning.’

Molly looked around. ‘So what is this a place of welcome or do I have to pick my nose to get a seat. It happens to be none of your business what I’m doing here. Paid my penny so up yours jake.’ Molly turned back to the cauldron but she could not settle; she felt remorse, her words were spite and none she would delight to hear.

‘Sorry that was rude, I presume you are the possessor of the spirit here. Well its not my intention to give you grief and I can assure you that I am not a vandal, these here sparks and flames are just an illusion I’m burning so I can spell out the way and the when. No harm I swear all good right as rain. And for your information I’m older than I appear to be, I appreciate the epithet but it don’t charm me.’

The presence of the room came closer. ‘Bullshit swine and piss to you, see I can do the same. I learnt this from the crik crack crew who fill their veins and pass their names so boldly - vile and bitches all of you. So better than the rest are you, we would see, if I had form I would put you to the test. I would run you round the mountain with the beat of my hips, my subtle, dips the rhythm of my swaying but I am just a phantom here no physique to prove my bluster. I envy yours, I would eat you if I could, aah the taste of flesh again. I would spit out your bones and shape them into puppets just to dance for me.

Molly’s temper heated. ‘Bitch an sore if you want a war I’ll play you. Dare you double dare for me. Lets just see if you’ve got the balls to fill your mouth with. I’ll create a smoke for you, jump in and dance. Proof of the pudding my darling bitch; let’s see this famous flow of yours, come here and dance with me.

So they danced; the talent teller, the one two three and four, the mini met, taking turns to follow. The phantom Princess moved in memory humming tunes from her golden age. Shades and presence faded in, Amy dragged Juke to the floor, Hope pranced with her favourite doll and the ball was heating nicely, all was smiles and for this time the forgotten could forget.

Alas Amy jogged the timing case and sent the pendulum swinging. ‘Tick, tack, tock. Click, clack, clock.’

The weight of reality rushed in. It snuffed out the fun and turned the dancers back to shades. Molly’s fire turned green and a vengeful smoke rose from the cauldron now. Reality was winning but the phantoms and the characters were fighting back. The smoke that was not there swirled and covered the eyes of the officials their papers turn to ash from their freezing hands. It was a stalemate until the room preferring the memory of its past backed illusion and threw an army of dust into the fray. The practical police were on the retreat forced back out to a time of day and reason but in the room the night-time pleasure would reign for ever.

picture story 3 in befd 3 phone

- he forgot the day they met crippled by the wishes he wished had never happened suffered to his old ways and got a job taking all the blame the shame of some risen entertainer dragged around in the dirt sucking up the dark deeds that fed his owner without his ever knowing - amy suffered in a sea of self denigration feeling worse with every slash she lashed the nothing she felt herself in misery without the pleasure he had given being none she took on guises that any passing stranger felt that they required for some counterfeit completion a whore a wife a younger an older an angel or a scolder she played these all with ease her lies returned her talent for deceit she could be anyone but the truth to be herself - molly sat in bars unseen she supped on other’s drinks built a wall of alcohol to stand against the memories that stabbed her with the warmth of amy’s holding the surprise that juke possessed a bright side a time she felt not worthy better to forget and live alone with no expectations except another night of whisky haze that softened all the days she wasn’t counting they were three together living out a dream instead of being one they were a trio but untrue they were really two and two with Amy as the fulcrum molly and juke swung around together forever or never as amy pulled apart molly and he tried to heal her but a missing piece was never found and amy faded back to the wind and mist each one blamed the other it was easy to see that it was he it was she that amy loved the best molly returned to drinking and cursed juke be far away leaving molly alone except for her most faithful friend the bottle at her lips she drank the hurt away and accepted the bitchy witchy way draining the dregs of her existence she found the will to turn from the floor and face the light above years passed and she could kneel then cursed herself to stand she got a job behind the bar floating on a daily bottle battled the charms that fought inside her steadied for another life of learning one night the entertainer now on a falling path passed out on the bar revealing juke in dark behind him molly cut his collar dragged him to her room bathed away the stain led him to her bed fed him of herself till his eyelids flicked revealing life there juke stared then cared then stripped her every pore every sore every wrinkle he passed from eyes to heart one tender kiss and a molly my love and he collapsed in release in relief juke stole the cash and they bought a bar united molly charmed the punters in and juke soothed the sins around them - she was nothing she was less she believed every vileness they professed to name her but the zero had a dot inside that was filling to be bigger and her naught gave birth to hope a child that wanted more than nothing could ever give and with that need amy shifted to be a mother her talents led to take the role of actress and rising on the prayers of those she had deserted she got jobs with small time players then a bit part on the tv - then a glass a glance a certain twist of shoulder and molly and he could know that underneath the paint was the one that could fill the absence in themselves that they both were hiding they recognized the pain in her it ran down the walls and stuck to every step juke dragged molly though the darkened doors the sighs and whispers enticing them but losing hold against their sense of purpose and out into a filthy night of acid rain the heat from hades rising a huddled figure dripping hair - amy looked back sensing fate had turned a page amy had had it up to here with the backroom fights and tangles she was pleased to deceive but there came a price she was slipping away again only hope was her saviour now when molly and juke came calling she had not the strength to say bye bye as she wanted me and you know her fate its written in the answer but molly and juke could not conceive it they were wrenched off their feet and jumbled in the slime and running drains a mystery a sisterly drove something through amy’s heart and she turned back to see the weight of truth brought about a change in her and found the strength to lift them from the gutter each supported each the way it would always be and they took a flight for the marriage that binds them closer now than ever.

