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2020 April 3rd
New Message
New Longer Composition: Do I See Through You? pages 19-20

2020 March 27th
New Message
New Children's Story: The Very shy Monster/pages 18-19

2020 March 20th
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Welcome, it might be good to say that these short stories are of a slightly askew angle; they are a different form of taste, not meaning good or bad by that. Never quite occurring in the real but of some other place. We hope you like or if you don’t, we thank you for your reading and wish you all good grace. Some kind of newness every week


l; Trees and bees falling down like rain.
Now begin:
We see that we are a special family, there’s him and her and she, maybe more I aint counting.
We play games foretelling any wisdom, pass the time singing songs and some times write them down. Just because we are does not make us magic, in fact we could be seen to have a half existence, swimming to and thro, from the place we know, from there to here and back.
Although we are slightly shady that doesn’t mean we’re poor, we are rich in spirit, rich in love, who could ask for more?
Walking towards us you will see a shimmer shape, a kind of quake, nothing to be forgiven.
Its better than you think it is, not problems to be saved, our rhymes, our reams, our tensions, provide us with a view, not the same perhaps as yours but maybe slight askew.
They’re better said than not, they are a present given, our picture stories hope to convey the truth of us, one that is wished to please but if its not to your liking, that’s your discretion we are not forcing you by word, or sound, or deed.
So enjoy or not these short stories are there for you to view, slightly weird but not so much to frighten. Caught from the dark water, a curtain of uncertain changing every day.
Have happy times we wish you.