picture story princess pearl pho

Princess Pearl rode the spear like a witch down into the baying fiends. Her sword sliced and the giant wasted into smoke. She ducked she dived, swerved through time, appearing at the city gates, Pearl’s sword swung and the mighty battering ram fell without a hand to hold. Her archers on the ramparts let loose a killing hail, black smoke writhed an answer to their aim. Princess Pearl carved a path of death through the monster horde but the more she slew the more they seemed to be. The runes were waning she turned but too late, a fiendish arrow pierced her side. As she fell she saw a massive army heading from the north, ‘Oh no there’s more.’ But at their head she caught a flash of gold; she briefly smiled ‘The Golden Prince’ before her senses faded.

She was at peace, no questions, no answers, just serenity. A piercing light intruded, annoying and insistent dragging her back to pain. Princess Pearl returned to life so bright she squinted. It was her own bedroom, everything known, everything but the splendour radiating from the left of her. The Golden Prince was reading, he was blinding, his armour seemed not to just reflect light but to be made of it. Pearl’s movement cut through his attention.

‘Give praise you are back.’ The Prince grasped her hand. ‘I feared that we had lost you to the place beyond our knowing.’ His smile his sheer charisma was like a magnet pulling Pearl towards him.

‘What happened? I was fighting the Fiendish horde when I was pierced and fell.’

‘Luckily our vanguard saw and fought away that filth before they could harm you further. When I bought up my army the Fiends turned tale and fled.’ The Prince felt her forehead. ‘You have a fever you must rest.’

‘Rest, but there is much to do I must arrange for such a distinguished guest.’ Pearl got out of bed and collapsed.

The Golden Prince caught her and settled her back in bed, scanned her sleeping form then swung his cloak and vanished.

The Princess thrashed in tormented sleep, nightmare visions of the wars cursed her as a callous killer, caused her anguished cries. Now she was dying, she gasped for air. She fled the horror of her sleep to greet the dread before her eyes. The one eyed fiend loomed, his massive paw gagging her.

‘Bad dreams Princess? That’s the price of being a bitch.’ The fiend settled himself upon the bed. ‘Let us create a little covenant between us you and me, I will let you breathe and in return you do not scream. Its best that you comply for my dirk sits upon your throat, nod your head for yes.’

The Princess nodded.

‘Good. Come close we must make a little journey, I doubt you will be bored.’ He grabbed her to him, turned to smoke and solidified in a merry place. The Great Hall was clothed in flowers, tapestries of the seasons flowed down the walls, a fine golden carpet poured from one end to the other.

‘What is this?’ The Princess whispered, aware of the knife pricking her neck. ‘It looks set for a marriage.

‘And marriage there will be. You and the Prince are set to wed at noon.’

‘You are showing lies.’ The Princess spat. ‘I hardly know the Prince, there has been no time for the rites.’

‘Plenty of time, you fell in mid Winter, now we are deep in Summer. You will wed, no one can fight the glamour of the Prince’s golden armour. You will be spelled to do his will and if he wants you for a bride a bride you will be.’

‘Fiend you will have to do better, you expect me to believe such as you against the most honourable monarch in all the land.’

The Giant whirled and they appeared in bleaker place, a damp dungeon. Pearl had no thought for the chamber she was fixed upon a pile dumped in its centre. ‘Have a good look.’ The giant threw her onto the mound of dead bodies. ‘Anyone you know?’

The Princess knew them all. ‘Ellen, Robert, Finn the messenger, Alain, Grace and her sister, Monsieur Abdul the Treasurer, young Theo...’ The Princess wept. ‘Who? Why?’ She turned to the fiend. ‘Is this you?’

The giant returned her glare with a smile. ‘It might be, but I don’t find much sport in killing unarmed servants.’ He drew out a pipe and lit it. When the tobacco was smouldering to his liking he added. ‘Unless its really necessary.’

‘What is this Fiend? Why are we together, just kill me and be done.’

He looked coolly back at her. ‘Killing would be too quick. I suffered the long agony climb from the depths because of you. Now I shall enjoy watching you writhe.’

‘I think that’s the only honest thing you’ve said to me.’

‘You are most discerning Princess.’ The Golden Prince appeared. ‘I expect this filth has been spreading calumnies against my virtue. Well he shall trouble us no more. The Prince directed a blinding flash toward the fiend but he had disappeared to smoke before it struck?

In his presence the Princess once again felt the irresistible pull towards him. Was this love, or deception. ‘The fiend said you killed my servants.’

‘Sorry Princess I do not understand what you are saying.’

The Princess waived behind her. ‘These dead bodies.’

The Prince waved for her to turn. ‘Dead bodies where?’

They were in the kitchen with the cooks and the maids hard at work. Seeing the Princess the servants curtsied saying, ‘Your Majesty.’

Eyes and lies, what to believe?

‘Come Princess you are still weak let me escort you to your chamber.’

The Princess called on her will and fought the Prince’s charisma. ‘Marriage, the Fiend said we are to be married?’

‘Oh my dear do not say you have forgotten all our moonlit walks, the hunts together, the balls, the games of making poetry. I think you must remember, must remember, say you do remember please.’

‘I remember.’

‘That is good, now here we are at your door. I will leave you to get prepared.’ The Prince guided her into a hive of activity many maids awaiting her presence to pamper and adorn.

Nobility from all the realms lined the pews as Princess Pearl walked the golden carpet to her Golden Groom. Still weak she leaned upon her Uncle’s arm. The light ahead spoke to her of love and joy but another voice was insinuating, Pearl recognised the harsh tones of the fiend. ‘Now my little horror know this to be true. The Prince desires just two things from this wedding. Your sword which belonged to the Great Hero and your courage which he intends to pull from you. So go along and wed I shall enjoy your wretchedness.’

‘Lies, lies again, just lies.’

The ceremony began, The Princess and the Prince laid hands upon the Hero’s sword, the Priest intoned the fascination. ‘Now whoever are joined by this brave sword are bound together for this life.’ The Prince was ripped from the sword and the fiends great paw set there instead. Intent on performing the litany the Priest blithely carried on. ‘I now bind you Werman and Wifman together.’ Pearl looked around, the Great Hall was full of fiends. The Prince had been forced to the ground a dozen swords upon him. ‘Now what have we here?’ The giant lifted his axe and hit a blow so deft it split the armour without touching flesh. The fiends tore the golden metal away and there inside spitting lay a scrawny fiend. ‘Well cousin you have played a clever tune and as such you are due some payment.’ He turned to those guarding. ‘Bind him well and throw him alive upon the dead, we will decide on his curse later.’ Pointing to the armour, ‘That is far too dangerous a toy, melt it down to coins and give them to the poor.’

The Princess sat upon the marble steps holding the Great Sword, bewildered by events. The Giant sat beside her. ‘Budge up Wife I need a little room.’

‘You do realise that if I swung this sword there is nothing could stop your death.’

‘Yes but you could not make that swing while my axe lies so far away. You were wrong Princess, the Prince was never the most honourable monarch in all the land, that distinction has always belonged to you.’

‘Call me Pearl.’

3 in be 1 short story p

Amy paused the lift until Juke could find the shade to reach her. He started to cuddle but she shrugged him off. ‘Wait.’ The corridor on the fifth floor had lived many stories; Amy and Jake stole along with no intent of burdening it with more. The lifted card opened the door and they were in.

Amy shimmied back to shape, spread across the bed with a satisfied sigh.

Juke explored, ‘You were great, how long we got?’

‘I was, I was really awesome.’ She could not help but laugh and covered her mouth. ‘Maybe three hours.’

Juke pulled down the blinds, preferring the half-light. ‘You’ve got something written over you.’

‘My latest tattoo, it can go if you’d rather?

‘Try, let’s see.’ He sprang on to the bed.

Amy raised a hand, ‘Now go slow, we’ve got the time and I’m fragile I need a warmth of loving before the pleasure.’ Then to add a carrot to her request, ‘You can be your normal self, its fine by me.’

Juke settled himself as a nest for Amy and began. ‘Once upon a time a messenger came running, “Your Majesty the enemy is at the gate.” The Princess tore off her dress grabbed her sword and rushed to the battlements, looking down she saw a horde…”’

‘What was under her dress?’


‘The Princess, was she wearing anything under her dress?’

‘Whatever, what do you prefer?’

‘Naked, I think she was naked. Carry on.’

‘The naked Princess saw a horde of Fiends, she smiled. “Dear swine if I knew you were coming I would have baked a cake but alas the flour and the sugar stand apart.”

A one eyed giant raised his head. “Well that is a pity I’m so hungry I could eat a horse but maybe the taste of Princess will do. Open your gates and we will make it quick, resist and you will feel it long.”

“Don’t rush me I’m thinking.” The Princess placed a finger to her chin. “No I don’t think so, there is a certain lack of grace to your offer I prefer it better that you leave now, then I will only destroy your stragglers. Defy me and you will find that your fathers deep in hell will shun you for being bested by a girl.” The Princess chose a spear, wrote the runes and swooped…”

Amy I feel a hand upon my back.’

‘That would be me, I have two and they are both pulling you close. Go on with the story.’

‘But I still feel this hand, have you grown some other digits?’

Amy smacked her palm against her head. ‘Oh sorry, I forgot to say. Just a friend from a nether place, she drinks a lot but she’s harmless as long as you are careful.’

‘Amy what are you playing at?’ Juke cupped Amy’s face to look at him. ‘This is us together not a party for your drunken friends. Does this demon have a name?’

‘My friend is numbered yes. But for the life of me I’ve forgotten what she’s called here.’

A refined voice interrupted ‘Are you speaking about me? That is awfully rude makes me feel as if I never was.’

Amy lifted herself to see over Juke. ‘I’m sorry its just your name has clicked apart for me. I can remember bits there’s a ‘v’ and a ‘d’ I think.’

‘That’s right spells me, Molly, I’ve come to lend a hand.’

Juke rolled over to see the horror Amy had described. ‘Lend a hand for what?’

Molly ignored the question, she pushed at Juke to make some room. ‘Shove up please I feel the need to rest. Carry on don’t mind me I wont interfere with anything your doing.’

‘Amy is this your little surprise – a threesome, thank you much. Well get to work you two I’ll just lay back and enjoy.’

Amy buried her head under a pillow, Molly unsheathed her talons. ‘Who is this pig did you find him in the gutter his manners are atrocious. I said shove up not shove in. I’m not touching your grimy scars with anything but a knife.’

Stung, Juke leapt from the bed, in the gloom he could see Molly’s margins blending into mist; like the cat only the smile was certain. ‘Oh please I’m nicer than you think. Amy tell your friend how good I am.’

Amy had found a safe place and she was staying there, her muffled voice spoke a plaintive tone. ‘Juke I just prefer it more if Molly can see and you agree to this. For I am chalk and cheese here. I don’t believe in me being seen at all here. I need the refute of an eye to reinforce any belief I may have here. I need Molly’s regard to keep me feeling real.’

Juke was looking out the window, feeling but not hearing the pounding of the city gate, he half turned to the bed. ‘That’s bollocks and you know it. Just gives you a thrill that’s all.’

Without a move Molly was at Juke’s side. ‘Its not absurd I’m hearing you but can you fix me fine? The older I get the less I’m here. I did turn faces but its hard now. I am made of glass people say they see me but its never me, in point of fact I don’t appear at all. I walk the streets with an invisible stride. It amazes me I’m not trodden on - forgotten on. If my regard helps her then I’m for it please. I need the feeling of having a use beyond myself. Help us all to consider ourselves so kindly - and know the all of us.’

The Fiend in the corner blew a fart. ‘Very nice, if you’re finished with the Agony Aunt can we get back to the story please.’

picture story sky fell down phone
Version 5.
Clouds eat air and wet,
get so belly full they spread and come together
cover up the Sun.
Always, always there is light,
just beyond your fingers stretching for a brighter day.
So much sighing to push the clouds away.
But a laugh and a giggle would off end them.
Depart in a huff.
Puff, puff.
we spell ourselves short stories - the gift - phone

She saved me from the cage. I never knew her name but don’t despise me, I dropped some crap so I would know her from the herd. A favour done is best returned, so when I saw her open window I took my chance.

‘Please to meet you my names Jin. What ails and brings you here sir?’

I bowed in reply. ‘Please to know, enchanted.’ The day was hot and Jin seemed rather glowing. I saw a pail and with a flutter and a heave I sent the contents flowing.

She gave a scream, her face got mean. ‘I am wet. I am soaking. What foul fiend witch brought you to my door?’

I hastened to placate. ‘It was not my intention to be mischievous, I meant to cool you down. You were so perspiring very near expiring. I acted quick to see off your demise.’

‘What curse have I done thee that I should so be ill returned?’ Jin was livid she was fuming, soaked to the skin she gave me the evil eye. ‘By what pleasant thinking did you think I’d like a sinking; I’m bloody wet and I’m gonna cook you for a pie.’

I fluttered back. ‘You would need another three and twenty, or so my mother said; just returning a good turn I always like to pay my debts, but look you’re cooler now, you should thank me.’

‘Thank you kindly then, just stand still while I shake you by the neck.’

I was thinking my good deed aint giving her the pleasure that I hoped. which was sad because I do like giving.
‘Perhaps I can help with your squirly whirly writy stuff. I’ve borrowed many a shiny book and I know my p’s and q’s.;

To this Jin replied. ‘If you’re looking for fame, well that’s not in my itinerary. I’m searching my soul, I’m digging the dirt of my crimes. I’m looking in me for a space that is free where I can build a home. Its not the saying, its the praying I don’t know. Its a piece about freedom from losses. I believe that I’ve lost the place in me that should be showing my feelings. I can see them but I just cannot touch.’

Shutting my eyes I looked through my heart, a vision came to me, He’s a beau she’s a belle, rings through their noses. He was a cad said she was the worst he’s ever had. Slice and dice she’s had her chance and now she’s on the forgotten list; that’s sad.
‘Pop goes the weasel carry on although all is gone, stand tall, believe in you I do. You’re a mystery, so what; be explained, its nothing new, the papers try it every day. I think the company of changes could bring a light, swallow your pride admit what’s inside’

Going limp, the pen rolled away on the tablet. ‘You want to know my heart, where I am and has been. I once was wild. I once was King. I was a player too, just like you, only better. If you’re asking me why I am not so well here, its not my place its different, I am from another land, better or not that’s my place to be. If your saying where’s the playing now, how come I don’t laugh as much anymore?’

Jin opened her eyes and gave me a stare right through. ‘Its not for me to say it but are you perhaps intruding where you have gone too far. Is my name a pain that you are revelling in, covers the shame of your own telling, Are you perhaps sir afraid to speak of what is lurking, the comment I see of you. Are you pulling at me because you are dead and buried, gone to ash. The shaping of you the only true thing about you. You’ve nothing and no one inside. And you’re looking in me hoping for a way to heal yourself?’

I looked at my feathers to make sure I was still existing but Jin hadn’t finished. ‘Gather your thoughts come sing with me. We are forlorn but what’s tragedy when you can see a friend. When you can be nobody but a known body now. Speaking of rubbish inside bring it up and spit it to the floor. Find in the other a mirror for you, the land that we’re hoping for, the days that we miss. Desire is a word but a longing shapes our empty aches, a word that gives our empty nights to bite on. Its better for us, its better for you, to join the dance and live again.’

Sunshine and Superman ran through the grass.
She said to Superman ‘I’m made out of glass.’
‘See the all of me please.
See the all of me.’

There was flesh, there was bones, there was more.
There was a need to stay and a need to soar.
‘See the all of me please.
See the all of me.’

Stairs that led down, stairs that led higher.
There was an anger burning within like fire.
‘See the all of me please.
See the all of me.’

A loving barbed with hate to defend her.
A loving caressing, gentle and tender.
‘See the all of me please.
See the all of me.’

The seeing of she stretched down to the deep.
Then up to the heavens and the highest steep.
‘See the all of me please.
See the all of me.’

Superman said, ‘This could take forever,
may be best to join our fates together.’
‘See the all of me please.
See the all of me.’

She looked at Superman, ‘Okay lets try
but please never ask me the reason why.’
‘See the all of me please.
See the all of me.’


Wiping off his make up the Bird said. ‘What happened there, it was supposed to be a frothy piece, it got heavy, like ten times gravity?’

‘Okay it was me.’ Jin stamped her shoes to fit. ‘I pulled away and strained to another place. If I’m gonna do froth I prefer it best if I’m allowed to throw the pies. They never said the reasons so sod ‘em. Anyway it was you that got so picky, poking and provoking in me. Don’t make me bread to butter, if you’ve not got the jam to cover.’

‘Who pulled your chain, geez. You shouldn’t be so pissed you danced like an angel.’

‘Really, thank you Bird.’ She blew a kiss.

‘Come on last one there gets them in.’

drive phone
Johnny was fast
and he weren’t stopping.
Any tin got in his way
his machine got chomping.
dary+oya beach short story phone

‘My move? I remember this, the queen goes wheee and knocks spots off all your pieces.’

‘Yeah well here’s my knight, sends a signal then a wiggle takes your queen and throws it in the sand.’

Her champion overthrown Dary was bereft. ‘That’s my queen.’

Oya flicked the red queen over. ‘Sure is buster.’

‘If I’m nice can I have it back?’

‘You’re always nice.’ Oya looked up from the board. ‘Price for every decision don’t you know.’


Oya shook her head. ‘No I’m not doing the work, that’s up to you.’

‘That’s fair.’ Dary made trumpet noises in her cheeks. ‘Okay, I’ve thought of telling you this for a long time, its about what I do but its a secret, secret, you mustn’t say.’

‘You're an alien, I always new it; geez I’m gonna be rich.’

‘Close but you know half a heart is better than none at all and mine is yours for keeps, okay?’ Dary gave Oya a nudge. ‘So do not blab or I’ll have to steal your shoes.’

‘You’re wicked you know that?’

‘It has been said.’

‘Dary, just tell me what you do.’

‘Alright, I’m not an alien but you might say we pass each other now and then. In the world I work no fears of ghosts or things of dread because we are already there. In the beating of the hour, in the climbing of the day, we are at peace. We’ve done our job all through the night, suggestions and bewilders, hopes and horrors too. We paint your visions and while we’re there you believe us, as you should for our truths are marvellous, and then you rise the day awake and dreams just float away. ‘We sing in soldiers, parables and lies but all are true if we say they are. So go bend unwind and find, that though we are beguilers we can make a truth for you, better than all the guarantees you’re asking for. We don’t deal in certainties they’re too hard to hold. We give you poems made of mist and flows that change depending on the wind that’s blowing through. So believe in us although we don’t believe in you. ‘Tra-la, tra-lay, ta-dah.’

‘Wow! Say could I get in on that, my job stinks? Anyway here’s your queen.’

Dary kissed the queen better, placing it on the board. ‘Maybe, I’ll ask around, can you look after the stuff while I have a swim? Don’t cheat I’ve got this board memorised.’

‘“Don’t cheat!” On my bum you are an arse sometimes. What’s the fun in winning if you’ve cheated? Go on piss off, have your swim.’

‘I was only funning.’ Dary yelled as she reached the water.

‘Yeah right.’

Oya lay back finishing the game in her head. ‘Tra-la, tra-lay, ta-dah.’ She leant over and moved one piece on the board, give Dary a glory day.

Dary returned shaking a spray.

Oya spoke but Dary was busy in conversation

‘Dary who are you speaking to?’

‘No one just a figment in my head. You were saying.’

Oya nodded behind. ‘They're still looking.’

‘Well its not a crime.’ Dary took a look. ‘How about we go halves on the one with muscles.’ She lay down then sat up. ‘Look it was a stupid thing to say I’m sorry. Here’s my hand you can hold it while I thrash you at this game.’

‘Never, ever, in your dreams, oh I forgot, well whatever. Your hand feels good to me can I take it with me everywhere?’

Dary considered. ‘I’ll give you a glove as a memento. Meanwhile its back to reality on the board, attack, attack watch out here comes my planes.’*


‘Makes it more realistic.’

‘I can see that.’ Oya ducked as Dary’s planes dive bombed her pieces. ‘You’re not gonna unleash an atomic bomb are you?’

Dary congratulated the pilots on their mission. ‘Depends’

‘On what?’

‘I’d have to ask all the people on the beach. See if they think their annihilation is worth my winning.’

‘You’d be gone too.’

‘Yes but I’d have won.’ Dary flicked a fly away. ‘Oya can I ask a question?’

Seeing a bit further Oya narrowed her eyes. ‘You’re gonna say, now you’ve told about your job you wanna sneak a look at mine. No, no, no, never ever, ever.’

‘So you're the alien?’

‘You guessed, so what do you think I do?’

Dary stroked Oya’s hand. ‘Its a question of faith, 721, you’re a present giver, you give warmth to me. You give to each for what their worth. You’re a reward for the good, a vengeance for the bad. I can feel it running through me from your hand. Every sinning winning bitchy thing I have ever done, you’re weighing up against my loves. And I am wishing, wishing, that I never did that.’

‘That’s what they all say but they say it far too late. Dary Moon I sentence you…

‘I can’t listen.’

...... to get some cold beers I am parched.

dary and the judges short story phone

The Judges convened for business, they owned the right from wrong, or that was how it seemed to Dary. She came wanting Justice but Justice wasn’t seeing. So all she got were some friends of Job who could speak but would never listen.

The Judges puffed and preened. When Dary walked in they sighed. ‘Oh dear we’ve got that little whore again what a bore again.’ The judges sucked in some air and opened up the bidding. ‘Listen deary spread your legs another place, you’re a waste of space, you never were and never ever will be anything of worth. Be a good little girly and debase yourself somewhere else.’

Dary had been spending time seeing herself in truthful eyes and she was seeking vengeance. ‘You hate my face I hate you too, its a yellow kind of thing you do to me, sneak around the back and then fire arrows. You twist me up and hurt me for no good reason I can see. What’s believing if you’re achieving nothing please?’

The judges looked at the clock, oh good it would be time for pee soon. ‘Do not worry your little head my dear all done for the best for you. You come from the gutter and its for the best that you stay there. To rise above will only leave you weeping when you fall down again.’

The party line with no thought Dary had been hearing this since birth, she banged the table, it jumped and all three judges too. ‘Damn your eyes and mercy too. I don’t believe your care for me. Seems you’re just biting my arse to get the thrill that you are seeking. No I wont, I wont, I wont, believe in you anymore. You say you’re gents but you just like hauling me through fire.’

The judges harrumphed then made sure their dignity was fully loaded. This trial was spinning from their control they reached to pull the table back but Dary had it pinned down by her fist. ‘Oh Dary dear the truth does hurt and we are just your mirror. You know inside you are worthless, just a waste of space, accept your place and wallow in the gutter, just play making pies from all the shit inside you.’

‘I wont, I wont, I’m fire for you.’ Now Dary was leaning to the ire of her bitchy witchy side. ‘You think I’m made of candy but hell and back I’ve been there and I aint making jokes now. Let’s see your cards, spread your arse and show who’s got a better claim? My arse wins its prettier than yours. So we will see the rest of thee, come on spread ‘em wide. As I thought you’ve got nothing there just robes and hollow air. Take down your trousers pile ‘em with the rest I don’t see you at all now, just a paper mask making tiger roars. Poke out your non existent tongue and tell to me what silence you are speaking now?

‘Huh! I’ll wear these robes and do your part. “Dary darling you are the best take a turn and reach for high, reach for all the ladies dying from their evil critics lying, don’t believe the conceits of all the inside curses, paper men singing paper songs. Believe, believe away and wish yourself the wellness.”’


short story inside city wall
Outside the winds were gathering a storm.
She tied back her hair and turned over a page.
He on the floor kept counting.
The windows crashed open and the Tempest stepped in,
She gave it a look and returned to her book.
The intruder intrigued was entranced by the words she was reading.
The man on the floor hugged two million and one.
Out in the hall the cops were checking their guns
but no one inside gave them an answer.
She turned the last page but the wind blew it back,
it takes time to read when you’re ringing, spinning like a whipped up top.
She reached out for sleep, the Tempest pulled up the sheet,
kissed her goodnight, then roared out the door.
phn korean pic

“Woo-Jin was scared, really scared. He had never been so scared in the whole of his long life. He could hear them on the tracks below him, he could see the flashes of their torches. If he could just make it to the pass between the two Mountain tops, he might just have a chance. It was Summer and his heavy coat was weighing him down. Could he dare to get down to the stream? He was so thirsty he had to. Woo-Jin came out from the trees and cautiously ran for the water. He drank.

Seven rifle bolts snapped into place.

Wide eyed Woo-Jin looked up. To see he was surrounded. Seven grinning soldiers looked down.

Woo-Jin started to speak, he could always talk his way out of any trouble. He told the soldiers that he was a friend of the Emperor and that he had been given a free passage in all these Mountains.

Seven faces grinned back down at him. Seven heads had not understood a word that Woo-Jin had said.

Seven shots rang out. And the last Cunning Tiger in the whole of Korea was dead. Killed for his thick coat that would keep a Japanese soldier warm in the icy temperatures of Manchuria.

phn raft

‘What did you mean that was hell and fingers too? If I am a mystery that’s because you’re not looking, what you see is what you get with me.’ Amy surveyed Krisp’s face seeking for a sign where this might be going.

‘Bollux, you can whip round and be removed leaving me with one of your thousand strangers and then expect me to love each and every one. But what lies beneath you don’t have the trust for me to see.’

Amy decided the best defence was attack. ‘Tell me this, are you seeking refusion or is it just good will, If you’re wanting acts of kindness, please will you join the queue. It comes from my heart and I have little left to spare.’

Krisp surrendered to the touch of petulance. ‘Amy we are lost in an ocean, lets not start a war; playing who did what and when.’

She turned away with nearly a smile. ‘Seems that we are at sea alone now. By the way, hey, hey, hey. You seem to have something on your head. Is that your badge of office now? Shall I call you sir? Let me remember when we were equal, at least that’s what you swore.’

The hat was slightly large for Krisp but after several trials he had discovered an angle where it fitted. ‘It is appropriate that a captain should have a hat to sit upon their head. Shows who is in the driving seat but beware it is a heavy crown, responsibilities build and burden on my shoulders.’

‘Very nice I think I’ll try for you. Pass me the hat and I will take my turn now if it weighs so heavy on you see. So just give across to me and you can deserve your rest. Please, pretty please.’ She was straining forward, he was leaning back.

‘Mind, you’ll tear it.’

‘Just give me the bloody hat.’

‘Before you jump to this load there are some things I ought to mention.’ Krisp tried one last attempt to keep authority. ‘In the event of us sinking you must cling to the ship as it goes gurgle, gurgle. You need journal the journey we are taking, discipline the unruly crew, beware of ugly fishes, steer this craft through a stormy sea and climb the mast and seek for land. But if you insist here it is.’

‘Maybe when we're dying we could share it two. Seems to me it is a funny thing more a party turban than a Captains bonnet.’ The hat sat upon Amy’s head with a milliner’s perfection.

‘So what shall we do now? I’m in charge I get to pick the game. If its all the same to you I prefer it simple.

So say with me ‘I spy with my little eye something beginning with S’

‘Oh that’s hard. Sea?’

‘Never ever.’


Amy pointed. ‘Let me give you a hint my dear they like to munch upon your knees with teeth that can rip this craft apart.’

Krisp followed the aim of her finger. ‘Sharks!’

‘Yes darling well done.’

‘They’re shifting fast, what’s the best to do?’

‘Its time that we take a chance and reach for pastures new. We’re more than one we’re two. So encircle them with falsehoods. Chicken sharks are not that smart. Press the gale for forward. I can do that, magic hat and all.’

So they blew the sail, with a deceit, a belief that they were Boreas. The sharks let them pass, impressed with a conceit so feeble it was daring.

They blew, they puffed, they fell to the deck exhausted. Huddled together, slept in the depth of dreams as the current moved from a there to a here, a present unasked and unknown.

They stirred, they peaked then reached back for dreams but the dreams had fled leaving them with the day to use for best.

The undulations of the waves were hypnotic. Krisp shut his eyes away and pushed at Amy.

‘What?’ Amy grumbled shivering, wishing her clothes that made the sail were back around her body.

‘The good news is we’re still here.’

‘Yes and were is that exactly?’ Amy sat up and clutched her legs.

‘Well somewhere on this ocean but what we’re needing now is a compass, can you sniff the North?’ Amy’s powers were a further mystery to Krisp, they were, they weren’t, they could arrive unwelcome, or they might brighten up the dullest day.

Amy rolled over to the edge of the raft cupped some water over her head. ‘Well if your asking me I should say its easy to see with my eyes shut. The sun is in its heaven and its half past ten by my tick tock. So that’s the South right there and the North is just behind.’

‘Thank you Amy good to know were so far away from where were going.’

Amy ducked and the irony fell into the ocean. Long ago she realised that Krisp had this limp of cleverness and she allowed him to say as long as she was allowed not to hear. ‘If we're heading somewhere that’s enough for me. Are you steering for disaster, or success; tell me please what’s the object of our pleasure?’

Krisp bent towards Amy and whispered. ‘The sand, the Treasure Land.’

‘Good to know, can we eat it then, will it fill our hunger.’

‘Don’t worry about the eating, its the drinking that will kill you.’

Amy scowled, Krisp searched back, was he being a clever arse again? He new she hated that. Was he forgetting how sensitive she could be? ‘How are you Amy?’

She looked up, he sounded genuine. ‘I prefer it if you can find me, truly me not some figure of fun that you are inventing. I might be funny but am I a honey for you too?’

‘Of course, I’m spreading you over my bread. Yes you can be honey, you can be jam, you can be molasses. Say am I being as good to you as you would like?’

‘Depends how hard you define it. Maybe, maybe not so. Please could we ask for two or three steps closer than this. If your saying the other then your welcome but I can’t forget how you burn me, its a nasty attack that I’ve landed with. Can you hope for more, I would prefer if you could see the more to me, realise that I’m open for business all hours; unbutton and let me in please. Its not the way we can be. Its the way we are that matters to me.’

phn red + blu

They are back where Dary feels most at home, the space where the dark sea overlaps the real.

She is shedding her politeness, getting ready for a dive, the wind swirls the mist as elegant as ever. ‘Whatever you say to me, whatever you know about me. I get the feeling that its wrong. That I’m not believing what you’re saying is me, I’m not the creature you say I am. Its some sort of game you are playing, its not me you’re saying about, you are talking to another not me.’

He is testing the water, pulling back before the foot becomes forgotten. ‘Okay if I’m saying it wrong how would you say?’

Dary is teasing him, jumping in and out the surf, sometimes here and then again she’s not. ‘I am not that, I am more like wasting, having ears but not the hearing. Knowing me but finding it hard for certain to say what that is. Having help and needing it so much. Longing for a way to be, a way that my feelings are okay. Needing you so much but knowing that you need me less than I need you. What you’re saying is not the woman that I am. I’m a cheat and awful, I am poorer than you know I am. I wish wealth to say to you. “You’re okay with me sir.” That I can bring you this as a way of saying let me in I can bring to you as well, that I am not a poor soul a burden but as you say a partner to be loved. I need this, I need you to know me as better than I am now. That I am not a drain on you. That I can be a help. So see that and say you care for me please.’

He takes her hand, pulls her back to be seen. They sit together watching the dark. ‘Once upon a time there were two colours, there was Blue and there was Red. Every morning Blue got up early to paint the sky, the sea and all the rivers. Red saw Blue working so hard that in herself she felt a lesser being. Then Blue came to Red and in his ardour said, “I love you.” Red looked down, “Are you playing a joke, its impossible for you to love me, you work so hard and I am doing nothing.” But even as she spoke she was painting their greeting hearts. They came to kiss and she supplied the joining of a passion. The meeting of their together, was an ecstasy of fevered feeling.

‘Enfolded with the together Blue felt a coming home, a warmth he’d never known. “You’re wrong I am the pauper coming to the wealth of you. There is no compare you to me, we’re different but we hold each other. Let us celebrate our difference and neither of us is worth more than the other.” And they lived.

phn to moon
One afternoon,
Mummy and June
decided to send Daddy on a trip to the Moon.
black beach short story

Attach my bones and water them I am alone so very much here, please believe in me, I cannot know, can only see you from this place, of this place. Its night and I need rescuing. Shall I go back home, or stay alone here. Drear place not nice, vulgar is as she says to me, haven’t got a chance here, its a waste of time to believe you but I do, I do, I do. I wait for you, will you be late will you stay. Come to me, I’m waiting for you please; if that’s a breath, if that’s a breeze, come in mist surrounding me, take a form I know. Be seated, be greeted, I’m singing now, is there a place for us, my sisters sing of sunny, I don’t believe in them. We are meet and we will burn together or apart, there’s no relief for me its a need I have. Should I cry for you, would I die for you in me or without. I want you to stay here, better build a place here, a space for us, I from there you from here can find a common answer. I believe, is that not enough for you? Don’t torture me I give you freedom from me, I don’t own, I don’t beg, come if you wish me to be here now.

Would you wish me other than I am now. I can change, rearrange myself to your liking, follow me home, follow me where I still exist. A mess of waves, a flow of bubbles, no finished shape to grasp me. Do you want me now, a thing without a breath, flowing through I touch your every person. Quake in fear, here I rule the roost. I’m kidding I am sorry, couldn’t resist, no fear from me. Follow me then down and dark, I light a spark for you, into my realm, into my speech here. Presence flutter through, no naming please, they are not a disease for you. Here we are my space, no place at all, I think so and we answer. Have your rest passed the test I need you so much here now.

Shall we dance here, put your shoulder there, that’s right, now I bite. I come in different parts here, some are slightly bitchy as you have seen, a rounded personality. I have to be my job calls for many parts, one day this, one day her. I’m spinning in deciding which is me but don’t worry whatever I am, I’m yours, if you will have me again and again please. I am not yours forever, its an arrangement of sorts, press my flesh while I wear it. Maybe it will whither, maybe I will discard and wear another suit for you. See me and in that seeing feel me well, for we both know there’s a boat arriving in the morning.






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